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The mystery of ghost flight QF1460

By Pickle - 29 April 2008 21

QF1460 was cancelled over the intercom at 6:00am 28 April 2008
The replacement QF560 was delayed due to Sydney airport being busy. (checked net and flights seemed to be doing ok)
QF1460 was then deleted from the board.

But according to the net QF1460 was:
Scheduled to depart Canberra at 6:20am with actual departure of 6:15am
it was scheduled to arrive in Sydney 7:10am but actual arrival was posted as 7:00am

But according to Sydney airport website it actually arrived at 6:57am

I think I was QF’d over…

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
The mystery of ghost flight QF1460
Mr Evil 5:39 pm 29 Apr 08

The Metro is a very fast and generally reliable aircraft, it’s just that they can be quite a handful in the wrong hands, and if things go wrong, they can go very wrong.

The mail plane that crashed near Sydney a week or so ago was a Metro.

MelonHead 5:23 pm 29 Apr 08

I agree with the Dash 8 / Metroliner assumption. I worked in the Pilbara once where the daily flight was scheduled to be a Metroliner, aka “The Pencil”. It was regularly late, lost, or another type of aircraft.

Flying in a Dash 8 is a good experience. You can see bits moving (ie the props) and you can really enjoy the flying experience. Seat of the pants stuff, even for the passengers.

As for the lost flight, doesn’t QF mean QantasFantom?

I suppose I have never actually died in a Dash 8. They can’t be too bad.

Mælinar 4:19 pm 29 Apr 08

I’d say it never left Sydney, and they forgot to update their schedules until the morning. Human error.

Thumper 4:08 pm 29 Apr 08

300 feet altitude, heavy turbulance over mountainous, treed country in a twin engined turboprop while searching for a downed aircraft on an SAR.

Now that’s flying!

ant 4:05 pm 29 Apr 08

QBT used to laugh at me for requesting Dash-8s (everyone else requests not to have them), but I liked being able to watch the ground and navigate, and also you got coffee. On teh bigger planes, they draw the curtains and feed coffee to the business class people and think that you don’t know.

Mind you, I got laughed-at by QBT for asking to book a plane ride. For some reason, they found that funny.

Mr Waffle 3:59 pm 29 Apr 08

Can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with the Dash 8s, and I’m a terrible flyer (despite doing it my whole life). Had a panic attack the last time I flew down (and back) to Melbourne due to turbulance, I think I’ll pass on that route from now on…

Thumper 3:45 pm 29 Apr 08

DASH-8s are sooo much more fun…

Primal 3:35 pm 29 Apr 08

I find Dash-8s to offer more leg room than a 737, so if the weather is clear I’ve got no problem with taking a Dash up to Sydney rather than a 737.

And if it’s bad weather, well the cigar tube experience can be fun if you’re in the mood 🙂

Mr Evil 3:29 pm 29 Apr 08

AD, I love flying too, and I think the best flight I ever had was in a topdressing plane in NZ when I was about 12: no seatbelt, so hold on for all your life!

Absent Diane 3:18 pm 29 Apr 08

I love flying in dash-8’s, especially on a nice cloudless day too or from sydney… it’s funny i was scared of flying until I went up in a little cesna when I was about 9 or 10. now i quite enjoy it. The best was flying from port augusta to adelaide in a 7 or 8 seater in a storm… I missed out on getting the co-pilot’s chair though so I was spewing!!

Mr Evil 3:10 pm 29 Apr 08

Hamilton said :

QF1460 meant it was a Dash-8 – Consider yourself lucky you are still alive for not having caught it!

They don’t nickname it “the screaming tube of death” for nothing!!

I think you have the DASH-8 confused with the Metroliner.

DASH-8s have a pretty good safety record.

CanberraResident 1:48 pm 29 Apr 08

That’s a fine pickle you got yourself into then, hey?

(well, someone had to say it)

Next time, go for the QP, they have extra pickles, special sauce on a sesame seed bun.

Hamilton 1:22 pm 29 Apr 08

QF1460 meant it was a Dash-8 – Consider yourself lucky you are still alive for not having caught it!

They don’t nickname it “the screaming tube of death” for nothing!!

swissbignose 12:36 pm 29 Apr 08

It could be that QF1460 didn’t have the requisite crew to allow it to take passengers.

Danman 11:37 am 29 Apr 08


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