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The people united… [National Community Day of Protest against IR Changes – In Canberra]

By colsim 15 November 2005 39

I was there – sooo wish I had a camera – everyone from Rebel’s bikies to fluoro clad builders to cardigan wearing public servants turned up for some great speeches and a statement of defiance.

I had also been wondering why the racecourse rather than Parliament – but with that many cars and buses, parking would’ve been impossible and I’m sure that getting permission to set up big screens and Sky Channel reception on the Parliamentary lawn might be have been something of the challenge as well.

Got there a little late (8.30 for kickoff?! – sorry, I tried) so couldn’t get to the inside section but the audio was crisp and clear, the message was strong and the workers were truly united.

To use the words of johnny’s political master – Bring it on.

(And for those who don’t see the point in protesting – it’s a chestnut but it’s true – If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem – yes turtleneck, this means you 🙂

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39 Responses to
The people united… [National Community Day of Protest against IR Changes – In Canberra]
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Absent Diane 2:18 pm 16 Nov 05

My conscience is fine… but I hope others feel guilty

LurkerGal 9:37 am 16 Nov 05

I do indeed deserve the government I voted in. But it wasn’t frigging Liberal. So where’s the govt I deserve??????

Cameron 6:48 pm 15 Nov 05

Areaman, you’re right, that is what the ACTU has been saying. What I was attempting to convey was the impression that people are walking away with based on what the ACTU are saying.

That’s exactly the impression nearly all of my staff when we had a meeting to address any concerns over the legislation – that I would suddenly have the power to sack them very little need to justify it.

sk8erboi 6:20 pm 15 Nov 05

You deserve the government you voted in, wake me up in 2 years when I’ll give a fuck. Don’t blame the minor parties, if people voted for them maybe they could actually stop this sillyness.

areaman 5:53 pm 15 Nov 05

Cameron, who’s ever said “employers can sack employees for anything”?

What the ACTU has been saying is that people won’t be able to afford to challenge the sacking as unlawful, where as currently it’s free to challenge it as unfiar (which also covers some things that unlawful doesn’t).

Cameron 4:23 pm 15 Nov 05

Unfortunately, many people won’t bother to check the legislation, which is probably why the government felt compelled to respond to allegations such as “employers can sack employees for anything”, which is complete crap.

Having said that, I agree with Mr. Evil in that 47 million (or whatever it was) is absurd to spend on an advertising campaign for legislation.

I agree with you Maelinar to an extent – the government shouldn’t be advertising the new legislation, but I do believe it has a duty to inform its constituents what the new legislation entails. Booklets made available from outlets, or direct mailed, etc. Continuous vague ads? No. Massive two to four page spreads in every major metropolitan newspaper (and some small shitty ones – like the CHRONICLE!!!) for a few weeks? No.

If the government did indeed feel the need to spend that money in order to rebut the ALP/Union scaremongering that is out there, they should’ve exercised a little more restraint in their spending. I read somewhere that the ALP/Union has spent a combined 8 million on their campaign, and it has had a significant impact. Theoretically, the government could have had a similar impact for the same amount of money.

Maelinar 4:13 pm 15 Nov 05

*sorry for the spelling*

Maelinar 4:12 pm 15 Nov 05

Kimba, we don’t merely want everything for nothing, Mr Evil said it wisely when he said he hates seeing his tax wasted on TV advertising.

As a tip of the iceberg, he’s very correct. Governments that get a lot of money tend to waste it on frivolous things, whereas Governments that don’t spend them on the necessities, and only when they have been properly researched, costed, justified, and still remain necessary.

The government in Australia needs some lean years for it to learn it’s lesson, otherwise we’ll keep leeching our money to every shrewd conman in our region of space.

A great example is the TV advert. Why did the government even feel the need to respond to an allegation from a group ? They certainly aren’t jumping up and down about the one legged lesbian bondi surfers support group, neither should they have over an advert saying their new legislation was a bit unfair.

Their legislation should be transparent enough that the allegations fall on their faces on their own merit, or they belie the fact that the legislation itself is flawed.

