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Stanhope requests: rat on your neighbour

By johnboy 12 September 2006 21

The Chief Minister is demonstrating his impotence and asking Canberrans to “Dob in a dumper” because his own enforcement mechanisms are inadequate.

Having made it vastly harder for people to dispose of their waste he’s disappointed that people are just dumping it rather than jumping through his hoops.

On the bright side if the rangers are really being sent out to patrol for illegal dumpers it’ll mean less parking patrols.

What’s Your opinion?

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Stanhope requests: rat on your neighbour
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miz 2:48 pm 14 Sep 06

Good ideas there seepi, thanks.

seepi 8:51 am 14 Sep 06

Yes – we have a trailor – and rego on those is phenomenal as well. this govt is biting everywhere they can. But if you don’t have one Toms Trash packs will get rid of stuff. They took away a whole lot of ancient paint tins and mouldy carpet for me for about 30.00 – a couple of years ago.

‘freecycle’ website is another good way to get rid of stuff. It amazes me the stuff people want (non working lawnmowers, ancient monitors etc). It is a yahoo group though, so you have to join up.

Second hand sunday is stupid. They should run it a few suburbs at a time and get rid of the left overs.

miz 7:37 pm 13 Sep 06

You guys must all have trailers! I REALLY wish there was a hard rubbish collection here. I just break stuff up really small and put it in the bin, what else can I do?

Up the Central Coast there were two free ‘council collections’ (which included green bundled loppings etc) a year. I have called NOWaste about getting one here but they reckon it would be too exie, though this seems like BS – I don’t think Qbn’s rates are astronomical and they have one.

However, Second Hand Sunday was dumb. It would only have been good if it was followed up by a real collection for the stuff no one took.

Thumper 8:57 am 13 Sep 06

Actually I have no problems with dobbing in a dumper….

Vic Bitterman 11:59 pm 12 Sep 06

Someone has dumped a shady, dodgy looking fast food van near the Pine Island turnoff in Tuggers. Hope they clear it away soon.

Heavs 12:47 pm 12 Sep 06

I took 4 carloads of garden stuff out to the old tip at belconnen two weeks ago and didn’t cop a charge. I don’t even know where the other tips are anymore. Just drive around and find a spare skip on someones nature strip and use that!

shauno 12:31 pm 12 Sep 06

“where you put large rubbish and old furniture out on the curb and the govt picks it up”

lol my mate sells stuff like that on ebay. I kid you not if he wants to get rid of an old desk. He’ll put it on ebay for $20 local pick up only and he allways manages to off load it.

VYBerlinaV8 12:20 pm 12 Sep 06

Also, Queanbeyean has a green waste recycling centre run by the Council. You dump for free then get very cheap mulch made from what everyone dumps.

VYBerlinaV8 12:19 pm 12 Sep 06

The fee in ACT is based on volume. Also, I recently had to pay to dump clean fill (some clay from my back yard), and they just sent me up to the top of Mugga tip where the trucks unload. What a crock. Also, what is with having that stupid concrete wall you have to throw everything over?? When I have garden waste I have to reshovel it all over the edge!!

To request people to have zero waste is unrealistic. It will happen when they accept ANYTHING for recycling.

Mr_Shab 11:36 am 12 Sep 06

I think it’s just at CSG in Holt (that’s where I dump my non-compostable) green waste). Also – it’s only a buck a trailer/car/ute load.

Apparently they levied the fee so they could have someone supervising. People were dumping general rubbish and green contaminants (ivy, bamboo, turf rolls, etc) along with their lawn clippings and rose prunings, which was messing up their shredders.

Big Al 10:52 am 12 Sep 06

I suspect its still pretty cheap to dump stuff at the tip here in Canberra – admittedly my experience is limited to a one off on the outskirts of Melbourne – but it cost us around $22 to dump a ute load of crap at the Lillydale tip about six months ago. Here its a set fee, there is was based on weight.

It’s worth noting though that down there, the local governmnet gives you a tip voucher when you pay your rates that entitles you to one free trip per year.

Thumper 10:47 am 12 Sep 06

Yeah, lots of local councils have the same scheme. Yes, it costs the council money but it ensures that there is no rubbish lying in creekbeds and being tossed into rivers, dams, by the side of the road, etc.

So no, it won’t happen here because it costs money.

seepi 10:40 am 12 Sep 06

other states have ‘hard rubbish’ day , where you put large rubbish and old furniture out on the curb and the govt picks it up.
High tip charges, and taking bins out of public areas in the act are just going to lead to rubbish all over the place.

Danman 10:34 am 12 Sep 06

CSG in mitchell is free to dump green waste as well

Big Al 10:11 am 12 Sep 06

Bonfire – are they charging for green waste now? I took a load of clippings and cuttings up to the recycling centre at the Mugga Lane tip about two months ago and wasn’t charged – it could be a site specific thing rather than across the board.

Stella 10:07 am 12 Sep 06

If Stanhope didn’t spend so much money maintaining the dumps up Northbourne Ave (Northbourne Flats, Owen Flats, Dickson Flats) then perhaps his government could pay for some services for the taxpayers.

Thumper 10:05 am 12 Sep 06


$75 on Friday night tells me ‘yes’…

bonfire 10:02 am 12 Sep 06

pay to dump i understand, but now they have to pay to deliver their green waste to a company which sells it on at a profit as mulch etc.

Big Al 9:56 am 12 Sep 06

I wouldn’t have too many problems reporting some shit bag unloading his crap in Canberra Nature Park or somewhere on the side of the road.

A lot of people in this town bitch on about the need for us to join the so-called ‘real world’ but when the government brings us into line with the rest of the country with stuff like pay-to-dump fees they throw a little tanty.

Growling Ferret 9:54 am 12 Sep 06

Do rangers actually spend any time out of the parking lots of Canberra any more?

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