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Where did you get your licence?

By Proboscus - 19 January 2014 166

Dear Rioters,

After spending the last month driving up and down the south coast with the wife and kids, I’ve observed many thousands of Canberrans holidaying during the festive season, so I feel I am in a good position to make this statement – ACT drivers are not only bad, they’re disrespectful of everyone else.

Here are some examples of what I’ve encountered over the last 5 weeks:

(1)  Keep left unless overtaking. A very simple concept that Canberrans don’t understand. I couldn’t tell you how many ACT rego plates I saw hogging the right hand lane whilst not overtaking, or actually driving slower than the drivers in left lane.

(2)  Talking on a mobile phone whilst driving. Again, I saw many ACT plated vehicles with their driver holding a phone to their ear. Some of them were driving in the right hand lane.

(3)  Canberrans with boats who can’t reverse them properly onto a boat ramp. Unfortunately for the locals who make a crust fishing, they have had a frustrating battle since Xmas with Canberra retards who don’t know how to back a boat trailer. If you own a boat, caravan or trailer, learn how to drive, reverse and park them.

(4)  Canberrans parking in loading zones or handicapped spaces. The laziness of Canberrans never ceases to amaze me. Unless you have a legitimate reason for parking in a handicapped parking space (not being able to back a boat trailer isn’t a legitimate reason), don’t park there. There are many retired people with disabilities living on the coast who really need those carparks.

I’m seriously thinking of registering my car in NSW next year so I’m not tarred with the same brush as the wankers I’ve mentioned above.

What’s Your opinion?

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166 Responses to
Where did you get your licence?
Tooks 9:06 pm 19 Jan 14

I wholeheartedly agree with the OP. Nowhere in the South Coast or wider NSW has anyone ever been guilty of any of the atrocities as mentioned. It’s only Canberrans who are inconsiderate knobs.

Ok (/sarcasm), yep, I’ve seen these behaviours (except for the boating stuff, but I’ll take your word for that) while travelling to and from the coast. I’ve also seen NSW plated drivers talking on mobiles, sitting in the right lane when not overtaking, and any number of crap driving behaviours while travelling to the coast.

Canberrans believe Canberrans are the worst drivers in the country, but that’s probably because they’ve never lived in QLD…

JC 8:54 pm 19 Jan 14

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

Porky worky, if you are doing the speed limit in the right hand lane then there is no issue.

If the speed limit of the road is over 80 and you are not overtaking then it is against the road rules.

ScienceRules 8:52 pm 19 Jan 14

Well I hope you feel better after your rant. Assuming you’re at all interested in actual statistics rather than your rage fuelled anecdotes, DIRD’s numbers show road deaths in 2013 for the ACT at 1.83 per 100,000 people and in NSW at 4.58.

They made no comment on trailer reversing onto boat ramps.

The point is you see people behaving badly on the road all the time and you’re just filtering out non-ACT plates in this case. It’s called “confirmation bias”. At this time of the year the coast is crammed with ACT drivers so naturally there will be more crap driving as well as (ignored) good manners and safe driving by Canberrans.

Queen_of_the_Bun 8:29 pm 19 Jan 14

You don’t need to go to the Bay to see crap drivers. The other day I was turning right from Brisbane Av onto Wentworth Av at Barton, it’s two lanes with an unbroken white line so turning cars can merge safely. Just as I was about to merge, a white Commodore changed lanes into the right lane, forcing me and the three cars behind me to slam on the brakes to avoid her. She then travelled along in the right-hand lane until the big roundabout at Fyshwick, where she changed lanes again to the left.

She had NSW plates. Go figure.

magiccar9 7:58 pm 19 Jan 14

I think the points from the OP don’t even scratch the surface on how bad we are. The million dollar question is… Who’s to blame for this?

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 6:54 pm 19 Jan 14

Porky worky, if you are doing the speed limit in the right hand lane then there is no issue.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 6:52 pm 19 Jan 14

Ummmm, can you please tell me who makes a crust off fishing with boats you put in the water off a boat ramp?

switch 6:48 pm 19 Jan 14

A lot of NSW drivers are d***heads, too. For proof, just drive to Sydney and watch. And let’s not get started on Victorians…

Pork Hunt 6:40 pm 19 Jan 14

Regarding #1, C&GN, the floor is all yours.

m00nee 6:30 pm 19 Jan 14

since we see this behaviour on the roads every day it is no surprise that Canberra drivers behave like this everywhere. The only thing I would add is their complete inability to understand how to drive on back roads, specifically those without centre line markings. Your spotless toorak tractor can handle getting near the edge of the tarmac, you don’t need to stay in the centre so that you force everyone else off the road.

Tarinedier 6:22 pm 19 Jan 14

There’s 2 factors at work here:

1) Interstate drivers who aren’t as familiar with the surroundings, and are out of their usual element.
2) Interstate numberplates which are a focal point for stereotyping behaviour as they stand out as ‘different’.

You will find these 2 factors common to any area and group of drivers, the same as you will find morons and bad drivers anywhere.

cranky 6:21 pm 19 Jan 14

ACT Gov should sell tickets to watch the trailer reversing antics at the Mugga Lane tip.

Incompetence rampant! But a hoot to watch – whilst patiently waiting your turn 🙂

c_c™ 6:13 pm 19 Jan 14

Oh gosh, No 1. It used to be the convention that on foot and behind the wheel, you keep left unless passing. And on the roads, it’s the law. But everyday theres drivers in the right lane, not needing to make a right turn, just hogging the right lane doing below the speed limit on dual carriage way.

Also annoying is when they do it at lights, slow truck takes the left lane, slow car takes right lane. On the green light traffic is stuffed. No one going anywhere.

JC 6:01 pm 19 Jan 14

Interesting with the exception of number 3 (not owing a boat I have never noticed it myself), all the other driving issues you seem to have you see on the road on a daily basis. ACT plates, NSW plates, Victorian, you name it. Maybe you seem to think it is just an ACT driver thing because you were down the south coast when half the population down there is from the ACT so it just stood out more rather than just being an ACT thing.

You also forgot one, speeding though road works. Driving on the M5 just today hardly anyone slowed to the 80km/h limit. But yeah they were mostly NSW drivers so guess it doesn’t count.

lumpy 5:43 pm 19 Jan 14

Drove back to Wollongong this past weekend, partner did a tricky reverse park in a tight restaurant carpark, where of course all patrons were sitting by looking on. First person who comments as we hop out, “I was a bit worried for a second there when I saw the ACT number plates”. Go figure.

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