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The reality of school closures

By aidan - 19 December 2006 45

The reality of school closures is how they affect the kids.


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45 Responses to
The reality of school closures
youshould_knowthis 3:19 pm 19 Dec 06

Surely some sort of school covering primary ages in thea rea would be better than none at all, Italian speaking or otherwise.

Maelinar 3:16 pm 19 Dec 06

Good then, I’ll start.

I’d like the little lovelys of Canberrans to learn ENGLISH. If you want an example of the literacy skills of the Canberra youth, look at the threads involving j/jimbo/peter.

All the posturing you like regarding French/Italian/Japanese hasn’t transposed into actual real skills IN THIS COUNTRY, let alone another.

Frankly, the children who don’t have a good grasp on english aren’t likely to be off to Japan/France etc, but that’s not my point. The resources invested in a public education system teaching a blind skill are intense, and the effect is minimal.

If Canberran’s are falling over themselves to learn French, good on them, let them pay for the privilege. Until the scholatory capacity of an average student is higher than the current standard, NO FRILLS EDUCATION.

aidan 3:09 pm 19 Dec 06

Maelinar. Evidently not.

Simto, I was just pointing out that this wasn’t some crappy public school that was failing it’s students and was better off closed. They had the motivation to run immersion italian.

Whilst Canberrans are falling all over themselves to be immersed in French (see success of Telopea School) they are not so keen on a bathing in Italian. As a result the program should probably be discontinued. Nevertheless, as I’ve said before, a merged Lyons/Melrose P-6 school on the Melrose site would better serve the kids in those areas. This was the option favoured by Melrose school.

Hasdrubahl 2:10 pm 19 Dec 06

Tarquin? Not another f****ing Roman!

Maelinar 1:56 pm 19 Dec 06

is this a serious thread ?

Indi 1:36 pm 19 Dec 06

Tarquin deserves a ‘high quality’ education in the ACT, after all it has been expected since…whenever.

I’m a lazy traveller, so I would benefit greatly if little Tarquin, care of the ACT taxpayer, converses on my behalf when I take the annual family holiday to Tuscany because I put my child through a fully taxpayer funded school.

Heavens, I thought everyone knew about the gravy train that is a public education here with all the trimmings! Oh well, seems it may have come to an end so we all have to go looking other taxpayer funded ‘programs’ to emerse our little Tarquins in…

simto 1:26 pm 19 Dec 06

I’m sorry, but if you think your primary school-aged kid needs to be immersed in italian, then you really should be paying for it, rather than expecting everyone else to shell out so that Tarquin can converse with the locals next time you go to Tuscany…

aidan 1:08 pm 19 Dec 06


How is closing Melrose and making Lyons (the only immersion Italian Primary School in Canberra) a P-2 school going to improve the the education of kids in Chifley, Pearce and Lyons?

josh 12:35 pm 19 Dec 06

I’m not so sure it was a kid. Aren’t kids all ‘hay guyz i <3 myspace itz so kewl!!!!’.

In other news..

Dear Mr Prime Minister

My doggy died and I am really sad. Can’t you please bring it back because I’m sad and Santa won’t help! Mum says that he’s in puppy heaven but I think you can bring him back if you pray really hard!

Oh yeah, my school is closing too and that’s really sad.

josh 12:35 pm 19 Dec 06

I’m not so sure it was a kid. Aren’t kids all ‘hay guyz i

areaman 12:16 pm 19 Dec 06

What’s sad is giving kids substandard educations becuase you can’t afford to have all the schools at a high enough level, pushing those who can afford it into the private system and turning public schools into gettos for the poor and the expensive to teach.

Absent Diane 12:09 pm 19 Dec 06

to be honest this isnt even that cruel… it just putting kids on par with the rest of australia.. where yes they have to travel a little before they get to school. get over it.

Mr Evil 11:39 am 19 Dec 06

This is a good lesson for kids: life is cruel – get used to it!

Absent Diane 11:19 am 19 Dec 06

12 comments.. thats a pretty passionate response.

darkladywolf 11:19 am 19 Dec 06

What can be said? When you have irrational economic rationalism there’s no room for ‘people’. Or should we be called ‘resources’?

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