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Tharwa Drive – worth the wait?

By andym - 12 October 2009 17

So first day of morning peak hour traffic after the school holidays on the duplicated Tharwa / Drakeford Drive.

How was it for you?

Worth the wait?

What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
Tharwa Drive – worth the wait?
damien haas 4:31 pm 14 Oct 09

Horrid, i think that roundabouts actually make roads safer. They stop redlight running, and force drivers to remain aware of a requirement to look right. Good roundabout design can aid road safety and traffic flow. Where roundabouts fall down is in inappropriate location.

In terms of roads being efficient in moving volumes of cars, roundabouts are more efficient than traffic lights, up to a certain volume. After that, well congestion is congestion.

Roundabouts excel as they enable continuous flow, and dont lead to stop start driving. This is also more efficient for your vehicle.

In terms of considerations for road design, cars should be placed significantly higher than bicycles or pedestrians – on MAJOR roads designed for commuting traffic. Another prime consideration should be public transport access. Many roads in Gungahlin are unable to be serviced by certain buses in the Action fleet.

I was advised that some of the new 6 wheel buses purchased to replace the articulated buses, cannot service the ANU due to their inability to use roundabouts as they are too long. This will also restrict there deployment on school routes (which is one of the major uses of the present articulated buses).

Cletus 2 1:35 pm 14 Oct 09

Punter, civil engineering and logical thinking have no place on ACT roads.

Horrid 1:22 pm 14 Oct 09

Punter is depressingly correct- many an excellent cycle lane in this town is ruined by big roundabouts built along its route, meaning that far less people use it than otherwise might. And exactly the same problem applies to any adjacent walking/cycling paths as well. When will traffic engineers learn that roundabouts don’t make roads safer- that instead cyclists and pedestrians cop all the danger and inconvenience?

KB1971 12:42 pm 14 Oct 09

I was actually curious about this myself (as a cyclist), it seems unusual that a ramp has been placed before the roundabout (Mentone Veiw, northbound) but the green lane continues all the way to the roundabout itself. The way I would veiw to use this is to leave the road & re-enter after the intersection, as with Commonwealth Ave Bridge.

Seems like a redundant idea to me.

With regards to the actual width of the lane, I think this may be an oversight between the construction and the line markers. I imagine the construction crew have to do one thing & the line markers are bound to do another (I think there are a set of standards that line marking must adhere to).

I have not had to yet but I would imagine that it would be more difficult to negotiate the intersection in a car with a cyclist there. Having said that the idea of a roundabout is as a traffic calming device so people should slow down regardless.

Punter 11:56 am 14 Oct 09

As Grail points out #9/10 there is indeed a painted bike lane along the north bound side of this road at the roundabout intersection with Mentone View. The cycle lane becomes the green painted type as it approaches the roundabout right up to the entrance to the roundabout and there it ends. There is no cycle lane through the roundabout. The vehicle lane running along side the cycle lane has been reduced considerably to accomodate for the green cycle lane which raises 3 concerns if it is intended that cyclists continue through the roundabout. 1. The attention of a driver in this first lane is divided by any cyclists using the lane and any vehicles approaching from the right on the roundabout. 2. The reduction in lane width doesn’t allow a lot of seperation between cyclists and vehicles entering the roandabout at the same time. 3. As the cycle lane itself doesn’t continue through the intersection, rather it just ends which can lead to confusion as to who gives way to who once the lanes merge. I think there should either be a cycle lane through the roundabout in addition to the vehicle lane or a better option would be cyclists should leave the cycle lane at the side of the road to pass the roundabout on the shared path which is seperated from the road by a concrete barrier, and avoid vehicle traffic altogether.

I’m not having a shot at the cyclists vs cars debate which has raged here before (and is well overdone), rather, I’m making comments in favour of cyclist safety. I made this comment in another recent thread but it’s more relevant here.

Grail 12:33 am 14 Oct 09

I should have Googled before asking:

Generally the markings have been placed on cycle lanes on arterial roads and high traffic flow areas where the traffic speed is 60 to 80 km per hour to mark a potential area of conflict between a vehicle and a cyclist. The majority of treatments have been placed on exit ramps and left turn slip lane crossing areas , treatment has also been placed to mark a roundabout and across a high volume entry to an arterial roads both on a main cycle route.

Then there’s also this web site:

So the take-home message is, “green lanes mean car drivers need to pay attention”.

Grail 12:21 am 14 Oct 09

I’m going to make some calls and figure out what the heck cyclists & motorists are supposed to make of those green lanes that start nowhere, end nowhere, and have no vehicular traffic crossing them.

KB1971 2:29 pm 13 Oct 09

goose said :

It will become a nice Saturday night drag strip for the try hards living in tuggies.

So nothing like that happens on the Barton Highway near Hall (on the specifically marked 1/4 mile & all)………….

Tis nice to have it finished but it has been as good as open for a couple of weeks anyway which happened to be only about a week after the other winge that was posted here.

Rosencrantz 10:44 am 13 Oct 09

No traffic jam on the way to work, no traffic jam on the way home. Definitely a thumbs up from me!

Tooks 10:41 am 13 Oct 09

goose said :

It will become a nice Saturday night drag strip for the try hards living in tuggies.

No more so than any other road in Tuggs.

goose 6:34 am 13 Oct 09

It will become a nice Saturday night drag strip for the try hards living in tuggies.

Punter 11:22 pm 12 Oct 09

I didn’t use it through peak hour but dual carriageway with a wide median has to better than what used to be there. Shame about the GDE though eh? Shows how much better it could have been and someday may be.

Bam Bam 10:57 pm 12 Oct 09

thumbs up from me.

bd84 8:48 pm 12 Oct 09

I doubt all the schools were back today, or there were a lot of kids wagging with their parents in the city today.

Calwell Resident 8:22 pm 12 Oct 09

Is it finished

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