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asp 1 September 2007 17

Well, anyone who knows about the trials and tribulations of Canberra’s most upstanding citizen *choke* Amber Jane Westin would already know that she has a problem. In fact, she’s got several. After having her sentence increased to 7 months in custody for smuggling drugs into jail while on weekend detention, she is now trying to get out early by appealing to the ACT Court of Appeals on medical grounds. She claims she will not receive the treatment she needs in jail. Full story here.

Seven months for a life of drug abuse and killing someone while driving dangerously and she wants a early mark to go home. And what treatment? To my knowledge, there is no cure yet for stupidity.

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17 Responses to Westin has a problem
Pandy Pandy 12:38 pm 23 Mar 08

The ho is dead perchance from an OD?

mjp2 mjp2 4:51 am 23 Mar 08

Anyone have an update on AJW?

sepi sepi 2:17 pm 05 Sep 07

VP unfortunately most people do not ever get over their substance abuse issues. The most likely outcome is that she never will either.

We should spend a lot more on rehabilitation of anyone who shows any interest in getting off drugs. But it’s not a popular cause.

bonfire bonfire 1:07 pm 05 Sep 07

‘Scullin, is appealing against her imprisonment on the grounds the Magistrates Court’s sentence was excessive.’

maybe we could strap her into a car and let someone else drive into her at 100kmh while high on god knows what.

she wants fairness…

jackal jackal 11:40 am 05 Sep 07

The Canberra Times had this:

Westin asks for jail release to get treatment for infection
1 September 2007

Jailed mother Amber Westin, who was locked up for seven months for killing an elderly woman in a car crash while evading police, and later breaching a good-behaviour order could become infertile if she did not receive treatment for an infection, a court was told yesterday.
Westin asked the ACT Supreme Court to release her on compassionate grounds so she could receive medical treatment she did not believe she could access in prison.
Westin, 22, of Scullin, is appealing against her imprisonment on the grounds the Magistrates Court’s sentence was excessive. After Chief Justice Terence Higgins had all but dismissed her appeal yesterday, she produced a medical examination report which said she was suffering from a cervical infection.
”I recently had a pap smear which showed I have an infection of the cervix, which will require a colposcopy,” she said.
”If it’s not addressed, it could wreck my long-term fertility.”
Westin said she was representing herself because she was refused legal aid.

She told Justice Higgins she did not think she would get the necessary treatment at the NSW prison where she was an inmate, in Berrima. The judge granted her leave to admit the medical report as evidence and adjourned proceedings for a fortnight to give her time to collect material to support her claim.
Westin said she asked her doctor to provide a letter for the court, but the doctor refused.
”She [the doctor] seems to think [the treatment] will happen in custody but I’ve been told otherwise because there is a shortage of staff.”

Scott Scott 3:48 am 04 Sep 07

Another oxygen thief – a good example for making abortion retrospective. Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, the raving mad ACT judges seem to be inclined to let the dangerous idiots out into the community at every opportunity … what a bunch of weirdos!

hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 11:24 pm 03 Sep 07

She is in prison, where she gets better medical care than 90% of the population. No medical bills, no gap payment. She probably gets better medical care than her kids currently do, and she wants to be released so she can get better medical care.

Bull. If she was not in prison, she would be seeing whatever doctor was available at the belco hospital.

asp asp 12:49 pm 03 Sep 07

“I hope her uterus turns black and falls out!”

Great mental image there. I choked on my coffee.

VicePope VicePope 11:44 am 03 Sep 07

OK. I’ll play the naive person here.

AJW did some stupid and dangerous things, which have been recited ad nauseam, but she’s obviously got problems. At some point, it’s likely she’ll get over any substance issues. At that point, her reintegration into the normal world will likely be easier if she does not have health problems.

An increase in the possibility of fertility may be a good reason, even to one with a somewhat affected mind, for dealing with and ending the substance problems.

For me, the only question is whether there is any sensible way of having her serve her (remarkably lenient) sentence while getting treatment.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:42 am 03 Sep 07

Wow, she might not be able to add anymore children to the unwanted, unloved welfare baby pool. That’s a real shame.

Plus 5 kids x $4000 = $20000 of potential income that the Govt might not allow her to have.

I hope her uterus turns black and falls out!

Pandy Pandy 11:30 pm 02 Sep 07

Over dose

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 9:44 pm 01 Sep 07

Two words: compulsory sterilisation.

hk0reduck hk0reduck 7:37 pm 01 Sep 07

She probably shouldn’t have said that if she wasn’t let out then she will become infertile.

Just a little bit of Eugenicism here or there can’t do that much harm can it?

canberra towie canberra towie 4:40 pm 01 Sep 07

That’s straight to the point lumnock! But I agree

This woman is an idiot I have no sympathy for IT at all !! I hope she suffers as much as the man who lost his wife is

Dying would be to good for a peace of crap like her

lumnock lumnock 1:43 pm 01 Sep 07

I hope she dies

bighead bighead 1:16 pm 01 Sep 07

I was just wondering what had happened with her yesterday. Good to see her bogan ways are still going well.

sepi sepi 12:07 pm 01 Sep 07

“legal aid declined to represent her” so presumably she has no case.

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