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Things have changed – Finally explained

By johnboy - 25 January 2010 42

[First filed: Jan 24, 2010 @ 17:35]

There has been a lot of interest around town as to the whys and wherefores of the “Things Have Changed” ads running on late night TV promoting the sides of Canberra normally only recorded here on RiotACT.

AlexCoble has come to the party, youtubing it, and posting this explanation:

Hi everyone, I’m a first timer to RiotAct – my friend sent me this link as I was part of the team to actually create the “Things have Changed” ad. I have now uploaded it to YouTube;

A local woman by the name of Wendy Breakwell wanted to appeal to the 18-25 year old market with this ad, making Canberra look more urban and grungy. The ad was created by Neon Productions and Cre8ive. We worked on it over the course of a year while Wendy was trying to get the campaign noticed. She has put it up on Go! and wants it to eventually become a nation wide campaign for Canberra. The version on YouTube is a previous one with the shots of “brodburger van”and the “number plate”, as these were only added recently by an outside source.

To contact the team who produced the ad, please email

I am now involved in a company called LightShadow Studios as well as DV Australia who can supply filming, editing, photography, animation, training, graphic design and web design.



So there we go.

The Things Have Changed Ad

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42 Responses to
Things have changed – Finally explained
troll-sniffer 10:47 am 25 Jan 10

“as to the whys and wherefores”

Wherefore doth mean why, in truth, so thou hast stated simply put: ‘as to the whys and whys’.

Forsooth, this may have been thine intention but I harbour some doubts.

Aye, ’tis nitpicking I grant thee, but standards must be maintained or heaven knows to what depths this society will plummet.

tillyard 10:23 am 25 Jan 10

Things have changed.. for the worse. The ad makes me want to migrate to Queanbeyan. It’s just embarassing!

I’m 22 years old, in the middle of that target age group. I don’t see the appeal at all and really don’t understand why we are trying to attract thugs to our city with the cool, hip, grungy, darkness and graffiti.. If that’s what most people my age want, somebody get me out of my generation and fast!!!

Skidbladnir 10:04 am 25 Jan 10

Honeycomb is a fracking alpaca.
Llamas and alpacas are different things, but you couldn’t fit an adult male llama in a Mazda 121.
But he gets taken around the place to visit patients at hospices (like Clair Holland House) and other health services.
He is nice.

ABC Interview with the owner, Nils Lantzke
Article from “That’s Life” magazine

lobster 9:19 am 25 Jan 10

Good to see the Llama in the 121 bubble car got put in there…
I thought that the owner got in trouble for transporting it that way?

molongloid 12:19 am 25 Jan 10

…so the advert is selling Canberra to 18-25 year olds? From elsewhere? To make them want to move to Canberra? Wow.

Hey everyone! Look! Our CBD looks as stark and alienating as yours does now. Come move here.

necrocelia 12:13 am 25 Jan 10

the best bit is “your local grass dealer” at 1:38

no.6 11:30 pm 24 Jan 10

that is so shallow.

urchin 11:13 pm 24 Jan 10

did i miss something, is canberra suffering from a massive population decline? as i recall canberra pop is growing at the highest rate in the nation and has some of the highest housing costs in the nation… why advertise for *more* people to move to canberra?

make it a little more livable for the current residents first. how many hours did you wait last time you went to the emergency room? seriously, in the nations capital this is the best we can do?

stop pissing away money on image and focus on the reality, i reckon.

liked the soundtrack tho.

molongloid 10:56 pm 24 Jan 10

But what’s the advert for? What’s being sold and who’s buying? Straight question. Not being sarcastic or cynical. Just want to know.

astrojax 9:29 pm 24 Jan 10

what’s changed? canberra was this funky when i came here in the late eighties – just had to squint a bit to see it…

areaman 9:03 pm 24 Jan 10

Interesting idea, but obviously way too long, and the production values aren’t high enough to run nationally. I also think it’s a tiny bit naff, when anyone is working so hard to say they are cool they must, by definition, not be.

Kill the narrative, reshoot about 30 seconds of the most interesting footage and use a different song, it could be good.

tillyard 7:22 pm 24 Jan 10

Yes.. People are crazy indeed. 😉

sunshine 7:03 pm 24 Jan 10

unfortunately this is the first time i’ve actually seen the AD Campaign – heard all about it on here but never seen it. Thanks for posting it – it’s a pretty cool ad – i’m impressed.

Dazzlar 6:53 pm 24 Jan 10

When was the ad shot I wonder? I think I saw that llama being walked in the rose gardens of Parkes only a few weeks ago!

trevar 6:00 pm 24 Jan 10

This needed explanation?

Who was stupid enough to not get it simply by watching it?

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