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The stormy south

By Bam Bam 5 November 2009 38

I thought these photos were worth sharing. I’m quite new to photography but have been enthusiastically snapping away lately with a Nikon D90. Last Saturday was one of the first hot days this Spring capped off with a nice thunderstorm. From my loungeroom in Banks I could see and hear the looming storm so quickly whisked my 3 yr old into the trusty family wagon and set off to attempt to get a decent vantage point from which to capture some of the awesome cloud formations quickly moving along the Lanyon Vallley. This first shot is a four shot photostitch with HDR treatment applied taken from the end of Olive Pink Cres in Banks looking in the direction of Lanyon Homestead.


I then jumped back in the car and headed out past Tharwa then along Tidbinbilla Rd where there’s a lookout (can’t recall the name of it). I then took this shot of the amazing scene including my daughter who was quite enthralled by all the thunder and strong wind:

Tharwa Storm

I then decided it was a bit to “lightningy” to hang around any longer so we made a timely retreat just before the rain hit.

I’m looking forward to more storms!

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The stormy south
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Skyring 12:40 pm 15 Nov 09

Great photographs. Especially the second one with a charming human presence.

I love driving down into Tuggeranong. Especially around dawn or dusk. It’s a dramatic landscape.

rob68 11:03 pm 06 Nov 09

does the weather guy still show local photos of weather? if so, the one with your daughter would be gold!

anonymous gungahlian 5:55 pm 06 Nov 09

I do not know a whole lot about photography, but I do like those photos. You have a very artistic way of capturing images Bam Bam. (=

Bam Bam 5:01 pm 06 Nov 09

Danman, I love your stuff. I’m already looking forward to the day I get my head around lowlight photography (shutter/aperture in relation to available/lightsource(s) etc). I HAVE mastered the art of capturing lots of black indistinguishable blurring though. 😉

Postalgeek 5:00 pm 06 Nov 09

Anyone who posts their creative efforts on a public forum should be prepared to receive constructive criticism. GhettoArt may not have been quite as tactful as some would like, but he/she has endeavored to provide a solution to the problem they have perceived.

And BamBam has had the grace to acknowledge the criticism and learn from it. It’s how people improve. Complements are great, but they do not lead to greatness, grasshopper.

Danman 4:55 pm 06 Nov 09

I am not a fan of HDR but I am not going to put down those who are.

Chances are everyone hates my low light industrial stylings anyway..

Something about stones and glass houses.

justin heywood 4:16 pm 06 Nov 09

GhettoArt said :

(Patronising gobbledygook)…..Instead, the HDR has resulted in heaps of blown highlights and colours that appear cartoonish on my calibrated monitor.

My monitor is not ‘calibrated’ (unless Harvey Norman does it for free). The photos don’t appear ‘cartoonish’ to me -maybe your ‘calibration’ is out of whack. (Or maybe you just wanted to demonstrate your photographic nerdness)

cross said :

It takes a really good shot to get noticed these days…The one with your daughter is great. The beauty of nature and innocence well done.


Pommy bastard 3:52 pm 06 Nov 09

babyface said :

^this, hdr is way way overused.

Digital photography is way over used, you should have used 35 mm Kodachrome, but that was totaly overused too, maybe you should have oil painted it, or drawn it on a cave wall with chalk….

FFS! The guy is not claiming it to be a major piece of work, just a couple of HDR shots he’s (justifiably in my view) proud of…

babyface 3:46 pm 06 Nov 09

GhettoArt said :

Sorry but unless you have a properly colour managed system and know how to do proper 32bit tone mapping, just try taking decent shots. A very nice result could be achieved using a Graduated ND filter in this type of situation. Instead, the HDR has resulted in heaps of blown highlights and colours that appear cartoonish on my calibrated monitor.

I will however commend the composition of both shots which is great.

^this, hdr is way way overused.

cross 2:37 pm 06 Nov 09

It takes a really good shot to get noticed these days and these are really good
The one with your daughter is great. The beauty of nature and innocence well done.

As for ghettoArt WTF?

RatsNest 1:30 pm 06 Nov 09

They’re brilliant shots.
Now all you need to do is get the one with your daughter printed onto canvas and you have xmas pressies for the grandparents sorted.

GnT 11:46 am 06 Nov 09

Incredible – love the one with your little girl.

Shoot2Thrill 11:36 am 06 Nov 09

Really great photo’s, thanks very much for sharing!

Pommy bastard 11:29 am 06 Nov 09

Bam Bam,

the D90 should have an “auto bracketing” facility on it. You can set this to shoot Exp +1 stop -1 stop , or Exp +2 stops -2stops, and in between. I use this on my Canon. When used with “continuous shooting” mode for the shutter, it negates the need for a tripod.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

deezagood 9:46 am 06 Nov 09

You could do this for a living! I would LOVE a similar photo … but with my daughter instead of yours (although your is just gorgeous!) 🙂

Bam Bam 11:48 pm 05 Nov 09

Thank you for all your wonderful comments.

pommy: I shoot everything in raw as it makes it easier to do single shot HDR style images. I would bracket but you really need a tripod to get the best results and most days (certainly this one with an impatient 3yr old in the car) I just shoot hand held for convenience’ sake. plus each of these panos are made up of 4 shots each which would have meant bracketing each of the 4 shots which all seemed a bit complicated for lazy me (although I did consider it)

Thoroughly Smashed: Great analogy

GhettoArt: Thanks for the feedback on my composition. I’m also now keen to learn how to properly tonemap a 32bit image and get my monitor calibrated. Can you recommend any good resources?

busgirl 10:21 pm 05 Nov 09

I think they are fabulous pics BB. What a gift you have.

imhotep 7:40 pm 05 Nov 09

Stunning photos Bam Bam. I would buy the lower one.

I can’t wait to see Ghetto’s. Apparently, they’re apparently even better! Post away, mate, don’t be shy.

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