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Third police officer charged over watch house capsicum spray

By johnboy - 2 May 2007 24

The ABC is is reporting that a *THIRD* police officer has been charged “over alleged assaults at the City Watch House involving capsicum spray”.

Nothing to see here?

UPDATED: The SMH has much more on this including the names of the officers. (thanks to DavidM)

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24 Responses to
Third police officer charged over watch house capsicum spray
DJ 8:42 pm 02 May 07

There have always been consequences for a persons actions be they the public or police. To think otherwise is naive and narrow minded.

On 4 Corners ages ago I saw in QLD there was an Officer who wore something like what farq describes. I don’t like the idea. How many layers of accountability do there need to be. In what other profession is there such scrutiny? Would the civil libs be keen to have everything recorded? For all those who are just anti everything (including Police), before you arc up, would you accept this in your job/profession?

Should water cooler conversations be recorded? I know of some Police who record conversations on digital recorders – this has enraged some members of the public. Imagine a video camera being carried everywhere? You could point out simple traffic offences to the offender and without doubt they would still argue the point. Where does it stop?

farq 7:21 pm 02 May 07

And to complete my triple post (always think of more to say!), I promise not to call anyone names as long as they debate my points reasonably.

I wrote the above rant after my second glass of red-wine for the night. So it might be a little over the place.

If my argument sounds full of shit, show me why.

Tackle the point, not the man.

farq 7:11 pm 02 May 07

I’d like to hear Teddy_Bears’ comments on this issue.

farq 7:08 pm 02 May 07

It’s hard to comment on the case right now, not much information can or should be released while it’s still before the courts.

I’m glad that procedures were in place to gather the necessary evidence against this assault. My worry is that it was only detected because the watch house has security cameras (I’d be interested to know if the assault was first reported, or if internal means picked it up?).

If it was up to me, I’d deck all cops out in a ‘all-of-shift recording device’, so evidence of this sort of behavior can be gathered in situations outside the watch house.

This would be very big benefit to cops (IMHO). Vexatious and/or false complaints can be dismissed via the evidence on the recordings. Once people know cops are equipped like this, I don’t imagine anything else but a reduction in false reports (which really hurt good cops; reputations).

It would also be useful in court proceedings, allowing the court to view the entire police/suspect interactions. For good cops, this would be a great help. For naughty cops, this would force them to change their way of interacting with their ‘clients’.

Also, those people who have serious complains of un-professional conduct would be ably to apply for access to only those parts of the recordings that relate to their interactions with that cop.

I imagine these recordings would prove invaluable to the anti-corruption task forces within the AFP.

If the recording is not requested within a period of months or years, it can be deleted.

It’s would not be an attempt to spy on cops.. It’s a method of ensuring that police evidence is of the highest quality, while providing improved protection to the public from unprofessional conduct.

As I see it, this would be a win/win, both for the police and the citizens.

There is some privacy issues involved for the cops (maybe VG or ilk could enlighten us on some of the in-shift privacy issues us laymen would be unaware of, such as taking a shit, or popping to McDonalds). But In balance the amount of trust and power we give them as officers (and the accountability we demand) should be more important. Besides a lot of retail and bank employees spend their entire shift under CCTV cams, why should police be any different?

Last time I posted, I got into a flame war (pretty much with VG). As much as I found the last one stimulating, I think the tragic recent events within the AFP should prevent us from getting too vitriolic.

What do people think?

Blamemonkey 4:29 pm 02 May 07

FC How much of this do you actually know about??
Do you know when the incidents occurred?
The media are reporting that AFP officers have assaulted people, but there is a lot more to the process that they haven’t revealed.

Danman 4:25 pm 02 May 07

If someone is bashing their own head in on the steel poles that form a cell – to the point of them bleeding all over the place – and they are proving erratic and a danger to themselves and anyone who may go near them – what do you suggest to an officer that is untrained in this type of situation ?

Orally administer a sedative… yeahhh right….. or maybe cruel to be kind and use the pepper spray to drop them for their own good.

This situation is purely made up by me – but it goes to show there may be more than the media is reporting (at BRC at least)

Maelinar 4:02 pm 02 May 07

VY, VG is generally silent on matters that involve the police directly.

FC 3:41 pm 02 May 07

“This is a witch hunt! The AFP is trying to cover their own arse by stitching up Police officers just doing their job. ”
sorry to break it to you, but unnecessarily spraying people with capsicum spray is assault and not “just doing their job”
Just because you are a police officer doesn’t give you unlimited rights to do what you want. These people are employed to enforce the law and should therefore should have serious consequences when they break it

Blamemonkey 3:33 pm 02 May 07

This is a witch hunt! The AFP is trying to cover their own arse by stitching up Police officers just doing their job.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 3:22 pm 02 May 07

Where is VG on this? Been strangely silent recently.

DavidM 2:42 pm 02 May 07
la mente torbida 1:32 pm 02 May 07

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johnboy 11:10 am 02 May 07

Serving at the time of the alleged offence works for me Caf.

caf 10:49 am 02 May 07

Well for former police, anyway.

FC 10:41 am 02 May 07

It is good to see that there are still some consequence for police in this town.

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