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Tales of lunch in Civic

By asp - 5 September 2007 36

Lunch in Civic is fast becoming more exciting than a Hollywood blockbuster with a huge ensemble of interesting characters. Clever wieldng drug lords, speading police and granny bashing nutjobs. Today, over three hours (10am-1pm), I observed:

  • Three “hobos” in in different areas of Garema Place. One, a woman “singing” Gwen Stefani songs while a passer by who was perhaps drunk shouted abuse at her.
  • A man near Sanity in CC who approched people, calling them what sounded like “buba” or “bobo”
  • A VW Borra speading at around 80kp/h in a 50zone through a crossing almost striking pedestrians, just 5m from a parked Police car

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36 Responses to
Tales of lunch in Civic
asp 12:25 am 06 Sep 07

“You do realise that these scenes are fairly typical of any city over a certain size?”

Exactly. As I said, it’s a sign of the times and a sign the Canberra is growing up. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though. And all this crap shares common factors… mental illness and drugs, the latter of which police now admit is getting out of control in the Canberra region.

Deadmandrinking 11:39 pm 05 Sep 07

But this isn’t any city – this is Canberra, the amazingly planned, ‘bush’ capital, full of politicians, public servants and foreign dignities (and lax drug laws, xxx porn, fireworks, prostitution and a high rate of heroin addiction per capita – I actually think canberra does pretty well for the ‘city of sin’, don’t you think?)

OpenYourMind2 9:27 pm 05 Sep 07

You do realise that these scenes are fairly typical of any city over a certain size?

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:37 pm 05 Sep 07

Lots of nutballs in the city centre. It’s good, because neighbourhood perception extends my window of opportunity in buying city/braddon based investment properties, because people hesitate property to buy because of the antics of the local freaks. Then when it gets to a point where the Braddon side gets cleaned out and renewed (within the next 10 years or so), the values go through the roof. As long as the rent pays the holding costs in the meantime, it’s all good.

Well that’s my twisted and cynical view of things anyway.

asp 6:32 pm 05 Sep 07

“not the standard dress”
Perhaps uniform would have been more appropriate.

asp 5:16 pm 05 Sep 07

Also, there was a huge fight at Lanyon Market Place last week involving Lanyon High Students. A lot of police in overalls (not the standard dress) were on the seen to break it up and escort the victim home.
Since then, a security guard has been at the Marketplace entrance from 3pm onwards. Sign of the times.

hingo 5:13 pm 05 Sep 07

The other day in Woden plaza, there was a large gentleman yelling abuse at the staff of “Sea Perch”. Apparently he wasn’t very satisfied with the size of the fish he was sold and made a return trip to see the “chef”. Security thoroughly escorted him out of the building.

ducks 5:11 pm 05 Sep 07

Did anybody else see two overweight security guards chasing a guy through the Supabarn bit of the shopping centre at 10 past 2? That was hilariously exciting.

Dante 4:54 pm 05 Sep 07

I’ve been thinking the same lisagrace. Don’t you just love the visible results of the Government’s ‘Tough on Drugs’ campaign? LOL.

gladbag 4:39 pm 05 Sep 07

see the article re Sydneysiders escape to Canberra…

lisagrace 4:26 pm 05 Sep 07

I saw a couple having a massive domestic in front of our building in Mort street a little while ago. They both looked a bit druggo, but he was limping around on crutches while screaming at her to hurry the f#ck up, she sat on the stairs bawling, nearly spewed, then he screamed at her to take some panedeine then stormed off, half way accross the road he turned around to scream ‘hurry the f#ck up!’ again…

My workmates and I commented that civic is really turning bad recently, it’s very noticable…

caf 3:42 pm 05 Sep 07

Yeah it’d be good if there was a checkbox on the article editor marked something like “I’m done, this is good to post now.”

asp 3:36 pm 05 Sep 07

So that’s what the police were doing there.

I actually didn’t think this was going to be posted because I din’t click save. I forgot about the auto-save feature.

The other point I was going to add was that at the Ali Baba near Borders, the woman serving used her gloved hand to clean her ear, flicked away god knows what then asked some bloke who didn’t notice what he wanted. She then used the same glove to get some flat bread and spread lettace. Class act!

szeretetta 3:16 pm 05 Sep 07

There was also a man bleeding in the Canberra Centre food court. Police and Canberra Centre security in attendance as well as a pile of schoolboys. No idea what happened though.

GnT 2:55 pm 05 Sep 07

Half your luck getting a 3 hour lunch break!

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