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The added cost of ending local schools?

By johnboy - 11 August 2006 94

The Canberra Times has a sad story on the case of Ruan Bezuidenhout a 12 year old who failed to look both ways when crossing Northbourne Avenue after getting off a bus and is now on life support in Canberra Hospital.

Of course back in the day when we had local schools kids could ride or walk.

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94 Responses to
The added cost of ending local schools?
BattleKath 11:46 am 11 Aug 06

perhaps, but that’s got nothing to do with getting hit buy a bus… which obviuosly happened when he was walking.

DrShrink 11:45 am 11 Aug 06

Typical anti-Stanhope cheap shot.

Anyway, in this mobile city who even walks to school anymore ?. This is the ultimate in suburban cities. Everyone drives or catches a bus to school these days, and they have done since the 70’s.

Might as well rail against Burley Griffin or Henry Ford as Stanhope for this kids injury.

johnboy 11:39 am 11 Aug 06


Under a policy of centralised schools much greater numbers of much younger children are going to have to travel much longer distances.

I’m sorry so many of you are too stupid to see a correlation there.

VYBerlinaV8 11:36 am 11 Aug 06

Although kids can get overexcited sometimes (I know I do), by age 12 they should be competently crossing the street.
Where they go to school is irrelevant.

caf 11:33 am 11 Aug 06

I didn’t read the article this morning because I’d already read an article on the same incident yesterday. I still think 12 years old is old enough not to need constant parental supervision.

Thumper 11:29 am 11 Aug 06

Seriously people,

a kid is badly injured and we’re squabbling about school closures?

Let’s hope the little bloke recovers.

snahon 11:23 am 11 Aug 06

Lots of kids catch buses to school every day. I would hardly think it is a rarity nor is there any real correlation between school closures and child pedestrian accidents.

Heaps of kids catch buses for activities that aren’t related to schools (ie take the weekends for example) should we say spralling suburbia and lack of walking distant shopping centres are a contributable factor for child pedestrian accidents ? I think not.

snahon 11:18 am 11 Aug 06

May be harsh but it would appear that its the kids fault. If a 12yo can be left in a shopping centre all day, go to movies unsupervised, etc etc they certainly are old enough to ‘take care’ when crossing a road.

johnboy 11:18 am 11 Aug 06

no, but it’s an example of what happens when primary school children have to be bussed to school.

Something that at the moment is a rarity but won’t be for very much longer.

BattleKath 11:13 am 11 Aug 06

Oh please!

This clearly was not a ‘school closures’ issue.

The student is from Nicholls and attends Ainslie Primary even though there are a number of local primary schools in the Gungahlin area… none of which are closing.

johnboy 11:11 am 11 Aug 06

read the article caf, year 6.

is it asking so much for you to bother doing that?

caf 11:08 am 11 Aug 06

12 years old is year 7, ie highschool. Highschool kids are old enough to make their way home from school on their own, including crossing Northbourne Avenue (well, they were in my day, which wasn’t that long ago). I crossed Northbourne Avenue almost every single day of year 7.

It’s mollycoddling to walk a high school kid home from school. I totally disagree with the lazy parenting line.

PigDog 11:04 am 11 Aug 06

Poor lad.

Not sure what his accident has to do with local schools though. Looking at the case as you put it:

Injured children walking = 1 of 1
Injured children on a bus = 0 of 48

It would seem then that we should close more schools as riding the bus is much safer than walking.

johnboy 11:02 am 11 Aug 06

well i didn’t want to say that, but it’s something we’re going to see a lot more of.

S4anta 11:00 am 11 Aug 06

Nothing to do with the school closures or the Government. What sort of a parent lets a 12 year old child cross one of the consistently busiest roads in the ACT without appropriate supervision?

Lazy fucking parenting in my books.

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