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Todd Carney has done it again…

By Canfan - 29 June 2014 49


Todd Carney has been caught up in yet another scandal. This time a photo was posted overnight that showed the troubled Cronulla star urinating in his own mouth.

Reports are circulating that the Cronulla board have just acted to the news which has been sweeping social media all morning. Carney has been reportedly sacked.

A search on RiotACT using the phrase ‘Todd Carney‘ brings up a list of his indiscretions over the years.

UPDATE – 5.33pm
A statement has been issued by the Cronulla Sharks CEO Steve Noyce confirming that Todd Carney’s contract has been terminated with immediate effect.

Follow the latest news on the Carney situation…

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49 Responses to
Todd Carney has done it again…
dungfungus 8:43 pm 29 Jun 14

Postalgeek said :

‘Taking the p$ss’ goes to a whole new level.

Who leaked it anyway?

He was facing an uphill battle.

VicePope 8:20 pm 29 Jun 14

A disclaimer first. I don’t know Todd Carney, I’m not a shrink and I don’t give the patootie of a rat about rugby league.
There’s no question that some of his reported indiscretions have been examples of what no adult, or well-behaved child, should ever do. No sane and sober person would want to be in the same postcode as Todd Carney in full cry.
But, I have to ask, why does he do this stuff? I have previously held to an “entitled child” theory – he has been a remarkably talented rugby league player from a young age, paid amounts beyond the dreams of most people, so he’s never been told that he should not do anything he wants to do. It’s an easy pop-psych answer.
This latest event has made me question that characterisation and come up with something a touch more disturbing. When he unleashes the inner ratbag, one of two things happen. Either he’s forgiven (“that’s just the way Todd is”, “you have to accept the Hyde with the Jekyll” etc) and gets the warmth of being loved despite himself or he gets the equivalent of a public beating and humiliation. Getting sacked from one NRL team seems hard (unless it’s the Raiders and the player is manoeuvring to be sacked so he can got to the Roosters or the Sharks) but getting sacked from three suggests that that kind of rejection is what he’s looking for at some level.
In other words, he wants to be punished, and frankly, that’s not a sign of a really healthy mind. Get him to one of the funny doctors, please, someone. Just in case.

grunge_hippy 7:37 pm 29 Jun 14

I wonder how long before this act is renamed “the carny” and replicated at the moose by like minded dunderheads.

Postalgeek 7:36 pm 29 Jun 14

‘Taking the p$ss’ goes to a whole new level.

Who leaked it anyway?

Pork Hunt 7:08 pm 29 Jun 14

Seriously, how can he ever walk into an Australian pub ever again?

Canfan 6:52 pm 29 Jun 14

UPDATE: @Cronulla_Sharks CEO Steve Noyce has confirmed that Todd Carney has been sacked from the club.

milkman 6:38 pm 29 Jun 14

What a total d$#khead. The guy just doesn’t get it.

joingler 6:26 pm 29 Jun 14

I don’t see the big deal. It is quite obvious he got stung by a jellyfish on the tongue and was practising the appropriate first aid

fabforty 6:18 pm 29 Jun 14

The man is a moron.

bundah 6:15 pm 29 Jun 14

The golden boy both on and off the field….

mr reason 6:09 pm 29 Jun 14

Bear Grills?

Antagonist 6:08 pm 29 Jun 14

I still remember a video of a chimpanzee doing the same thing at a zoo. And it was just as funny then too!

Holden Caulfield 6:00 pm 29 Jun 14

What a p%sser.

dungfungus 5:28 pm 29 Jun 14

Canfan said :

UPDATE: @Cronulla_Sharks CEO Steve Noyce is denying reports that Todd Carney has been sacked by the club. Watch this space.

This would be a terrible shame for Carney who had a blinder of a game on Friday night against the Broncos. I was thinking then “this lad has turned the corner at last”.

Canfan 5:08 pm 29 Jun 14

UPDATE: @Cronulla_Sharks CEO Steve Noyce is denying reports that Todd Carney has been sacked by the club. Watch this space.

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