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Skyfire 20

By Cameron - 17 March 2008 33

Well the 20th Skyfire has come and gone. This was the first one I’d been to in a long time – fireworks tend not to excite me very much.

In any event, the whether was fantastic and generally people seemed to be well behaved (and there certainly were a lot of people).

Other than having to stand in huge lines for shoddy portaloos (and having to listen to the idiot DJ’s on 104), I enjoyed the day. As for the fireworks… well, they were bright, they were loud, and there were lots of them.

ABC News has this story on a whole bunch of under-aged drinkers getting busted at the event, as well as this story reporting on Simon Corbell’s take on that and other stats from the event.

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33 Responses to
Skyfire 20
les 11:04 pm 17 Mar 08

I was embarrassed to be a canberran wandering through commonwealth park on sunday though. Seriously – what type of bogans head to skyfire? I’ve never seen such a dump… you could barely see the grass for all the bottles, cans and plastic. There were armies of cleaners but there’s no way they could get it cleaned in one day. Especially around easter there are heaps of tourists around here – what a hideous display. Who ever organised it should be embarrassed really.

ant 10:32 pm 17 Mar 08

Hate to say this, but I quite enjoy Scotty and Nigel on the morning radio. They seem to have the odd clue, and are sometimes rather funny. I normally hate commercial radio announcers (those two on 106 at the same time are bloody horrible), but barring the stupid boring silly games and promotions and other commercial radio crap, scotty and nige are surprisingly good.

Cameron 6:23 pm 17 Mar 08

The fact that you need to pay a price by listening to their tripe is a poor sign for them, no? 😉

Look, the last time I was at Skyfire (prior to this one) I was in 104’s function area as a guest of 104 management. All of the people are great, and they take pride in the success of the event. I’m sure “Scotty” and “Nige” are top blokes off the mic – but they’re complete morons on the radio.

GregW 5:47 pm 17 Mar 08

Scotty and Nige is the price of admission. Sorry.

BattleKath 4:45 pm 17 Mar 08

..hence i don’t go to skyfire. plus families bite.

BattleKath 4:44 pm 17 Mar 08

the quality of 104 and 106 for that matter is SO sh*t. and that’s before you even have to listen to the crappy announcers who wouldn’t know real music, even if it came out as an annoying avertisement on their own station!

Cameron 4:42 pm 17 Mar 08

Sorry, they’re on Coma FM – that’s enough for me.

AngryHenry 4:16 pm 17 Mar 08

Ahh Skyfire, how many times can they run the same event and sell it a different way??? You’d swear by the attendance that Canberra has NEVER seen fireworks before.

Give Scotty and Nige a break though, they’re not bad blokes, and it’s not an easy job…

They’re definately the best thing that’s been on 104 in quite a while…

Mr Waffle 2:55 pm 17 Mar 08

Completely forgot it was on until I hit that insane traffic jam on commonwealth ave bridge, trying to head across to the southside around 7pm. Didn’t help that nobody knew the left lane was closed until they actually reached the traffic cones blocking it off, causing a lot of confused merging/barging in/lane struggles. Cops galore directing traffic, but plenty of people running across the road in front of hordes of frustrated drivers with lead foots still…

AussieGal83 1:35 pm 17 Mar 08

We didnt have any problems getting in or out and we were over the Commonwealth Place side. I thought the display was good, as was the soundtrack. But I agree with you Cameron, the DJs from 104.7 are dead set wankers. At least in the mornings I dont have to listen to Scotty and Nige and their C-rap team, at Skyfire you have no choice.

barney 1:07 pm 17 Mar 08

I didn’t go to Skyfire, but saw pictures of the fireworks. I did go to Civic for NYE, and did see the fireworks. The pictures of the Skyfire fireworks look good. Much better than the NYE spaz effort. As you would expect.

ant 1:02 pm 17 Mar 08

I forgot it was on! Bah. Imagine traffic out was a nightmare, so trick would be to sit around and watch teh fights. I remember in years gone by you’d see people getting up and humping their deckchairs and blankets off twoards the carpark, before it’d finished! Seemed a bit pointless.

Cameron 12:50 pm 17 Mar 08

Traffic is rubbish everywhere – not surprising when there’s 100,000+ around the lake. The group I was with simply hung around for half an hour after the display – traffic was nonexistent when we left.

Gungahlin Al 12:43 pm 17 Mar 08

Visitor from Sydney was impressed – and they’ve seen some big displays there.
Better than our recent NYE fireworks I thought. Good show.
Don’t think I’ll go over Commonwealth Place again though – after traffic is far worse than the northside.

p1 12:39 pm 17 Mar 08

I could hear it from my house, but was the wrong side of Black Mt to see anything. And our cat didn’t seem bothered at all…

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