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The stormy south

By Bam Bam - 5 November 2009 38

I thought these photos were worth sharing. I’m quite new to photography but have been enthusiastically snapping away lately with a Nikon D90. Last Saturday was one of the first hot days this Spring capped off with a nice thunderstorm. From my loungeroom in Banks I could see and hear the looming storm so quickly whisked my 3 yr old into the trusty family wagon and set off to attempt to get a decent vantage point from which to capture some of the awesome cloud formations quickly moving along the Lanyon Vallley. This first shot is a four shot photostitch with HDR treatment applied taken from the end of Olive Pink Cres in Banks looking in the direction of Lanyon Homestead.


I then jumped back in the car and headed out past Tharwa then along Tidbinbilla Rd where there’s a lookout (can’t recall the name of it). I then took this shot of the amazing scene including my daughter who was quite enthralled by all the thunder and strong wind:

Tharwa Storm

I then decided it was a bit to “lightningy” to hang around any longer so we made a timely retreat just before the rain hit.

I’m looking forward to more storms!

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38 Responses to
The stormy south
Dazzlar 3:24 pm 05 Nov 09

Gorgeous amazing photos but I thought you’d be taller!

PBO 2:45 pm 05 Nov 09

I love those photo’s.

Swaggie 2:36 pm 05 Nov 09

“other kids have Dads who take them to Maccas…. mine takes me out to take pictures of clouds…” 🙂

Pommy bastard 2:09 pm 05 Nov 09

Excellent use of HDR, the one with the small child in is first rate.

(Though I must admit to being a “purist” (anal) and thinking they would be better done bracketed.)

Did you do them from RAW, or jpeg/tiff? I shoot exculsively in RAW these days.

Where do we send images these days? I sent a couple, a short while back, but they were either no good, or I sent them to the wrong address…

Grrrr 1:58 pm 05 Nov 09

smilesr – it’s a technique to capture an image where the range of brightness (luminosity) in the picture is too great for the sensor (or film) to show details in all parts. IE, some would otherwise be blacked out and/or other parts washed out. It’s like reducing contrast, but more complex…

The example on this page will make it obvious to you:

smilesr 1:23 pm 05 Nov 09

I’m trying to get my head around this HDR as I’m old school. Is it kind of like using infrared film with a red filter? (like the image is picking up some frequencies that we humans can’t see and then max-ing them out?) Or is it like playing around with exposures using high contrast/ high saturation film (except not film???)?

Thoroughly Smashed 10:51 am 05 Nov 09

Bam Bam said :

the HDR purists will tell you that it isn’t true HDR unless you perform exposure bracketing.

To be fair to the “purists” that’s not because they’re excessively anal, it’s because the technique isn’t HDR in any sense of the term. It’s a bit like calling rayon “silk” just because it looks and feels similar.

They’re not bad images, but I’m not a big fan of the tone mapping.

rosebud 10:39 am 05 Nov 09

These are amazing – almost 3d in quality! I feel like I am with your daughter as she is running around. Lovely.

p1 10:31 am 05 Nov 09

I like the second one. The child and the storm clouds… excellent.

Special G 10:16 am 05 Nov 09

All the technical camera talk has me confused but I know a photo I like. Great shots.

Bam Bam 9:26 am 05 Nov 09

Thanks guys. the D90’s great… and I’m also still working out how to use it. Astrosapien if you google Flickr+Hubomb you’ll find my profile where you can send me an email address via mail and i’d be happy to shoot you a higher rez version.

The (pseudo) HDR was done in Photomatix Pro. I say pseudo because the photo was generated from a single TIF (after stitching in PS) the HDR purists will tell you that it isn’t true HDR unless you perform exposure bracketing. This wasn’t possible as it is a 4 shot stitch but most of my HDR images are from a single image. There are heaps of tutorials online via “single image HDR”. Check it out. it’s quite easy and I get cool results from my relatively plain ‘out of camera’ shots.

There was also a bit of correction and masking done in PS to tone down the HDR effect in certain areas of each image.

lobster 9:10 am 05 Nov 09

What program did you use to do the HDR?

astrosapien 8:35 am 05 Nov 09

That top photo is SPECTACULAR!! How would I go about getting a Hi-Res copy from you… It needs to be my desktop bg!!

Err, if that’s ok with you…?

dusty 8:26 am 05 Nov 09

Great photos! I have a D40 and love it, was very impressed by your photography! Go Nikon!

trevar 7:53 am 05 Nov 09

Wow! Incredible photos! I just bought a D90 too, and am also snapping away merrily, but I’m still learning and it will take me a while to learn to do things as impressive as that!

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