Three Canberra scientists win 2010 Eureka Prizes

Gungahlin Al 23 August 2010 2

The Eureka Prize is Australia’s highest science award, and this year the awards for two categories have gone to Canberra scientists working out of ANU and one working out of UC (quotes below from the respective uni media releases).

David Lindemayer won the prize for Environmental Research: “recognises his investigations into carbon storage in old-growth forests. Over almost three decades the world-renowned forest ecologist and conservation biologist has made significant and original contributions to forest biodiversity conservation and management.” (When managing Landcare in Holbrook, we used David’s Focal Species methodology as the basis of much of our revegetation work.)

Rowena Martin won the prize for Early Career Research: “recognises her work uncovering resistance in malaria parasites to the anti-malarial drug cholroquine. Her research has now opened up new possibilities for future malaria treatment.”

Tony Peacock won the prize for Promoting Understanding of Science for his work for the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre: “recognises his efforts to investigate and communicate the devastating effect feral animals have on Australia’s environment.”

(Kind of funny that one (David) is a leading Australia birdo, and the other two are named after birds…)

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2 Responses to Three Canberra scientists win 2010 Eureka Prizes
Alex B Alex B 10:32 am 24 Aug 10

Even more ironic is the fact that the staff members at the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre, where Prof Tony Peacock holds position as CEO, have been evacuated from their offices at the University of Canberra. This was due to a feral pigeon invasion. The pigeons have been nesting in the roof cavity and ‘signs’ of the pigeons (dander, feathers, pigeon lice etc) have been filtering through the cracks of the roof into the office. The assault has resulted in Peacock getting a fungal infection in his eyes. Perhaps the next RiotACT headline should be: ‘Feral Pigeons Ruffle Peacock’s Feathers’!

cleo cleo 10:31 pm 23 Aug 10

Well done all, I hope Rowena has found possibilities for future malaia treatment, and that there are no side effects, you can overdose on choiroquine with fatal consequences eg: death, and also it affects your ears, eg: ringing in the ears, and malaprim affects women, which causes lumps in the breasts, you can also become very ill, headaches, lack of concentration.

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