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Tony Abbott’s Acts of Bastardry Part I

By 54-11 - 22 September 2013 183

I thought I would start a series of Tony Abbott’s Acts of Bastardry, so that there is a running record of all the unconscionable things that he gets up to over the next three (hopefully no longer) years.

1. Sacking of Steve Bracks.  This nasty action by Abbott’s equally nasty Julie Bishop flies in the face of what happened when there was the last change of colour of government.  Back in 2007, Labor inherited Amada Vanstone’s appointment to Italy and later appointed Brendan Nelson and Tim Fischer to diplomatic roles.  A petty and nasty act by a petty and nasty PM and Foreign Minister.

2. Hiding of Boat Arrivals. Abbott and the equally small-minded Scott Morrison have decided that the best way of “stopping the boats” is to stop telling us if and when they arrive.  Under the previous government, the ALP directly announced to the media every time a boat was intercepted in Australian waters.  Not Morrison – he thinks hiding the figures will make the problem go away.

3. Claiming a mandate – Abbott is continuing to claim that he has a mandate for everything he wants to do, despite the fact that he didn’t release his economic policy until 2 days before the election, which was even after many people had done pre-poll voting. After the 2007 election, Abbott said that then Opposition Leader “Brendan Nelson is right to resist the intellectual bullying inherent in talk of “mandates”. The elected opposition is no less entitled than the elected government to exercise judgement and to try to keep its election commitments”.

4. Threatening to overturn any ACT gay marriage change – Abbott is siccing his small-minded A-G George Brandis onto the ACT if it should have the temerity to approve the democratic wishes of the ACT people.  Like Abbott’s hero, John Howard, who overturned the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act of the Northern Territory in 1996, five months after it came into force.

Abbott is a nasty man who leads an already equally nasty government.

What’s Your opinion?

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183 Responses to
Tony Abbott’s Acts of Bastardry Part I
WillowJim 5:04 pm 22 Sep 13

Masquara said :

Re 3: Labor released their economic policies the evening before two elections – 24 hours LATER than the coalition.

You may be right on points 1 and 2 (and I confess I don’t think much about point 4) but I think you’re confused about “economic policies”. You may be being a little misleading, too.

Did you mean costings? If so, yes, Labor did not release all of its costings before the election. However, the Liberals released no costings. Their very brief document does not count: it contains neither costings under the Charter of Budget Honesty, nor costings by the Parliamentary Budget Office (which the Libs helped to create), nor does it contain any hints as to the methodologies used. It is a useless document, because it cannot be used to hold the government to account.

Labor’s costings that were published (some weeks before the Coalition’s document was released) at least had some details. Also, we can judge Labor by its budget documents (the May budget and the Economic Statement).

If you meant economic policies, we know all about Labor’s approach: see the budget papers and the positions taken by the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd governments.

We have no idea what the Coalition’s economic policies are. It heavily criticised Labor’s “debt crisis” and “budget crisis” but apparently wishes to worsen the government’s fiscal situation by removing revenue (carbon and mining taxes). I don’t expect much from oppositions, but the problem with the Coalition’s evasion of a fair and transparent costings process is we now have no means of holding it to account for breaching its stated policies, because it didn’t detail them.

PantsMan 3:42 pm 22 Sep 13

Clearly, 54-11’s leftard brain is melting. Too much spare time on his/her CSS super to ingest crazed Labor/Green propaganda.

I’m surprised he/she forgot sacking the Climate Commission, which was headed by Tim Flannery who espouses a strange environmental religion/enviro-socialist new world order:

Or Abbott’s announcement that Dr Parkinson would no longer head Treasury, despite Dr Parkinson (apolitical public servant) said that he would walk if his pet scheme, the carbon tax, was repealed:

miz 3:18 pm 22 Sep 13

I too thought Mr Bracks’s sacking was ‘not cricket’.

