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Speed Camera on the Barton Highway – Revenue Raising… Proof Positive

By Jonathon Reynolds 5 October 2007 32

A couple of weeks ago I tried my hand at producing a YouTube video. I submitted a link to that video as a comment in regard to an article on speed cameras. Two weeks later, same location, same speed camera – I’m back with a new video.

Interestingly, now we discover that the speed camera on the Barton Highway (near the GDE) has been turned around to “catch” traffic heading out of Canberra after the October long weekend. In my books this is proof positive that the ACT Government doesn’t have this camera here for safety… but rather purely revenue raising purposes only.

Why would you target traffic leaving the ACT after a holiday long weekend. If they were serious about the issue of speeding, there would be roadside patrols pulling speeders over then and there.

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
Speed Camera on the Barton Highway – Revenue Raising… Proof Positive
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hairy nosed wombat 10:16 am 09 Oct 07

That is right, there is nothing like having a trail by media, followed by a good old witch hunt. If someone wants to collect the faggots, we can burn them at the stake.

oh, and for those who are not up with old english terms: Faggot = a bundle of sticks and branches bound together

la mente torbida 9:36 am 09 Oct 07

Amazing….no need for Police Accident Squads….just use RiotACT subscribers to determine cause based on vehicle(s), location and in-buit prejudices.

hairy nosed wombat 10:51 am 08 Oct 07

Speeding does cause accidents.

Seen this morning near the Barton highway greed camera, (well the after effects of it) a two car accident where one car must have tapped their brakes, after realising they were going too fast and approaching the greed camera, and the car behind …
Just another effect of these fixed greed cameras, benefit for the local panel beaters.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 12:44 pm 06 Oct 07

Just quietly – speed cameras stop me from speeding.

miz 11:06 am 06 Oct 07

Remember BUGAUP? Perhaps in the spirit of BUGAUP, a few civil minded citizens could cover the cameras with black garbo bags every night in protest . . . ? (I know I am tempted . . )

Jonathon Reynolds 8:55 am 06 Oct 07

The “Beefcake” thanks you for your film making advice and advises that a lapel microphone has now been procured for the next exciting episode. 😛

Hasdrubahl 7:03 am 06 Oct 07

Filmmaking 101: never record a Piece To Camera next to a busy road.

Had to play it twice to hear this beefcake’s beef.

shauno 12:31 am 06 Oct 07

Speeding in general does not cause accidents. It makes the outcome of accidents worse but thats all. I believe the statistics in Canberra would show categorically that speeding is a minor contributor to all accidents in the region.

Pandy 12:07 am 06 Oct 07

Stanhope has admitted that speed cameras no longer need to be placed at black spot locations. They are there to remind people that speeding causes accidents in general.

barney 11:13 pm 05 Oct 07

Gee. RiotACT is changing …

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:23 pm 05 Oct 07

The fact is, speed cameras do not stop people from speeding unless they are in speed camera zone

But Thumper says that speed cameras catch heaps of people speeding. Which is it? Do speed cameras make people slow down near speed cameras, or don’t they? You can’t have it both ways – or maybe you can if you’re as thick as a whale omelette. Did Orange have to hire a new village idiot when you moved?

Because they still catch heaps of people speeding.

How many more would speed if the camera wasn’t there?

p1 4:27 pm 05 Oct 07

….if we really want to reduce the number of crashes we need to put a red light camera at every intersection….

I think that the red light/speed combination cameras are a significantly better option from a road safety point of view.

Being “inobservant” while driving is a safety problem in and of itself, and if the speed cameras discourage this too then that’s great.

This is quite true I guess (and I claim typo for the inobservant thing, the “i” and “u” are right next to each other.

“The most frequent accident-type is the ’rear end collision’…

the closest I have come to a rear-ender in a long time was from another motorist pulling in front of me just before a speed camera, then slowing suddenly from the 10km/h over the limit he had been happily doing to 10km/h under the limit.

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