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This is an angry rant about Bunnings warehouse.

By thy_dungeonman 5 September 2012 64

Why does Bunnings warehouse promote customer service so much in their ads when really it is totally crap at the actual stores?. This is my experience anyway. Prepare for a long and boring story and feel free call me a typical Canberra whinger and ask if I have taken my medication (I didn’t when this happened).

So I went to Bunnings in Tuggernong to get 2 things, a foam floor mat and a rack with hooks to hang tools from the wall. First I went to the tool section, which works in the following way: There is one person at the counter who is young and knows absolutely nothing about the tools, they simply scan bar-codes and crane their necks helplessly to find the the person who does know about tools but is usually busy performing some task or helping someone else (since he has useful information he is high demand). He told me they didn’t have much in the way of tool racks but that they would be next to the tool belts. They weren’t there, there was nothing remotely resembling a tool rack near the tool belts so I went into a random aisle and I found another teenager who racked with self doubt told me it might be in homewares.

There I found lots of shelving units but no hook boards or racks. Despite the fact that one aisle listed “garage storage” on the sign it was full of bedroom wardrobes. I briefly gave up on the racks since I had found the floor mats although they weren’t the kind I was after so I sought someone nearby to question about mats. There were lots of people pushing pallet jack full of stuff around but the didn’t seem interested in helping me. Twice employees popped out of an isle behind me and said hello but disappeared before I could reply.

I finally found a random employee in an aisle and he was able to tell me that they had pegboard in the timber section. On my way I found the foam mat. When I got to he pegboard I found that it only came in unliftable sized sheets so I went to find a trolley, I found one of the standard ones but there were also other trolleys designed for sheets but these seemed to be only in use by employees to cart around things for shelving. I hoped that if I found an employee they might use one these to help me but the guy I found just put it on my trolley and took it to the end of the aisle unsuccessfully avoiding hitting everything on either side of the huge board. Given that Bunnings is such a huge store it seems reasonable to expect that customer will want to know where certain things are and whatever department someone is in they should at least have basic knowledge of the other areas.

I realize there were problems with this shop but the incompetence at the (only open) checkout counter, was something amazing. There was no bar-code on the floor mat or the pegboard. So the teenager at the checkout had to phone up homewares and timber to get a price, in the meantime she asked the price of the mat which I told her was $20 and had to ask the lady greeting people at the door what exactly this thing was called. She also joked to the other lady that “she was really bad at her job” gee no kidding, it took about 20 minutes to get through the checkout. The large sheet of pegboard wouldn’t fit in my car so I wheeled it over to the timber cutting area where I met someone who seemed to genuinely wanted to help and he cut up the timber nice and quick. Overall the whole process was worse than the time I tried to find black eyed peas at woolworths (it took me an hour to get them to tell me they didn’t have them).

What annoys me most is that despite having customer service coming out of my ears on my resume from working in hospitality. I’m finding it difficult to get a retail job because they want retail experience. Yet Bunnings is happy to hire teenagers who haven’t experienced a coherent thought, maybe I should try applying there. I would go to magnet mart but they have equally bad service (that’s another story) and the same limited product range. We really need another brand of hardware store in Canberra. Now go ahead and tell me to take some concrete and harden up, but just don’t ask me to get it from Bunnings.

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This is an angry rant about Bunnings warehouse.
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jimbo41 4:39 pm 05 Aug 17

I wanted a sealant for my truck tailgate.
Went to bunnings for a sample bit of rope.
as no customer service i got my knife out and cut a 10cm piece.
When i walked out i was stopped by a anti theft guy and
ordered to go back inside (or call the cops).
I ended up paying for the bit of robe for a whole 10 cents (wesfarmers made $2 billion in 2016).
Another time i wanted a length of carpet cut.
Laid down on the carpets and fell asleep for 3 hours (my phone woke me up).

steeltrojan 6:49 pm 09 Sep 16

Easy as don’t shop there they only care about profits…

DayJen 5:01 pm 18 Oct 15

It is from my observation that Bunnings routinely employ the least experienced staff for the job and persons who have no experience in customer service.
I have loads of customer service experience from running my own retail business but I never even got an interview at a new Bunnings store.
The staff they employed are very rude and discriminatory.
I suppose the pay must be really low that’s why they are disgruntled employees.

Brucee 4:36 pm 18 Sep 15

Bunnings is just as bad in New Zealand. Paid for two sets of ceramic taps they had none in store took 3 days to get from another store. Soon found out they were not ceramic, they said not a problem they will get me some inserts for the 4 taps so I can fix them as long as I take the other inserts back. that was another 2 days. First time I have ever had to repair new taps. Not sure if I should take the other parts back to them not like I will ever shop there again.

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