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Tales of lunch in Civic

By asp 5 September 2007 36

Lunch in Civic is fast becoming more exciting than a Hollywood blockbuster with a huge ensemble of interesting characters. Clever wieldng drug lords, speading police and granny bashing nutjobs. Today, over three hours (10am-1pm), I observed:

  • Three “hobos” in in different areas of Garema Place. One, a woman “singing” Gwen Stefani songs while a passer by who was perhaps drunk shouted abuse at her.
  • A man near Sanity in CC who approched people, calling them what sounded like “buba” or “bobo”
  • A VW Borra speading at around 80kp/h in a 50zone through a crossing almost striking pedestrians, just 5m from a parked Police car

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Tales of lunch in Civic
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excession 4:12 pm 10 Sep 07

Beggars have been at it for many years, it has gotten worse, with the inevitable “$2 for the bus” tripe dripping from their lying gobs. Sure, people are having a tough time, but begging is not the answer. People beg because it -works-, and it shouldn’t — it isn’t charity, it’s promoting a way of living which is inherently unhealthy.

Don’t give them anything. Ever. It only encourages them and the other feckless youths.

I’d like to know what to do about very LOUD obscenity spewing people who harass people in civic interchange, they’re so very unpleasant; yet you can’t just walk up to them and ask them politely to shut up, because you know they will turn on you as their next target-du-jour, and being already crazy enough to act like that in public, it’s no great stretch of imagination to figure on knives or other weapons being brought into play. It’s a horrible disease, and if you put up with panhandlers and promote their activities by donating, then you’re a part of the problem.

asp 4:45 pm 08 Sep 07

In the late 70’s, the government and media predicted that Canberra would hit HALF A MILLION (500,000) by 1990!
Well, that was pie in the sky. But just imagine Canberra with half a million people when we have fairly big issues with crime, water and land availability with just 320,000.

pptvb 1:54 pm 08 Sep 07

I read once that a town becomes a “city” once the population reaches 300,000.
It is amazing the jump in crime since WE hit that magic number….

ant 9:38 pm 06 Sep 07

What’s ridiculous about his foam paws? I think they are excellent foam paws.

Ingeegoodbee 8:42 pm 06 Sep 07

“Taking up the theme from atoz… Constable Kenny may not have long to wait. The new Chief Police Officer hasn’t been announced yet. Dare we say it… another puppet of Government!”

I dobt that Constable Kenny Koala will be as adept at flip-flopping on matters of national security or steadfastly standing by what are without question the least competent bunch of ingrate dipshites ever tasked with protecting us against terrorists.

Mess 6:58 pm 06 Sep 07

I wish i had a 3 hour lunch break….

sepi 5:50 pm 06 Sep 07

While it makes people feel all warm and safe in their beds to think of all druggies safely locked in prison, it isn’t a realistic outcome. They have to be let out eventually, and are just as bad or worse each time they come out. Jail is also very expensive – and guess what – noone wants to live near one.

Rehab is cheaper, and appareantly more effective. Funny that we have hardly any of those..,21985,22372299-662,00.html

Woody Mann-Caruso 4:59 pm 06 Sep 07

I say a tougher judicial system, bigger prison, and scrapping the welfare state.

It’s certainly done wonders for the US.

I second Ralph’s suggestion – there’s only se many chances a person needs to clean up their act. If they can’t, we should clean it for them (gaol).

atoz 3:31 pm 06 Sep 07

Thanks asp and paperboy for answering my query. I was told once that he was a suspect in the Winchester murder because of not being promoted (eg-motive) and the killer was hiding in a tree. Sounds all a bit far fetched for me though.

asp 2:34 pm 06 Sep 07

“why has Kenny never been promoted?”
Well, that’s the reason a new permanent CPO for the ACT has not yet being appointed. It is going to be Kenny. Just as soon as they can figure out a way to let him handle a Glock with his ridiculous foam paws. Who would have though koalas don’t have great proficiency with fire arms. Oh, and koalas sleep for around 85% of the day or more because their diet of certain varieties of eucy leaf is very low in energy. So they’re having enough also organising for supplies of Red Bull to keep the new CPO on for more than three hours a day.

asp 2:31 pm 06 Sep 07

“When have the police said that drugs are out of control in Canberra?”

Last night on Win News. Police officer at drug bust in Griffith said this (the large increase in home drug labs in Canberra region) is becoming a rapidly increasingly serious problem in the capital. Last week, another interview, an officer said things were getting out of hand.

Ralph 1:43 pm 06 Sep 07

More funds to rehab and mental illness facilities.

I say a tougher judicial system, bigger prison, and scrapping the welfare state.

paperboy 1:09 pm 06 Sep 07

Taking up the theme from atoz… Constable Kenny may not have long to wait. The new Chief Police Officer hasn’t been announced yet. Dare we say it… another puppet of Government!

Thumper 12:44 pm 06 Sep 07

What until Environment get in here!

The place will explode from an influx of sanctimonious self rightenousness.


AG Canberra 12:41 pm 06 Sep 07

toriness – problem is that we havn’e moved yet. the buildings are still empty and we are still here in Barton. And as if we’d lower the tone of Civic – The ATO did that years ago!

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