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Stanhope finally accepts Aidan Bruford’s resignation, third time is a charm.

johnboy 14 May 2005 34

ABC TV News have just reported that our Chief Minister has finally accepted the resignation of his adviser Aidan Bruford.

Our initial coverage of his was recorded here, followed up here, and prompted an arts and crafts project here.

I can’t say I take much joy from this. I’m just immensely saddened that our Chief Minister thought this was something he was above, something that he could, or even should, try to brazen out.

Having been caught doing something stupid, it’s a tragedy Aidan Bruford has been forced to attempt to resign three times and go through this extended ridicule, because of his boss’s arrogance.

ABC Online have the story here.

[ED – The Canberra Times has more here. Zed Seselja is making the point that the vast majority of youth are not public vandals so the youth argument on this is unfair to young people throughout the city (not to mention a bizarre defence for an adviser to a Chief Minister)]

[ED – ABC Online is now reporting that the Chief Minister thinks “the community” has a double standard on this issue.]

[ED – Mr Stanhope has now put out a media release, complete with Aidan’s letter of resignation.]

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34 Responses to Stanhope finally accepts Aidan Bruford’s resignation, third time is a charm.
RandomGit 12:35 pm 02 Nov 05

*uuurrrgghh* Discussion thread want braaaaaains!!!

srd 12:27 pm 02 Nov 05

>>Jesus, LurkerGal. Politics and criminal acts just don’t >>mix, honey. It shouldn’t have taken as long as it has for >>Stanhope to dump his arse.
Works for the Liberals

Stanhope finally accepts Aidan Bruford’s resignation, third time is a charm. 9:20 am 09 Jun 05

Stanhope finally accepts Aidan Bruford’s resignation, third time is a charm.

Stanhope finally accep…

Santa 1:59 pm 19 Apr 05

Here’s something that all potential graffiti artists probably could learn from. Whgat happens when you get old, and try to ply your trade elsewhere. revs

Loudon Prufrock 1:54 pm 19 Apr 05

Right on Ralph! To-day’s photo in the C T of the two of them together reveals a startling resemblance. Surely not? Perhaps a DNA test?

Did I hear, long ago, something about appointment to jobs with the Canberra City Council being on a merit basis?

Please keep me informed on this young buck’s doings.

Ralph 10:44 am 19 Apr 05

Or Aidan is his love child. They look sorta similar, you know.

Apocalypse 10:36 am 19 Apr 05

damnit, dont ignite a fire debate (no pun intended.. really)

In my opinion, i think Stanhope and this young lad had a kinky offset relationship, you know… monica/clinton style… sexy young intern. old withering fool…

hes just trying to save his bitch. and will go to any lengths to do so…

(sorry, i think this issue is completely stupid, therefore i make stupid comment to match the debate)

Chris 10:24 am 19 Apr 05

For some reason, the gremlins left out an important line in my post, which was “that everyone in high places commited various crimes and misdeamours and kept their jobs” (There, reads much better now)

Chris 10:21 am 19 Apr 05

Did anyone catch the Chief cabbage’s comment, which ran in the Age, to the effect that everyone and kept their jobs, so why should he sack his staffer for what was a very minor offence.
Remember, this is our Attorney-General speaking.

Thumper 10:02 am 19 Apr 05

In fact thats a little like the fires, remember the brave man and his ‘I am responsible speech’ which over time watered down to, ‘well, actually, everyone else is responsible, but not me, so its actually all your fault, not mine.’

Thumper 10:01 am 19 Apr 05

Of course, why didn’t I realise that its us that have the double standards. How could I have ever doubted our great brave leader….

Give me a break….

RandomGit 9:41 am 19 Apr 05

“I just think there’s an enormous double standard operating here and I believe a compassionate caring society, good employers, should support people in circumstances such as this.”

I imagine the residents of Quamby would laugh at this if they weren’t so busy trying to get some sleep in their closets.

RandomGit 9:36 am 19 Apr 05

Standards aren’t slipping, they slupped long ago.

Indi 9:26 am 19 Apr 05

Such a racket (jobs for the boys scenario) will not enable spent young adviser the opportunity to reflect on his actions (whether they are serious enough or not to threaten your employment prospects is another matter).

Standards are slipping it would seem and if someone doesn’t spend some time in the wilderness (and hey it happens to the best of us), then nothing is learnt from the experience.

Oskar 9:13 am 19 Apr 05

So the Chief Minister will do away with due process to find a job for his lacky? I though jobs in the Public service was based on capability and merit… not cause ya mate is CM.

Thumper 9:05 am 19 Apr 05


I would suggest that the Comrade is still looking after his mate. What odds that Stanhope suggested that he accept the resignation with the proviso that a position will be found for him in the CMs Department?

Bizarre. This tin pot local Council just gets more and more perplexing.

bonfire 8:54 am 19 Apr 05

i note that the poodle like local news did not cover the departure until the very last item before sports on both 9 and 2.

at least he’s resigned.

i think stanhope emerges worse from this than prufrock.

Indi 8:39 am 19 Apr 05

Just heard that Mr Stanhope is hopeful that his former servant would be deserving of a placement within the Chief Ministers Department.

This is getting bizarre…

Thumper 8:05 am 19 Apr 05

One would have to feel some sympathy for Brufort given his attempts to resign and the Comrade’s arrogance in refusing to acception the resignation. In fact it is that arrogance and self belief that he is above all of this, and other things, that really annoys the hell out of me.

If it was accepted straight away then Mr Brufort would not have been dragged through all this muck and would have been able to move quietly on to another position, probably well pad, and within the ACT public service.

Having said that, I still think his actions were totally moronic and worthy of a brain damaged slug on mogadon.

johnboy 7:36 am 19 Apr 05

As VG says there’s a difference between a crime and a misdemeanour. it’s the difference between keeping a publicly funded job and losing it.

Also this is a local government, local issues are ALL that should matter to it.

That our Chief Minister doesn’t much care for local issues, nor the property of small businesess owners, is certainly a problem. He’d make a great member of parliament for this town.

As for the T-shirts? that’d be great. I’d buy one!

(even if I do reckon it’d sell better if you added our stencil to the mix)

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