The Battle of Mt Ainslie cast into sharper definition.

johnboy 13 October 2009 47

In the great conflict between legislature and executive that we know as the English Civil War the Battle of Marston Moor is widely considered to be definitive.

Particularly insofar as it begs the question; on which side would you stand?

With unthinking tradition and the safety of letting others determine your fate, with the King’s cavaliers?

Or would you take responsibility for yourself, choose to be a thinking part of your society, and take responsibility for the outcomes? As the great editor of the London Times, Simon Jenkins, described that conflict:

The historian Isaac Foot, father of Michael, said that he judged a man by one thing, ‘On which side would he have fought at Marston Moor’, the King’s or Parliament’s.

The pendulum of politics long ago stopped swinging from Left to Right, now being stuck on Right. But it always swings from Roundhead to Cavalier. It swings from the authority of democratic institutions, defended ceaselessly and sometimes bloodily, to the corruption of over-centralised power.”

This weekend, on Saturday, the gap toothed bogan cavaliers of the repulsive “Catch The Fire Ministries” are bussing in from all over the country to wage what they call “Spiritual Warfare” on decent and law abiding members of our community.

For those who don’t monitor media Pastor Danny (who claimed the Victorian bushfires were the vengeance of god for abortion legalisation) has been highlighted by winning an Ernie Award for his egregious sexism. And today for claiming that human rights are the work of satan:

Asked what evidence of Satan there was in Parliament, Mr Nalliah said: “The number of politicians who have serious marriage problems.”

Legislation supporting homosexuality, abortion and a push for a Bill of rights were other areas where Mr Nallian said the devil was having influence.

“Me trying to explain it to you is like trying to teach a cricketer how to play soccer,” Mr Nalliah said.

[For mine I would prefer a constitutional guarantee of limited rights (to make them all the more treasured), but I’m not going to stand with the cavaliers who consider human rights in general to be the work of the devil.]

So, this Saturday, how are you defined? Do you support intolerant nutcases, from out of town, as they wage self described “warfare” against your fellow Canberrans?

Or do you drive up the mountain to show these arseholes what you think of them?

Worse? Do you sit on the sideline and let better people than you decide the outcome?

See you there.

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47 Responses to The Battle of Mt Ainslie cast into sharper definition.
Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:49 pm 16 Oct 09

Danman said :

Looks like it is going to be a corker of a day

I hope Fiona and her team give them hell! 🙂

Ceej1973 Ceej1973 3:17 pm 16 Oct 09

This event/article has made the internation news. See


Danman Danman 8:19 am 16 Oct 09

Looks like it is going to be a corker of a day

Fisho Fisho 10:23 pm 14 Oct 09

“I haven’t seen anyone so worked since a middy was placed in your hand unwittingly.”

The Kamasan waggler or the brew?

“The Commonwealth has passed no law expressly defining or protecting freedom of speech of citizens.”

Yes they have. Sadly it only applies if you happen to be called upon to testify before a Parliamentary enquiry.
Australians effectively have no/very few generic rights enshrined in law.

darakat darakat 5:53 pm 14 Oct 09

As per usual I have to say this Nutter is mostly trying to stir shit he is an attention seeker and nothing more. As the Pagan Awareness Network representative in the ACT I am concerned about this guys action’s. Nalliah and his ilk have a vested interest in generating moral panics about witchcraft and the occult, because it create panic and fear on which they use to feed more untruths and gain control.

This guy is not a well person and I would personally consider him a danger, I have a healthy respect for my current limbs so I will be staying well away, I suggest others do the same.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 5:30 pm 14 Oct 09

Mr Evil said :

Are these tossers a registered religion, with charity status with the ATO?

Yes. Linky…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:03 pm 14 Oct 09

Whilst the thought of going up to the top of Mt Ainsley (sic) and yelling these bogoted, narrowminded, redneck scum down somehow seems the right thing to do, the more rational side of me agrees with the other Rioters who think that it’ll only encourage the knobends to come back to Canberra again to save us all from evil forces.

I’m really disappointed that they wouldn’t post my comments on their website – all I got was an e-mail to tell me that they are praying for my soul, and that’s it’s not too late to turn to Jesus for redemption. They didn’t seem to like my comments about their imaginery friend……

Are these tossers a registered religion, with charity status with the ATO? If so, maybe a few letters written to a few MPs to have their status revoked might be a better use of all our time?

pierce pierce 4:11 pm 14 Oct 09

2pm according to the Capture The Flag website. They’ll also be coming off a 21 day fast.

ahappychappy ahappychappy 3:31 pm 14 Oct 09

amarooresident2 said :

Gosh so two groups of people who don’t like each others views are going to shout at each other on top of a hill. That’s sure to achieve…something.

