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The Federal Budget for Canberra – 2007

By johnboy - 9 May 2007 55

So, last night Peter Costello put out his rather cunning budget, today we ask, what’s in it for us.

Gary Humphries hasput out a media release to celebrate the largesse. He points out the following items:

— 5,244 Australian Public Service jobs will be created.
— $58.8 million will be invested in the Griffin Legacy.
— $21.2 million for the new National Portrait Gallery.

Even Jon Stanhope can’t help himself and be pleased in his media release. The Chief Minister was particularly pleased with these elements:

— Duplication of Constitution Avenue to create the grand boulevard imagined by Walter and Marion Griffin, stretching from Vernon Circle to Russell.
— A flyover at the Kings Avenue-Parkes Way intersection combined with ACT-funded work on Pialligo Avenue to fix the road to the airport.
— $12.5 million for the Australian War Memorial,
— $3.5 million for remedial work on the High Court
— $3.3 million for a scoping study for an Australian Federal Police facility .

On the downside he’d like to see more on education and dentistry.

UPDATED: The CT’s has a take on the Canberra-centric implications.

What’s Your opinion?

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55 Responses to
The Federal Budget for Canberra – 2007
DuffyMum 10:08 am 09 May 07

That was the first thing I thought of when I heard about the changes to the Russell roundabout … oh those poor people that need to use that route during this. So glad it’s not me (I used to be at one time). 🙁

Al 10:08 am 09 May 07

Duffy mum: you can’t be looking too hard given the complete crisis of IT staff in this town. You only need rock up to DEWR or Centrelink or several other departments, tell em what hours you want to work, and you’ll be on the list.

andy 10:05 am 09 May 07

Actually.. you know what this flyover means.. a metric shit ton of congestion and annoyance during peak hour.
Think Glenloch Interchange, PLUS Belconnen Way GDE disruptions…

seepi 10:03 am 09 May 07

I wonder if the bridges will include foot traffic.
I hope so.

Defence has been trying to get an underpass thru parkes way for ages – as has pedal power. Hundreds of people try to nip across that road at lunch to job around the lake.

DuffyMum 10:02 am 09 May 07

What about some spending on the Kings Hwy? Now that’s a road that needs atention that is very much long overdue.

And it’s all well and good putting more money into childcare benefits in order to get mothers back into the workforce … BUT … where are all the part time jobs for those mothers that they want?

I was forced to resign when I was unable to get childcare for my son back in 2005. I have since looked long and hard for suitable part time jobs so that I could return to the workforce but there has been nothing. I am a 20+ year experienced I.T. professional but no company hires part time I.T. staff.

Yes, I could do something else (and I did, part time admin work was all I could get, but for the short while I was there I felt thoroughly bored with the meniality of it all). If you are used to challenging work before you have a family, to return to something that is simple and repetitive at best, just so you can work, is never going to encourage you to stay in the workforce.

Ralph 9:59 am 09 May 07

Tax cuts increase the supply side of the economy. The bigger our economy the better.

Governments are great at bringing together money and spending it very poorly.

ant 9:57 am 09 May 07

Tax cuts are useless. the gov’t is the only body that can pull together all that small money into big money and do big things with it.

The Russell roundabout has been a mess since Snow built his CBD at the aiport. Now the traffic load is unbalanced, by the hordes heading to the airport in the morning, and leaving of an evening. If you approach it along Moreshead too late in the morning, it is backed up past the small Russell offices roundabout. And just as bad along Parkes Way back toward Civic.

The Feds allowed Snow to build his airport empire, so they should bloody well fix the roads mess it created.

Ralph 9:56 am 09 May 07


bonfire 9:52 am 09 May 07

or you could combine the two and have high speed canal catamarans…

shauno 9:50 am 09 May 07

No tax cuts we can do without its infrastructure spending we need and the vision to be able to commit to the big engineering and nation building projects that need to be started.

Such as European style very fast trains between Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane

And the large scale movement of water from where its abundant to where its not.

Ralph 9:39 am 09 May 07

Not enough tax cuts. Too much welfare spending.

seepi 9:34 am 09 May 07

Yep – just confirmed in canberra Times.

I think it’s a good idea – I hate that roundabout. and it is the worst blackspot in Canberra I think – more than one accident a day (mostly minor).

“The funding also includes the replacement of the Russell roundabout at the intersection of Kings Avenue and Parkes Way with an overpass. New bridges will carry Kings Avenue over Parkes Way and through to Russell. The project is due to be constructed in 2008-09.”

andy 9:27 am 09 May 07

why don’t they spend that money on a flyover for monaro/morshead FFS.

johnboy 9:25 am 09 May 07

Yep, almost funny when you think how much they’ve spent trying to make the roundabout safe.

Remember though that the PM and C1 have to try and traverse it on a regular basis. So there’s a personal security matter focussing the mind of a short person.

seepi 9:11 am 09 May 07

A flyover at the Kings Ave and Parkway intersection – is that the Russell roundabout?

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