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The people united… [National Community Day of Protest against IR Changes – In Canberra]

By colsim - 15 November 2005 39

I was there – sooo wish I had a camera – everyone from Rebel’s bikies to fluoro clad builders to cardigan wearing public servants turned up for some great speeches and a statement of defiance.

I had also been wondering why the racecourse rather than Parliament – but with that many cars and buses, parking would’ve been impossible and I’m sure that getting permission to set up big screens and Sky Channel reception on the Parliamentary lawn might be have been something of the challenge as well.

Got there a little late (8.30 for kickoff?! – sorry, I tried) so couldn’t get to the inside section but the audio was crisp and clear, the message was strong and the workers were truly united.

To use the words of johnny’s political master – Bring it on.

(And for those who don’t see the point in protesting – it’s a chestnut but it’s true – If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem – yes turtleneck, this means you 🙂

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39 Responses to
The people united… [National Community Day of Protest against IR Changes – In Canberra]
Mr Evil 1:25 pm 15 Nov 05

Kimba, have a little read about what’s happened in NZ with the introduction of very similar IR laws, and then you might not be so cocky. Profits for many big NZ companies have grown, while many employees aren’t doing quite as well! Before 1990, NZ was mostly a middle-class society, but now the middle-class has been pretty much bled dry, and a new poor has been created.

I don’t have a lot of time for some of the unions either, but by the same token I wouldn’t put my trust in many employers either.

Cameron 1:23 pm 15 Nov 05

The scaremongering makes me sick actually. I myself am for change to the IR system, but feel there may be better ways to go about it than the WorkChoices legislation.

For example, bring on the NATIONAL system. But why remove the AIRC from power? It’s a lot better to have an indepent body there… balance of power all that sort of thing.

I could go on, but I won’t. 🙂

Thumper 1:15 pm 15 Nov 05

No dramas Col,


kimba 1:03 pm 15 Nov 05

I just love all the scaremongering…the doomsday merchants pushing the union line. The trade union movement in this country are dinosaurs just like the ALP will be if they don’t pull their finger out.

ssanta 1:01 pm 15 Nov 05

The main reason, I didn’t go to the protests is that after reading the parts that affect me and my industry, very little changes other than me having to produce dr’s cert’s for sick leave, but i sign my own sick leave, so you all suck!

As for how effective the protests will be, our current PM has been a political mainstay for a fucking long time now. Through that he has perfected his one minded beligerence and these reforms will gothrough will the populace wants themor not. He does and that is all that matters. I love our Decockracy

Mr Evil 1:01 pm 15 Nov 05

Bloody Cheryl was too busy keeping Gareth’s dick wet while Stupid-Despoja was out busily buying Doc Martens.

Jesus, we’ve had some dickheads in Parliament!

colsim 1:00 pm 15 Nov 05

Hey Thumper – didn’t intend to come off all “not at the protest, part of the problem” – obviously this isn’t how I see things.

Just talking the issues out with friends, family, co-workers, people in the pub is just as important and is certainly being part of the solution.

I think the strength of all public protest (whether it’s 5 people outside the Chinese embassy or 100,000 marching down a city street) is that it sends a clear message that something’s not right and that a number of people are prepared to get out and say so – which hopefully tells the people sitting at home listening to Ray and reading the Daily Tele that they’re not alone in thinking so.

Yeah, this isn’t going to stop the laws going through today or whenever but continuously stating a position of opposition helps put this in people’s minds – in the same way that spending scores of millions of dollars on tv ads does.

It may have taken a while, but regular public protest against some of the gov’t’s harsher immigration policy (amongst other things) have seen some progress made (not a lot, granted, but some)

One of the things I like best about rallies and marches is the sense of community you get, it really can get you energised

Growling Ferret 12:56 pm 15 Nov 05

People will care when they are put on an AWA working for 25% less wages and a longer working week. How will they afford their 3 children, HECS, $350k mortgage and survival?

I didn’t attend the protest, having much the same feelings as Thumper, but what I see here may not firectly effect you, but it will effect your children who are too inexperienced or intimidated to stand up when its time to sign their employment contract. It will effect those in small/medium enterprises when the boom is over, and the profits of these companies slip.

If only the ALP were not a bunch of useless factional hacks, and instead provided opposition, alternate ideas and intelligent progressive policy.

I blame Cheryl Kernot and Natasha Stott-Despoja – they failed to keep all the bastards honest….

homebrewed 12:44 pm 15 Nov 05

are these people caught up in their own self importance the same “people” who are “racist” for voting for howard in 2001 after tampa?

Mr Evil 12:40 pm 15 Nov 05

Kimba, when you’re earning $7/hr and working a 60 hour week with only 5 days sick leave and 2-3 weeks leave annually, will you still give a rat’s arse???

Have a think about it: how much power do you think you’ll really have when it comes to sitting down with your employer to decide how much you are worth.

Indi 12:38 pm 15 Nov 05

Such protests leave me wondering who is representing the silent majority…now if there was some real social uprising we’d all be ‘fascinated’.

However, I’ll risk making a broad sweeping statement – people are just too wound up in their own self-importance to be overly concerned with IR reforms. Howard probably realises this, the left/unions will never understand…and unfortunately fall into the vacuum of irrelevance across the entire electorate.

screamingmonkey 12:24 pm 15 Nov 05

Too nice a day for golf to attend rallies in Canberra

SMH/Age reckon 175,000 attended in Melbourne.
Australian reckons 60,000. Assume the truth lies somewhere in between.

wtf were the rebs doing there? surely Johhnie’s IR changes aren’t going to effect the eckie distribution industry around the club scene?

RandomGit 12:13 pm 15 Nov 05

I’m deadset against new IR laws. For one I can’t see any reason that we need new laws if the economy is going as well as we keep getting told it is.

Yup, thats what I’ve been saying all along as well. To the wall, but saying nonetheless.

kimba 12:10 pm 15 Nov 05

Wow so a few thousand attended the Canberra rally…and 90,000 didn’t. Because most people don’t give a rat’s arse!

Thumper 11:56 am 15 Nov 05

“And for those who don’t see the point in protesting – it’s a chestnut but it’s true – If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem “

Nice mantra Col, but really, not exactly true.

I’m deadset against new IR laws. For one I can’t see any reason that we need new laws if the economy is going as well as we keep getting told it is.

But as for protest marches, nah, sorry, thats just not my scene although I have absolutely no problem with people protesting. As such you imply, no, state, that by me not attending the march I am, by association (or is that disassociation), for the new IR laws. That is totally incorrect.

And so I’m afraid that your statement is false.

Anyway, does anyone really think it can make a difference since the bloody libs hold the senate as well.

I hope the rallies make a difference, but seriously I really doubt it.


Just a thought, if everyone that attended a rally in Australia sat down and wrote a letter to the PM it sould tie up his ministerial and parliamentary sections for yonks and piss him off no end.

Now that would be interesting.

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