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Who is Rob Cart?

By Kerces - 23 June 2005 22

Does anyone know who Rob Cart is?

There’s come graffiti on the Melbourne Building on the corner of Northbourne and London Cct that says “Rob Cart is a household name” and it’s been puzzling me for some time.

He doesn’t bring up anything on Google and the consensus is that if he’s not on Google, he’s not a household name.

[ED – Further to B2’s comments below the image they were trying to link to is this one:]

Rob Cart\'s Monkey?

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Who is Rob Cart?
The Mole 9:57 am 01 Jul 05

I heard a rumour that Rob Cart is in The Barracks

Kerces 11:19 am 27 Jun 05

Today I spotted another reference to him. Driving accross Commonwealth Avenue towards Civic, the government road safety warning sign now reads “Don’t Tailgate Rob Cart”.


Thumper 8:48 am 24 Jun 05

I was going to try and write something witty but my brain hurts from too much beer and too much watching cricket last night.

Anyway, if you google him he’ll probably exist now….

gingermick 11:02 pm 23 Jun 05

I heard he was Des Cart’s brother.

Kerces 9:50 pm 23 Jun 05

What I get is a page that says
“Access Denied
You do not have access to view this file or directory at this time. Please check back later!
If you think you received this message in error, please hit refresh and the page should load.”
And refresh doesn’t work. And there’s a “search the net” box, but I don’t really want to do that.

b2 9:03 pm 23 Jun 05

still works for me, dunno whats going on then.

johnboy 6:59 pm 23 Jun 05

Very interesting, he’s pulled the picture… it was working OK earlier.

Kerces 6:43 pm 23 Jun 05

So he’s possibly not a household name (yet) but a wall name?
I haven’t seen (or just not noticed) any monkey faces, but then I don’t go to Dickson all that often.
I couldn’t use your link b2 (it said I needed a password) but thanks for the info.

johnboy 6:27 pm 23 Jun 05

There you go, “Ask RiotACT” to the rescue once again.

Thanks B2.

So Ed,

“Let override, let overwrite”?

b2 4:33 pm 23 Jun 05

not quite sure what you call them but all those drawings on butchers paper stuck all around the place, particulary in dickson are done by the same guy.
Most common one seems to be a monkeys face, and sometimes they are signed ‘rob cart’, in fact there is a big monkeys face drawn on the wall outside the dickson health food shop on the wall that says ‘bill posters will be prosecuted’.
This picture I took at the NGA doesnt have the name with it, but im sure its by the same person

(mind u not sure how to insert a picture i’ll try, but heres the link:

edlang 2:32 pm 23 Jun 05

It is most likely a forced meme. Pay it no attention.

Maelinar 2:23 pm 23 Jun 05

Bob Carr’s angry little brother perhaps ?

Jazz 1:01 pm 23 Jun 05

K, hes about to be on google, and will be a household name shortly. It will depend on how many hits THIS story gets.

Whoever he is he probably wrote it himslef

marquis de sade 12:35 pm 23 Jun 05

you don’t know rob cart?

Absent Diane 12:26 pm 23 Jun 05

Isn’t Rob Cart that guy

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