On the subject of Mr Abbott’s penchants, Samantha Maiden’s Sunday Tele article, ‘Abbott and Costello’s battle of young turks’ is interesting – it states that Mr Costello thought Mr Abbott to be ‘a DLP stooge and an economic illiterate.’
The next few years will be interesting times. Probably, for Canberra, in the Chinese curse sense.
BTW I was bequeathed the Tele from a departing guest . . . I would never willingly contribute to Mr Murdoch’s cred-free empire!

milkman 3:08 pm 22 Sep 13

Labor and the Greens had 6 years to get some goood stuff done, and yeah they did a few good things but they also wasted an enormous amount of resources on BS, and this is why they were kicked unceremoniously out of government.

FXST01 2:52 pm 22 Sep 13

Oh goody more Tony Abbott bashing – YAWN

Masquara 2:49 pm 22 Sep 13

wildturkeycanoe said :

Masquara, please read – “Mr Bracks was appointed to the role in May and was due to start work in the US financial capital this week.” source –
Where do you get your information from?

How about focusing on the real issues. Bracks was still in Australia and had not taken up the position. He had not left Australia. Now, back to the issue of non-representation by women, and leave the very privileged and eminently employable Steve Bracks to find another job (which should take his network about half a day).

wildturkeycanoe 2:39 pm 22 Sep 13

Masquara, please read – “Mr Bracks was appointed to the role in May and was due to start work in the US financial capital this week.” source –
Where do you get your information from?

Blen_Carmichael 2:11 pm 22 Sep 13

>> Like Abbott’s hero, John Howard, who overturned the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act of the Northern Territory in 1996, five months after it came into force.<<

Just a few corrections. First, it was repealed in 1997, not 1996. Second, it was the Federal Parliament, not John Howard, that overturned the legislation. Third, it resulted from a private member's bill, although no doubt it had Howard's blessing. Fourth, various members of Labor and LNP voted for and against the Andrews bill.

beejay76 12:31 pm 22 Sep 13
Diggety 12:30 pm 22 Sep 13

Best take some stress leave then.

But seriously, the Left have banging on about how evil Tony Abbott is for years now, and most of it has turned out to be exaggerated bullshit, or just bullshit.

The Libs got my No. 1 in the HoR partly because there wasn’t much choice, and partly because I realised he Abbott isn’t the devil incarnate.

You guys need another tact.

HiddenDragon 12:27 pm 22 Sep 13

The very early signs are that TA is going to disappoint the more rabid right-wingers, so this list might not be quite as long as expected, even if his tenure proves to be more enduring than you fear.

zig 12:13 pm 22 Sep 13

Libs are in, Abbott is Australia’s PM.
Labor/Greens will get their turn again.
Why not just get over it and live your life.

Masquara 11:17 am 22 Sep 13

Re 1: I wouldn’t put Steve Brack’s disappointment up as a major issue. He hadn’t yet taken up the job.

Re 2: It’s quite possible that Labor announcing “successful arrivals” one by one was playing into people-smugglers’ hands all along.

Re 3: Labor released their economic policies the evening before two elections – 24 hours LATER than the coalition.

Re 4: Julia Gillard was anti gay marriage, remember? Abbott has not ruled out a conscience vote. See my earlier response re the ACT Govt and gay marriage – Katie is playing into Abbott’s hands, he would like nothing more than to see the issue off the table and where it belongs – in the liberal “don’t interfere in people’s private lives” arena, and legal.

Interesting that you haven’t raised the REAL issue with Abbott: where are the women in Cabinet? Where are the next-generation women, who should be learning as Cabinet secretaries? THAT is the disgrace of the Abbott Government. (And why isn’t everyone’s darling, Malcolm Turnbull, commenting on that issue?)

banco 10:58 am 22 Sep 13

Typical Canberra greens voter.

johnboy 10:27 am 22 Sep 13

I always thought a media release on every single boat arrival was bad policy and created a sense of crisis where none was needed.

We don’t announce every backpacker overstaying their visa.

If Labor had made less fanfare for every boat the issue could have been handled with a lot more human decency IMHO.

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