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Telstra’s Broadband Disgrace

By knoobs - 18 January 2008 71

In an era where fast broadband Internet is becoming widely accessible across not only OECD nations but also the developing world, the dismal state of Telstra’s ADSL broadband service right here in Canberra has become infuriatingly apparent through my experience with them in the past few weeks.

Having finished construction of our new home in the new suburb of Wells Station, Harrison, Telstra assured us that our Bigpond broadband connection would continue in our new home as the local, Crace exchange was ADSL enabled and connection ports were readily available. Telstra even delivered a package containing the necessary hardware. Yet only days later we received a text message rather severely stating that our application had been “rejected” – as though Telstra felt it needed to pass a judgement on my character.  They didn’t bother to provide any further explanation.

The government, as well as Telstra, have touted the expansion of broadband countrywide yet when broadband isn’t even available in the developing suburbs of the nation’s capital, what hope is there for those in regional areas.

When we inquired further about our connection, Telstra customer service cheerily informed us that broadband was, in fact, available and that we would be connected shortly. Once again, days later, we were notified that this application was also “rejected”. Five times we have been subjected to this pretence. Talking to neighbours and others living in Gungahlin it became clear we were not the only victims of Telstra’s arrogant charades. We have tried several times to contact Telstra Countrywide (and Ian Peters, the Area General Manager) – the man whose image and number is plastered on every Telstra van roaming Canberra – and not a single call has yet been answered.

The worst part is that we have no choice – TransAct does not provide any services here and all other Internet providers have to go through Telstra’s exchange. Telstra’s monopoly of broadband is turning Australia into an Internet backwater, stifling innovation and trade. I sincerely believe it is the greatest obstacle facing Australia’s development in this modern, technology dependent era. Telstra, if you can’t even provide the most basic of services, get out of the way and let others do so.

Maybe if we can raise awareness of this issue, we can get Telstra to actually do something about this. I know, I know…but it’s worth a try.

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71 Responses to
Telstra’s Broadband Disgrace
Dante 2:19 pm 18 Jan 08

Give Internode a shot, I’m with them and can recommend them wholeheartedly. They’re also moving towards ‘Naked DSL’ where you don’t have to pay Tel$tra for the phone line anymore, and because there’s no analogue voice service on your phone line, there’s less crosstalk and line attenuation, and your ADSL connection is more likely to be accepted and installed.

…and this is why I moved 700m from the Civic Exchange. I like my 20mbps ‘net connection. =P

habibi 2:12 pm 18 Jan 08

I set up a mates place with Internode in Harrison a few weeks back. No problems whatsoever.

paddytrick 2:07 pm 18 Jan 08

So you moved to a brand new suburb in the middle of nowhere and wonder why you can’t get ADSL2? Hmmm…

fnaah 1:55 pm 18 Jan 08

Just as I was contemplating moving back north of Hadrian’s Wall, this is posted.

Thanks for reminding me why I moved out in the first place. 😉

Mælinar 1:38 pm 18 Jan 08

try typing in your number here:

Holden Caulfield 1:34 pm 18 Jan 08

I tried have tried to organise ADSL for a client in Harrison for the last twelve months, and had around half a dozen rejected messages from Telstra. No other ISP can provide ADSL to this area.

Really?! That’s pretty crap.

Mælinar 1:31 pm 18 Jan 08

I got Dodo broadband where Telstra couldn’t manage – there’s something about having to resort to an out of town service to obtain adsl that just irks.

As an added benefit, I’ve got all you can eat broadband – so it pays to think outside the conventional square.

p.s. this should also be filed under ‘nerderati’.

[ed. we’ve rolled nerderati up under the technology banner]

Growling Ferret 1:25 pm 18 Jan 08

I tried have tried to organise ADSL for a client in Harrison for the last twelve months, and had around half a dozen rejected messages from Telstra. No other ISP can provide ADSL to this area. Telstra ARE pricks.

howdy 1:20 pm 18 Jan 08
Mr Evil 1:18 pm 18 Jan 08

I think Ian Peters is probably very busy at the moment placating all the local ex-CDMA customers who now can’t get reception on their new NextG phones!

He’ll be free to deal with Broadband sometime in 2011! 🙂

blub 1:13 pm 18 Jan 08

Depends where in Gungahlin you live…
See the nice map of Crace exchange coverage:

Here’s the list of ACT providers and their coverage

Ralph 1:11 pm 18 Jan 08

Get wireless broadband. I’m in Gungahlin and that’s how I got around it.

Optus is cheaper now than Tel$tra, I’ll be breaking my contract with them.

Sammy 1:06 pm 18 Jan 08

I’d recommend going with Internode.

Holden Caulfield 12:52 pm 18 Jan 08

Oops, scrap that. Internode can offer ADSL via the Crace exchange, but ADSL2+ is not available as yet. Sorry for my previous dodgy advice.

Whirpool should have advice and solutions from people in a similar situation to you.

Holden Caulfield 12:48 pm 18 Jan 08

The first thing you need to do is piss Telstra off your shopping list. Check out the whirlpool forums for more suggestions…

I’m in the inner North and have been with Internode ADSL, now on ADSL2+, for 3 years or thereabouts. They are fantastic. After a quick check on their site the initial indication is that they can offer ADSL2+ via the Crace exchange.

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