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Where did you get your licence?

By Proboscus 19 January 2014 166

Dear Rioters,

After spending the last month driving up and down the south coast with the wife and kids, I’ve observed many thousands of Canberrans holidaying during the festive season, so I feel I am in a good position to make this statement – ACT drivers are not only bad, they’re disrespectful of everyone else.

Here are some examples of what I’ve encountered over the last 5 weeks:

(1)  Keep left unless overtaking. A very simple concept that Canberrans don’t understand. I couldn’t tell you how many ACT rego plates I saw hogging the right hand lane whilst not overtaking, or actually driving slower than the drivers in left lane.

(2)  Talking on a mobile phone whilst driving. Again, I saw many ACT plated vehicles with their driver holding a phone to their ear. Some of them were driving in the right hand lane.

(3)  Canberrans with boats who can’t reverse them properly onto a boat ramp. Unfortunately for the locals who make a crust fishing, they have had a frustrating battle since Xmas with Canberra retards who don’t know how to back a boat trailer. If you own a boat, caravan or trailer, learn how to drive, reverse and park them.

(4)  Canberrans parking in loading zones or handicapped spaces. The laziness of Canberrans never ceases to amaze me. Unless you have a legitimate reason for parking in a handicapped parking space (not being able to back a boat trailer isn’t a legitimate reason), don’t park there. There are many retired people with disabilities living on the coast who really need those carparks.

I’m seriously thinking of registering my car in NSW next year so I’m not tarred with the same brush as the wankers I’ve mentioned above.

What’s Your opinion?

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166 Responses to
Where did you get your licence?
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magiccar9 7:36 pm 12 Feb 14

A_Cog said :

…Move left, stay left, pull your head in, stop being a douche.

This would look wonderful on a bumper sticker. I’ll take 10!

A_Cog 10:07 am 12 Feb 14

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

A_Cog said :

To the selfish clowns who see no problem with them clogging up the right-hand lane, and refuse to move left.. you may be blocking a car carrying:
– a kid going into anaphylaxis (heard about it)
– a passenger having a heart attack (heard about it)
– a woman in labour (happened to me)

Your sanctimonious twaddle about “you’re breaking the law going 85kms in an 80 zone” and “I’m allowed to go as fast as I like in the right-hand lane” and “nyah nyah nyah, I’m a giganto-douche whose passive-aggressive lane-blocking is indicative of my revenge against the rest of you for my failing to rise higher than APS4” just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Get out of the way, stay out of the way, and realise that keeping the right-hand lane clear helps keep traffic flowing smoothly – which is safety exemplified.

Heard of a ambulance? In fact, driving to hospital instead of calling a ambulance just proves how little you know about safety or even rational thought.

RE: a woman in labour, it’s not like in the movies. I have never heard of a 30 minute labour. No need to put baby and mother at risk because you refuse to educate yourself.

You, sir, are a muppet:

I shudder to think about what could have happened had they been stuck behind you and the cord had been wrapped around the baby’s neck. Move left, stay left, pull your head in, stop being a douche.

Proboscus 12:33 pm 31 Jan 14

NoImRight said :


“Many thousands”…Really?

You’ve “observed” Canberra drivers. I think yes you have. What you’ve not “observed” is the NSW drivers doing all the same stuff. Its fun to beat up on ourselves but you’ve just noticed ACT drivers because thats what you’ve looked for. Theres a name for that too but I bet you have the internet and everything so can look it up.

Ive driven in every state and every state has crappy drivers. Plus in most cities Ive spoken to people who say the drivers in their city are the worst because blah blah blah.

Welcome to the Human Race. We do stuff that bugs others.

As the population of Batemans Bay more than doubles over the Christmas/New Year period, and that many other parts of the south coast are over-run by Canberrans, I can confidently say that “I’ve observed many thousands of Canberrans holidaying during the festive season”.

And thank you for welcoming me to the human race. I would’ve preferred it came from a hot blonde with daddy issues, but hey, I’m happy to be in the fold.

Postalgeek 9:13 am 31 Jan 14

Discussion of merges have reminded me of one occasional irritation: drivers who wait until the last inch of a lane before changing, even when space to change is there. We have several lengthy on-off ramp lanes where a driver can continue in that lane, or change. For example turning right from Canberra Avenue onto southbound Monaro, or turning off Commonwealth Ave onto Parkes Way.

Nothing against the law, just irksome; drivers would reasonably anticipate lane changes at the start of the section, not someone springing a change at the end, though now I stay in the right lane until the very end of these sections because such drivers exist. Some changes might be the result of a last minute change-of-mind, but more often than not it seems the driver just lacks situational awareness.

JC 6:48 am 31 Jan 14

IrishPete said :

It depends on the road markings. If they have right of way because of the road markings, then they have every right to get shitty.


You were talking about ramps, the vast majority of which are cross the line merges. Off the top of my head I cannot think of any in the ACT actually.

Maybe you could consider the merge of Parkes Way and London CCT merge before running onto Commonwealth Ave to be one, though that is not really a ramp in the normal sense. Many ramps where there are two turning lanes have zipper merges ON the ramp but cross the line onto the main road. But that isn’t what you were talking about. That is probably the best way to describe Parkes Way and London CCT merge. Must say of all the merges in Canberra that is the one that ‘scares’ me the most due to the fact it is on a curved bit of road, with very little warning and different approach speeds.

Now if you know of any zipper merges in the ACT where a ramp joins the main road please list. I am happy to be proven wrong but reckon if I am the number will be counted on a single hand.

IrishPete 9:32 pm 30 Jan 14

magiccar9 said :

At last someone who understands the merging rules. People on the merging ramps need to understand they have to give way, and have no right to get sh*tty if people can’t (or simply don’t) get out of their way.

It depends on the road markings. If they have right of way because of the road markings, then they have every right to get shitty.



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