Their discussion forum for it (for those who would protest), of course, remains the media who request information, conduct interviews, and talk directly to the pollies about the legislation.

Advertising is for napisan and kellogs cornflakes, not government policy.

Jey 3:42 pm 15 Nov 05

Great to see us all so passionate about it!
I couldn’t attend because I had a job interview 🙁
In solidarity, Jey.

Mr Evil 3:39 pm 15 Nov 05

Hey, I don’t mind paying tax; even though I nearly spewed when I got only $8.70 back for my tax return this year!

The only complaint I have is that I hate seeing my tax wasted on television advertising for some crappy IR plan Howard has hatched. How many millions has that cost, and couldn’t that money be spent on something useful, like a hospital?

kimba 3:33 pm 15 Nov 05

The problems with many Aussies and Kiwis is that we want everything for nothing. Lower taxation plus free education, free health, free this and free that. What a nation(s) of whingers we are! How quickly we forget the Hawke/Keating years.

Mr Evil 3:10 pm 15 Nov 05

Well I have a lot of family and friends in NZ, and I can tell you THERE are a lot of people who are not happy with what’s going on over there. A trip to the shops will show you how much of the average wage is being spent on groceries each week: people ARE earning less and paying more. Electricity and rent (both dearer than here) are another couple of things that are hitting people in the pocket hard too. Most of the IR changes were introduced by the National party and haven’t been revoked by Labour, which just goes to prove how much in common those bastards have! Yep, you can say all you like about the NZ economy, but most people in NZ aren’t enjoying a real improvement in standard of living. Most profit from previously State owned enterprises goes overseas now, while service provided has dropped considerably (just ask anyone about power shortages in Winter). And now Air NZ has announced that it will be shedding over 600 engineering jobs.

Mael, the Aussie dollar has been hovering around NZ$1.05-1.09 for years now, so that isn’t a new thing; and I can’t see it going dollar for dollar in the near future.

screamingmonkey 3:08 pm 15 Nov 05

Bobby Brown got a cheer from the masses eh? Well fark me – I’ve just lost all respect for all the kiddies who attended

Thumper 3:03 pm 15 Nov 05

Actually, it does seem that a few federal public servants were told point blank “no”, and that they couldn’t have the day, even if they took annual leave.

Well, I’ve heard it first hand from a few at this stage.

Pretty piss poor effort that one and hopefully not a sign of things to come.

Thumper 3:00 pm 15 Nov 05

Bob Brown is an oxygen thief….

Always complaining, never coming up with any viable solutions.

then again, that’s what its all about being in a minor party or being an independent. No power, no responsibility.

Kandy A 2:48 pm 15 Nov 05

made it along this morning (earlier than I usually get to work) seemed a good crowd for the site- remember that Melbourne enjoys an actual public transport system, and most of the town doesnt work for the Federal Govt, who seemed less than keen to encourage people attending. and the winners were: Bob Brown, big cheer, wozername (Dems) bit of a cheer while folks tried to remember what the Democrats are about, and if wozername is their leader this week)
and John Clarke and Brian Dawe who masterfully gutted Howard et al, pulling their guts out through the gaping hole of their credibility

Maelinar 2:30 pm 15 Nov 05

Don’t need friends to say NZ is strong economically, just check out what your dollar will get in NZ on the news every night.

Its getting closer and closer to dollar for dollar every night.

kimba 2:09 pm 15 Nov 05

Mmmmm, Mr Evil…I thought Kiwiland had a Labour Government? Say’s a lot doesn’t it. I also heard last week that NZ now had the lowest unemployment rate since records started. Mt friends (ALP members) just come back from a 4 week holiday there and said the country was strong economically and that the people they met were happy with their lot. Double Mmmmmm!

screamingmonkey 1:54 pm 15 Nov 05

Now the police estimate of the Melbourne crowd has been revised from the early estimate (9.00am) of 60,000 to 150,000. ACTU reckons 200,000. That’s a fair crowd. Makes Canberra’s 3000 seem miniscule

Mr Evil 1:42 pm 15 Nov 05

I wish there were more employers like you around, Cameron.

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