The bike wasnt such a good idea

lenny 3 January 2007 15

Just a quick message to thank everyone for good bike tracks

Unfortunately while taking it for a spin yesterday I fell off and broke my ribs

Luckily I can see the funny side, and Idont think I will be getting back on

[ED – I think there’s a lesson in there for us all]

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15 Responses to The bike wasnt such a good idea
shauno shauno 11:37 pm 04 Jan 07

As i sit here and lsten to the echo of a nicely reveved big block chev oh yes let it be

bonfire bonfire 2:57 pm 04 Jan 07

anyone who buys anything at a walmart is a softhead.

walmart has ruined many small towns economies.

when i was in shelbyville tenessee the manin town square had MANY empty abandoned shops – and the walmart was flourishing.

my mate blames interlopers from murfreesboro.

ant ant 2:13 pm 04 Jan 07

I’ve been quite enjoying my $53 Walmart Chinese mountain bike. I wish I could bring it home. I might even get a new bike and give bikling a go in Canberra.
A few times it’s slipped on ice or gone silly but I ski for a living so balance is not an issue.

I’m not riding on the road there though, Canberra drivers are WAY scarier than SLC drivers, who just have a go because they are drunk/drugged/yappering on their phone/they think you’re a mormon.

bonfire bonfire 11:29 am 04 Jan 07

gods punishment to evil cyclists.

buy a car!

jr jr 11:19 pm 03 Jan 07

The latest state of the art mountain bike $2,500
A decent bike helmet to prtect your head $175
A comprehensive map of the Canberra bike paths $20
23 hours in RCH casualty on a holiday weekend waiting to have your broken ribs seen to after falling off your bike… priceless

Danman Danman 9:35 pm 03 Jan 07

1st time I rode in Ngunnawal – I cam blasting down a hill and around a left corner that goes onto a narrow pedestrian bridge over a creek.

Said bridge had 2 bollards either end (why do they do this) so i hastily applied the rear brakes to slow myself down to get around the corner and between the bollards.

I hit gravel and the rear tyre stepped out about 30 degrees and I just managed to squeeze through the bollards.

Needless to say – the speed I was going – I would not have been a happy chappy if I hit them – I now approach said corner with a cautious 20 or so km/h

Pandy Pandy 7:37 pm 03 Jan 07

If it was a recumbant 9sic or hic) bike: tough.

shauno shauno 7:22 pm 03 Jan 07

I want to come on the bicycle bar crawl but last 2 years its been bad timing for me as ive been offshore. Just the luck of the draw I guess.

boomacat boomacat 5:46 pm 03 Jan 07

Cracked ribs are fleeting injuries, think about all those aussies dying from heart disease, type 2 diabetes obesity etc from sedantry lifestyles.

Get back on the bike.

johnboy johnboy 5:36 pm 03 Jan 07

When I bought my bike last year my brother asked me how i wanted to set up the suspension, after a moments reflection I said that as i had no idea how to ride with suspension we should make it as firm as possible.

sounds like that was a good decision.

the riotact bicycle bar crawl is still awaiting it’s first injury (unless you count sore heads)

shauno shauno 5:25 pm 03 Jan 07

I have to say I had a big crash on my mountain bike 18 months ago and the reason was my front suspension was to soft. So when i hit this raised bit of pavement the suspension compressed all the way and bottomed out. Then it was like a pendulum effect and I was hiked over the handle bars. Lucky I was wearing a helmet as i came down hard. So I learnt that lesson and have the front forks set harder now.

ant ant 5:09 pm 03 Jan 07

Never been into bikes. But over here in Salt Lake City, being ripped off by a crap landlord and finding the buses don’t run here on sundays or nights, I went to walmart and got a men’s mountain bike with heaps of gears for… $53. And everything works!
Haven’t fallen off yet or come close to it. Idiot SLC drivers give me the screaming yips though. I need a gun.

Nik_the_Pig Nik_the_Pig 5:08 pm 03 Jan 07

There is a saying about getting back in the saddle that applies here (once you are healed) as with several other activities in life

Plus if you don’t how are you going to get involved in the riotACt bicycle bar crawl this year?

threeze threeze 4:59 pm 03 Jan 07

er, ribs.

threeze threeze 4:56 pm 03 Jan 07

best thing for broken rips is vigorous bike riding.

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