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The Canberra times disappoints me again

By FC - 20 July 2007 37

Is it just me or is anyone else disgusted by the picture on the front page of the Canberra Times yesterday.

I know that pretty much all other media had the picture splashing about, but it’s a breach of this guys basic human rights.

Its seems nowadays that if you are a suspected of terrorist related things, you are automatically guilty before you prove your innocence, and also you immediately have not rights that other accused criminals would have.

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
The Canberra times disappoints me again
jellen 6:16 pm 20 Jul 07

He is about as potentially a terrorist as you are Ralph. Mark my words this Haneef incident will go down in the history books as the worst in a long line of abuses of the rule of law by this government. Justice Spender – who is hearing the immigration appeal – had it exactly right in the directions hearing – on Andrews interpretation anyone who has ever had an “association” with a criminal (i.e. has had a meal with, has been in the same social group with, or has gifted a sim card to) and happens to be applying for a visa can be locked up and throw away the key. If you don’t think that is outrageous I don’t know what to say.

Deadmandrinking 5:41 pm 20 Jul 07

Yes Bonfire, the Socialist Alliance is really Al-Qaeda. Didn’t you pick up on the similarities in ideals?
Marx was really a Shiek in disguise. But shhhhh….

caf 4:20 pm 20 Jul 07

Haneef dossier ‘flawed’, says the conservative paper of record, The Australian. (Oh and remember that “major discrepancies” is newspaper speak for “pack of lies”).

Ralph 3:31 pm 20 Jul 07

Who has decided that this man is to be degraded to the point where he is not even entitled to wear shoes?

Terror suspect. Plain and simple.

You see bonfire’s comment above about him allegedly being linked to a student group associated with Al Qaeda.

All you bleeding hearts pining over his treatment ought to be ashmed of yourselves. He is being afforded due legal process, and what we are dealing with here is a potential terrorist. Ask families of the Bali bombing victims how they might feel about it. I feel better knowing there is one less potential militant islamic wandering our streets.

And no Shab, as outrageously right wing my comments may seem to you (which they aren’t), I am not trolling.

Maelinar 2:03 pm 20 Jul 07

Who has decided that this man is to be degraded to the point where he is not even entitled to wear shoes? – airport security ?

Thumper 1:27 pm 20 Jul 07

Not yet Caf but intend to.

caf 1:22 pm 20 Jul 07

It is pretty effing embarassing really. Have you read the leaked transcript of interview?

Thumper 1:16 pm 20 Jul 07

The Canberra Times letter writing crowd were again at their hand wringing best yesterday.

I especially love it when they declare they so embarrassed about Australia that they are going to move overseas.

cranky 1:15 pm 20 Jul 07

Who has decided that this man is to be degraded to the point where he is not even entitled to wear shoes?

Personally I would be in severe pain if required to do likewise.

Absolute bureaocratic barbarity!

barking toad 12:21 pm 20 Jul 07

Haneef is being afforded all the correct treatment to which he is legally entitled. Magisterial review of his detention, subsequently granted bail, right of appeal aginst the revocation of his visa.

Where terrorism is concerned I’m happy to see some preference given to the rights of the community at large.

And the hypocrisy of bleeding heart media whore former politicians such as Fraser never ceases to amaze me. You never here him comment about his friend Mugabe and his interpretation of human rights in Zimbabwe.

apehammer 12:19 pm 20 Jul 07

It’s a perfectly legitimate photograph to run. I actually think it could work in his favour by allowing people to see how he’s being treated.

bonfire 10:44 am 20 Jul 07

an indian news report has him as the former president of a student organisation banned for its support of al qaeeda.

i see on local news that socialist alliance have swung their support behind him.

MWest 10:35 am 20 Jul 07

I wonder if Able Locksmiths are complaining about the free advertising. Their phone number is clearly visible on the pad lock.

I also think it is a very disappointing photograph. The presumption of innocence has clearly been neglected in this case which is a serious travesty.

VicePope 10:26 am 20 Jul 07

The CT is a dud newspaper and has been for some time. Similar to the Chronicle or the Gulargambone Gazette, but without as much of the thoughtful stuff. It could be so much better and changes to management may make it so.

neanderthalsis 9:38 am 20 Jul 07

Making anyone wear an orange tracksuit is a breach of human rights. Infact anyone willingly wearing a tracksuit in public unless they are involved in some sporting activity should be charged with crimes against humanity.

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