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Where to now for the public service?

By apstoo 18 December 2013 44

As some one in the public service, I’m half expecting a tap on the shoulder any day and to be told my position is redundant.

I’m looking at options, do I stay in or do I leave now?

The way I see it is that with a recruitment freeze on and a reduction in staff required, there’ll be no chance of any advancement for many years to come.

What few jobs advertised will only allow placement at level.

It may come as a surprise to many to realise that $44,0000 a year isn’t enough to live on in Canberra if you work.

Faced with that low wage for years I’m wondering if it is worth it.

Do I stick it out for the long haul and hope for a promotion after the recruiting freeze is off, or do I call it quits now? I know several others in the same boat who have enquiring minds who also want to know.

For those who have experienced past freezes like this (have there been past freezes like this?) what usually happens at the end of them? More jobs for those internally or simply more jobs but sourced externally?

What’s Your opinion?

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Where to now for the public service?
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JonnieWalker 5:59 pm 07 Jan 14

Here it is from my perspective.
1) Actively look for better opportunities where you can, and take it if the offer presents itself. It will probably be 2-3 years before the APS starts hiring again. If you plan to get back in, get a job in a position which will give you experience for a higher position when APS does recruit again.
2) In the meantime, assuming your job is 40 hours per week, get some casual work in the afternoons. There are plenty of jobs office cleaning or turning down beds at the Hyatt during that will keep you physically active, earn you a few extra bucks, or probably give you a feed if it’s in hospitality. You might even be able to get a cashy in some resteraunts. I did this as an APS1 with two money hungry kids and a wife with expensive tastes.
3) Don’t set your expectations too high. I came into the APS before the recruitment boom around 2002 as an APS1. There were a lot more of us around in those days, but there was an expectation that it would take many years to work your way up from APS1 to APS5. After 2001, this changed and APS4 was the default entry salary with regular promotions for unsubstantiated performance. Even after the APS begins to recruit again in 2 years time, I wouldn’t expect to see the careers rocketing to the top of an EL2 after 4-5 years in the APS like we saw in the last decade.
4) Plan out what you want to achieve and keep a schedule for work and free time to allocate time for excersise, time with kids/wife, 2nd job, studies, hobbies, managing your finances, sleeping, so that you can make the most of your time and prioritise your goals.

Agree with rollersk8r – Stay optimistic – nobody likes a whinger. It’ll also put you in a better position to seize the opportunity when it comes.

swanface 10:38 pm 18 Dec 13

Given apstoo thinks virtually everyone discriminates them due to gender diversity issues and has inferred that they have only ever gotten jobs through unconventional means, why in lolths name would they want to leave the APS for the Canberra private sector which is a hell of a lot more brutal and discriminatory than any other city I’ve ever worked in.

I’m going to be blunt because it seems no one else is. If your other threads are indeed correct, you are better off staying exactly where you are until you’re forcibly moved on.

If you have a degree + 10 years experience in APS4/5/6 roles (as per your September thread) and cannot lift yourself out of the 2 bracket, you could more than likely find a position in private industry; but you may or may not pass the probation period, and then you will be not only out of a job; but out of one during a hiring freeze and unable to get back to the relative safety of your APS2 KPI’s.

buzz819 8:28 pm 18 Dec 13

FYI – here is a job that you can do, it is still public service, that is the base pay + you get over time and a job where you don’t know what might happen next…,-several

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