Something = Nothing. Except laughs from all the sane people there to watch the fruitcakes have at it.

amarooresident2 amarooresident2 3:08 pm 14 Oct 09

Gosh so two groups of people who don’t like each others views are going to shout at each other on top of a hill. That’s sure to achieve…something.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 1:57 pm 14 Oct 09

The Levellers and New Model Army? I’ve seen ’em both. Crap Punk/Folk…

Ok, can anyone tell me what time kick off is for this event?

And if I bring my ghetto blaster does anyone object to having “Theme from Suspiria*,” by Goblin played?

*The singular most frightening piece of music ever recorded.

Nambucco Deliria Nambucco Deliria 9:35 am 14 Oct 09

There isn’t a misconception about the Roundheads, Johnboy. The Levellers may at one time have constituted a large part of the New Model Army (without really ever ‘filling’ it), but only as rank and file troops who were often brutally suppressed by the army’ Grandees. Indeed the one Leveller in a real position of power, John Lilburne, resigned his commission as a sign of dissent at having to sign the Solemn League and Covenant, an act which, as I’m sure you’re aware, was drawn up to protect the presbytarian Church in Scotland in order to get Scottish military assistance to balance the feared influx of Irish Catholic troops rumoured to be joining the royalist cause. Despite professing a desire to support freedom of religious choice, many Levellers signed this covenant, giving the Parliamentary side the impetus it needed to carry on the fight.

Which, of course, led to the Commonwealth, and years of religious intolerance, Cromwell’s excesses in Ireland and the persecution of the liberal arts in England, which was my original point.

Whatsup Whatsup 9:28 am 14 Oct 09

Giving this “event” any attention at all is just encouraging them. Will be a long way away from the “action” thankfully.

Crypto50 Crypto50 9:27 am 14 Oct 09

#12 I totally agree. As much I would love to go up there and join the action, I know these people (who I choose to call fruitloops) will just lap up all the attention, especially if there are cameras around. I think it would be better to not give this group any “oxygen”. This doesn’t mean I agree with them. It’s a free country, they can express their (ridiculous imo) views.
Hopefully it rains, or whatever, there must something we could do to distract the slavering media away from these clowns. Trouble is this is being reported elsewhere (eg SMH). It’s a news winner, loonies + Canberra. just be normal, very normal.

cleo cleo 12:40 am 14 Oct 09

I think everyone is entilted to their own opinons, paster Danny can keep his to himself, I wounder if he is going to perform an exocison lol, anyone willing

busgirl busgirl 9:12 pm 13 Oct 09

…all I can say about this is…’these pretzels are making me thirsty’…right…have I got your attention?

…about this pastor and his band of merry men…who gives a flying f**k?!!!

Thumper Thumper 7:46 pm 13 Oct 09

Not quite I agree with you regarding Cromwell JB, I think Cromwell always had his own interests at heart. However, definitely agree about this zealot pastor…

johnboy johnboy 6:48 pm 13 Oct 09

To briefly address the misconceptions about the roundheads.

Cromwell’s later excesses shouldn’t detract from what the likes of the levellers who filled his armies were fighting for.

Which was equality before the law and the freedom to worship in a manner of their own choosing.

As to the defenders of pastor danny, intolerance is the one thing that a tolerant society can never brook.

If he wants to stay in Dandenong with his trailer trash then more power to him, but he’s not, so he needs to be opposed.

I’m not going to be setting dates or times, someone else will have to provide the leadership there.

Cletus 2 Cletus 2 6:22 pm 13 Oct 09

Idiots doing the talking is not the problem. The problem is when clever people do the talking and the idiots do the listening.

Cletus 2 Cletus 2 6:20 pm 13 Oct 09

I’d take free speech over people who think they know better than everyone else regulating things.

Banning the voicing of thoughts and ideas is a very slippery slope. Do you want people to ban things because you don’t have the ability to do your own critical thinking or ability to make good choices?

Think about what the prevailing attitudes were with respect to womens rights, racism, etc 100 or even fewer years ago. I’m sure a lot of people would have liked to ban the freedom of speech around the civil rights movement (to take an American example).

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