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The added cost of ending local schools?

By johnboy 11 August 2006 94

The Canberra Times has a sad story on the case of Ruan Bezuidenhout a 12 year old who failed to look both ways when crossing Northbourne Avenue after getting off a bus and is now on life support in Canberra Hospital.

Of course back in the day when we had local schools kids could ride or walk.

What’s Your opinion?

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94 Responses to
The added cost of ending local schools?
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Absent Diane 10:21 am 16 Aug 06

yep its a crazy concept dudes… but the schools might be able to afford decent support for the special needs kids. You know make their life better. Give them the facilities they need instead of just relying on a teacher who is essentially just trying to make themself feel good!!!

BattleKath 9:29 am 16 Aug 06

…and what exactly are the dangers of larger schools?

they’re not taking away ALL the schools… your children will probably receive a BETTER education having access to better facilities and better teachers. travelling a bit further to school really doesn’t have that great of an impact… a large number of students already travel further than their local schools anyway…

…plus there are already programs in place to help families get their children to school who live out of area.

nyssa76 6:02 pm 15 Aug 06

Fine it’s dumb – in your books.

However, most parents actually give a shit about their child’s school closing because of some patchworked policy which never looked at risk management and still hasn’t.

The Govt only cares about ACT Education when we “do better” than the states and NT in ACTAP. It doesn’t give a shit about education in the ACT any other time.

The people who put 2020 together got a promotion. They either were never teachers or haven’t taught since the 1980’s. They have no concept of small schools and the “pluses” from them nor do they care about the dangers of larger schools.

They also don’t care about the added cost to parents or educational costs for some students i.e. special needs students.

If you want to call that whinging then fine. I don’t give a shit.

I do, however, give a shit about ACT Education and the “state” this Govt is going to leave it in and I will have to teach in for many years to come.

BattleKath 4:46 pm 15 Aug 06

i’m simply sick of hearing everyone whinging about this.

the government has said they’re closing however many schools with the intention of probably only closing a certain number of these… later on when they tell everyone that some schools will be saved, everyone will love them again and their faith will be restored. hurrah.

i say, so some schools are closing, it’s not this giant issue that people are making it out to be. they’re not just doing it for fun.

it was dumb in the first place and now after hearing about it a million times, it’s still dumb.

Thumper 4:39 pm 15 Aug 06

Nope. You obviously haven’t read any of my other previous rants about school closures but that’s okay.

I think the whole thing has been unbelievably mismanaged and cobbled together after about 12 schooners. It reeks of opportunism, cronyism, and a general disregard for the public at large.

The consultation is a sham and Stanhope and Barr both seem to not know what the other is doing.

However, I agree that there probably is a need for some schools to close, but not the amount that we are hearing from the government.

And those schools that are to close need more than just a cursory glance at the map and a cross put through them.

The government has not proven that it has actually thought about the ramifications of their policy, except maybe to make or save money.

Tharwa should be treated differently simply because it is different. We’re not talking a 1970s concrete block in this case.

BattleKath 4:26 pm 15 Aug 06

so you’re saying that it’s ok to close all the other schools then… awesome.

Thumper 4:14 pm 15 Aug 06

Bullshit Kath.

Did you read my post. Tharwa is not just a school. It is a part of that community, moreso than your average standard garden variety suburbian school.

It is a tangible and working link to Canberra’s past and as such should be kept open for that reason.

Apart from the fact that kids go to school there.

BattleKath 3:51 pm 15 Aug 06

obviously there are more schools than are needed for the number of students in canberra. so you have to travel a bit further, boo hoo.

seepi 3:16 pm 15 Aug 06

I do find it particulalry sad that they are closing Tharwa and Hall primary and Reid pre-school. the pollies were happy to attend the celebrations for Reid primary’s 50th anniversay not so long ago.
This policy is so short sighted. There is currently a baby boom in Canberra, and all the baby helath clinics are run off their feet.

Thumper 9:04 am 15 Aug 06

I was out at Tharwa yesterday.

They are going to close this delightful little school circa, ah, 1895, I think.

Not only is this wrong in a socio/cultural heritage sense, oh yeah, it’s white history, that doesn’t count to Stanhope, but it’s also wrong in that Tharwa is a town, not a suburb. It is a community in itself, and Stanhope has decided to get rid of their school.

How sad, how short sighted, how mean hearted. For a government so happy to waste money on pie in the sky projects I find it hard to swallow that they are closing schools as such to save money.

Tharwa is a living link to Canberra’s history. It must remain open for that reason alone.

aidan 4:23 pm 14 Aug 06


You could take that view. I choose to agitate for a new process. If, in the end, it was decided to close our school anyway at least I would know why.

Personally, I think the plan will go ahead. There seems to be no appetite for changing now. A few of the loudest schools will be saved, and we will end up with the worst result of all.

snahon 3:34 pm 14 Aug 06

fair call aidan and it is apparent from everyones opinion that the school closure process is bogus but given the complexity of the issues, I don’t think that it would matter what process was used or what was considered/weighted. You would walk away with a set of schools being closed to which no one would say “I am satisfied that this school being closed is fair and reasonable when considering all potential factors involved”.

aidan 3:16 pm 14 Aug 06


Your guess is as good as mine. But the Government have not taken this into account AT ALL in their proposal. They have no criteria for evaluating schools closures, as we’ve repeatedly asked and got the usual “there was no set criteria” snow job.

All they looked at was percentage capacity, cost per student and some enrolment predictions. They haven’t said this explicitly, but they are the only figures they ever use.

The way the process is going at the moment, the only way we’ll find out the impacts of this proposal is the hard way. Not good enough.

snahon 3:02 pm 14 Aug 06

By this line of commentary, it would seem that unless the changing flow of pedestrian traffic results on strict adherence to the road/pedestrian principles a school should not be closed ?


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