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Stupidest headline ever

By seepi - 30 March 2006 32

“Canberra may step in on same-sex law”

This article from today’s The AGE is a classic example of the idiocy of using ‘Canberra’ to mean ‘Federal Parliament’. What they are trying to say is explained in the first line of the article:

“THE FEDERAL Government will try to override laws introduced to the ACT Parliament this week that would allow marriage celebrants to officiate over civil unions between same-sex couples.”

For once I wold actually support Jon Stanhope’s impractical / philosophical leanings if he actually moved to legislate against use of ‘Canberra’ to mean the Federal Government. And it has been done before. In the US media must not whinge about Washington making decisions, but rather ‘Capitol Hill’. And in the UK it is not London poking it’s nose into the rest of the country’s buisness, but rather ‘Downing Street’. Get onto it Jon!

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32 Responses to
Stupidest headline ever
VYBerlinaV8 9:57 am 31 Mar 06

This is a government town. If you don’t work for the government, you work for someone who works for the government.

bulldog 9:45 am 31 Mar 06

Are you on drugs xman? If you truly believe that then you, all your friends and family must work in or at Parliament House? Is this really the case or have you just smoked too much crack today?

Sssanta 9:31 am 31 Mar 06

xman = deluded fool. Perhaps you should have spent a few moments longer in bed with Alan Jones this morning mate.

bulldog 9:27 am 31 Mar 06

Sorry AD, don’t disagree with your sentiment about J-Ho, but Stanhope’s an incompetent loser.

xman 9:25 am 31 Mar 06

Jeez people, there’s only one reason this city exists. As the seat of Government. Canberra = government. Get used to it, get over it.

Battle_Kath 9:24 am 31 Mar 06

Touché AD…

i couldn’t have said it better myself!

Thumper 9:18 am 31 Mar 06

Maybe AD,

but the national economy is roaring along while the ACT economy has disappeared down a rather large dark hole.

BTW, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like either of them.

Absent Diane 8:55 am 31 Mar 06

Stanhope does a bloody good job… I actually feel a little proud that he is the man in charge… howard however has proven time and time again to be a sexist, racist homophobe.. that deserves to have a sword shaped dildo shoved up his arse over and over again…. (i apologise if that is too graphic but that is what he has done to us… yet the australian public is to STUPID to realise and not vote him out..)

Thumper 8:45 am 31 Mar 06

Yep, as I often say to people, ‘They are not our politicians. They are yours, YOU sent them here. Don’t complain…’

All it needs is for the media to say, ‘The Commonwealth government said today…’

bulldog 8:41 am 31 Mar 06

Well done seepi – this has been one of my pet gripes for some time now. I blame the misuse of the term ‘Canberra’ for the near constant Canberra-bashing that seems to occur accross the country.

Absent Diane 8:24 am 31 Mar 06

Hey Vic Bitterman… you gay?

barking toad 12:17 am 31 Mar 06

Ah, seepi you are SO right.

Many corrections to those from the colonies :

“It’s not Canberra, it’s the stupid cunts ya send here!”

That said, the mayor is getting a bit uppity and needs a slapping.

Vic Bitterman 11:33 pm 30 Mar 06

Good to see stanhope’s grandiose pie-in-the-sky dreams of homo-city, steeped in multicoloured rainbows and pink flowers has been abruptly stalled by common sense by the federal pollies.

And, yes, it’s a pretty dumb headline. But what would you expect from a labor aligned newspaper?

Swaggie 10:51 pm 30 Mar 06

It’s actually more often “Westminster” than “Downing Street” Seepi. Not that it makes any difference…..

Slinky the Shocker 9:28 pm 30 Mar 06

Especially when Canberra will override Canberra laws…

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