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White Powder Scare Parliament House

By che 3 June 2005 35

JB says he’s heard on the TV news that Parliamant House is under a white powder scare, and this time its not the Democrats. But as JB is in PH and has not seen or heard anything locally we’ll have to wait and see what the go is.

More to follow I’m sure.

[ED – All clear now, blossy has some interesting info in the comments below]

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White Powder Scare Parliament House
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Maelinar 11:46 am 07 Jun 05

Ooh, thanks for the reminder L_G – way up the post I know, but I don’t hit this site often…

Hey guys !

I’ve finished working on the ‘command and conquer’ side of the lake, and am now working on the ‘Sim City’ side. Life over here is great and I don’t miss it one bit (the pay is better too) !

No more early mornings, lost weekends, unpaid overtime, people yelling at you cause you have a speck of dirt on your boots – heck I don’t even wear a uniform anymore. Hair is long – and nobody telling me off for that either…

Don’t listen to all that shite they feed you about not being able to do anything if you get out, it’s just standard brainwashing.

I hope that quells your concern about some chap in a black suit coming to visit me in a dark alley L_G. (I’m retired from all that now, but I still have some friends over there)

I still think that the white powder frenzy that the media has conveniently imposed on us needs to be rebelled against…

Well, that and Thumper and I want to commission the very first Lake BG Whale Watching tour, but that’s a different post…

blossy 5:08 pm 05 Jun 05

As far as I can tell, the info was for the media – whose job it is to tell everyone.

Meh. I’m not bothered!

LurkerGal 12:01 pm 05 Jun 05

Thumper: I’d already left for the day. Happy hour was from 4 – 6. God Bless the DIMIA social club.

johnboy 7:13 pm 04 Jun 05

Well that’s where you’re wrong dude.

Free society means if it’s not specifically forbidden then it’s OK.

Sad for you I know.,

vg 7:08 pm 04 Jun 05

Worked in the joint for 2 years, JB. I have forgotten more about the place than you will ever know.

I think the mere phrase ‘Parliament House circular’ should point to the logical recipients…..people inside the House.

Authoritarian dogma?????? Jeezus you take yourself too seriously sometimes. If your going to have a dig make it worthwhile, topical and relevant, rather than some piss-ant attempt at sarcasm

johnboy 3:31 pm 04 Jun 05

For a man who has very obvously never seen a parliament house circular you’re astonishingly sure (and wrong) about their contents.

Which is par for the course with you far too often.

The whole world doesn’t (nor should it) function to your authoritarian dogma.

Loosen up dude.

vg 3:01 pm 04 Jun 05

Whatever. I’m sure the original e-mail from Ms. Penfold would have had the standard APS disclaimer at the bottom stating the ramifications of forwarding it on etc etc, particularly outside the House itself.

The legions of those employed within the House outside the APS still find themselves subject to certain security implications, those being the conditions of their employment. If you still don’t agree then I suggest the people who have been prosecuted or sacked in the past for doing same in the past were what, unlawfully dismissed?

It’s not the issue of the recipient, rather the sender who should know better, or at least paraphrase to save a potential problem

Canberra_unsung_hero 11:47 am 04 Jun 05

…… and I repeat my original posting made yesterday —
No need to panic …. it’s just a powder puff for Alexander….. is all.


blossy 11:42 am 04 Jun 05

It wasn’t an internal email for me – I received it from someone else.

johnboy 11:12 am 04 Jun 05

And I’m saying there are legions of people in Parliament House who are not emploiyed by the APS.

vg 11:07 am 04 Jun 05

But JB the APS does have its own generic policy on it. From experience it pays to be very careful when quoting internal e-mails on a public site verbatim

johnboy 10:30 am 04 Jun 05

Also I see I have been deservedly punished for forgetting the DIY wotz on guide….

johnboy 10:21 am 04 Jun 05

VG – Parliament House is a copmplicated beast, there are at least 60 independent organisations within the walls, and no policies on “internal communication”

vg 4:49 pm 03 Jun 05

Watch the movie Rounders. As the main character says ‘poker is not gambling’. It is for a ‘fish’, but for the rest its not all about luck.

A fool and his money are soon parted. It is actually quite hilarious to see people come into the casino after watching poker on ESPN, think they know it all, and leave with empty pockets within the hour. Even if you don’t gamble it can be a fun exercise in people watching there, seeing mouthy, obnoxious drunks lose wads of cash

Thumper 4:33 pm 03 Jun 05

By the way LG, if you’re still there, what time is happy hour?

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