Where is the best workplace in Canberra?

bywongqueen 18 October 2011 14

I am keen to get ideas from people about where the best workplaces are in Canberra, and would also be interested to know why they’re so good.

What makes a great workplace?

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14 Responses to Where is the best workplace in Canberra?
thumper109 thumper109 8:58 am 01 Nov 11

For ambience and environment, I can not fault my current workplace, Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex.. But I can fault the air of pessimism and flagging morale of its workforce.

ex-vectis ex-vectis 6:53 am 01 Nov 11

Catty said :

TAMS, but only if you are related to someone already there…

That answers so many questions on many levels.

Catty Catty 10:59 pm 31 Oct 11

TAMS, but only if you are related to someone already there…

AG Canberra AG Canberra 7:30 am 21 Oct 11

So I’m guessing you are looking for the Google type workplace where there are chefs in residence and they get a day a week just to think up stuff…..

A know of a workplace where the boss pays for excellent xmas parties and lunch for the team every Friday…

And I know of a construction company where all the guys are regularly invited to go game fishing an the boss’s boat.

But in reality the vast majority of places here in Canberra are pretty run of the mill – desk, phone, computer. Work normal hours. Get paid. Enjoy your free time.

Are free muffins and fruit really worth staying in a workplace that you hate? I don’t think so. As said earlier, failings in a workplace can often be accepted if you are really enjoying your work. Just look at teachers!

matt31221 matt31221 7:54 pm 20 Oct 11

This is a weird question. Why do you want to know Bywongqueen? Are you a social psychologist?

Or are you trying to hunt down someone that posts on RA, by hoping they will disclose their workplace so that you can go there and possibly find them? If this is so, JB was the first to fall for your trap – now your in for it JB, better have that can of mace ready! lol

If you are geniune I will tell you what the best workplace is in Canberra bar none.

bywongqueen bywongqueen 3:54 pm 20 Oct 11

HI folks – I am still keen to know where the best organisation/employer/ workplace (s) is/are in Canberra. And no, I don’t know the answer to this – that’s why I am asking!!

mareva mareva 8:49 pm 18 Oct 11

Like many in this town, I have worked for Cth govt, ACT govt and in the private sector. IMO the best workplace so far has been the ACT govt workplace, although that might just be because I enjoyed the work there the best rather than the workplace.

I think the things that make a good workplace are
1. good work that you enjoy
2. an energetic and positive environment

IME you can determine both those things very early on. As early on as the interview even.

trevar trevar 5:53 pm 18 Oct 11

To answer your question more literally; I think it is reasonable to assume that the best workplace in Canberra is in Canberra. Is there a prize for getting that right?

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 5:03 pm 18 Oct 11

Behind the bars of a Repsol Honda…

fernandof fernandof 4:45 pm 18 Oct 11

Home. ’nuff said.

poetix poetix 4:36 pm 18 Oct 11

Home is the best workplace. If you can manage it, it surely beats everything. No bullying, no gossip, no commuting, no funny dress up days, no compulsory meetings where you swear you’ll kill the next person who says ‘at this point in time’ or ‘ballpark figure’ or, worst of all, ‘pushing the envelope’. If you want to open a window, you open a window. No tea room fridge with ten types of mould; only your own fridge with your very own endearing mould. You engage with people on your own terms. Perhaps I am misanthropic but that’s my ideal.

Classified Classified 4:27 pm 18 Oct 11

I work from home most days, and head out when I need to meet clients. This afternoon I’m sitting with my windows open overlooking my sunny green backyard, and thinking seriously about a beer and barbeque when the wife and kids get home.

shirty_bear shirty_bear 4:04 pm 18 Oct 11

I can tell you where it isn’t. What makes a great workplace? Start by not being a telco …

johnboy johnboy 2:40 pm 18 Oct 11

Easily RiotACT’s Eagle’s Nest.

Home to impossibly beautiful people, filled with witty repartee, bicycles parked by desks, handy to many pubs, and great views of the city.

BYO nerf gun.

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