Who’s running the Canberra Vikings?

johnboy 10 May 2007 9

According to the ARU’s website there’s supposed to be an Australian Rugby Championship kicking off on 11 August.

There’s supposed to be a Canberra team in the competition going by the name of Vikings. They are, presumably because they got a good deal, going to play their games at Manuka Oval although the ARU hasn’t seen fit to actually confirm any fixtures yet.

Now my reading of the Vikings Rugby website makes it clear that this Canberra team is going to be a representative side which they hope to get their players into, but aren’t in charge of.

The ACT Rugby page on RugbyNet offers the following advice:


So off we go to the Brumbies website where, momentarily puzzled to learn that they’re calling Brumby Jack “BJ”, we can find no mention at all of this new team in the new competition. They do have a community rugby section which has a competitions page. This also makes no mention of this new team.

So, three questions, feel free to reply in the comments or via email:

1) Is this competition for real?

2) Who’s running the Canberra end of it?

3) How do we get in touch with whoever is running the Canberra end so we can give them some free publicity rather than them ending up stuck on Channelvision being seen by a total of 15 people?

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9 Responses to Who’s running the Canberra Vikings?
JC JC 8:07 pm 13 May 07

After I wrote that message I did a google and was interested what I found, I must be getting old as I thought the QLD romps were like last year not 2003. With the NSW comp we were kicked out because it was felt we were running a Brumbies 2nd grade team (bit like the Swans in the ACTAFL comp) and we were not providing the full amount of teams required by the rules of the comp. But yeah it is crap when you do have dominate teams, makes a comp boring.

VicePope VicePope 2:12 pm 13 May 07

JC – after they got hoisted out of the Shute Shield in Sydney (for no real reason and following a crummy process), Queensland were kind enough to throw a lifeline. Those of us who like rugby were more than touched – it was a genuinely good and brave thing for the Qlders to do.

It was brave because the Vikings won 3 out of 3 while they were in the comp. It was a chance for people here to see some good quality stuff, a step up from the Dent competition (which is pretty good, and comparable with a lot of the Shute Shield stuff on the ABC). There were still some terrible mismatches, and one player took advantage with, I think, 10 or 11 tries in two weeks.

Then they had a turn in NSW Premier rugby in (I think) 2005 and did ok, so they got hoisted again. Last year we had the one-off Australian Provincial Championship, which produced some good rugby.

Several themes suggest themselves. But one upon which to riff is that the Sydney (Shute Shield/Premier Rugby) comp is grossly uneven with one side (Sydney Uni) close to Super 14 standard and a few within reach of them with some really poor stuff trailing behind. Penrith, who stayed in the comp when the Kookas/Vikings got booted, is regularly walloped by cricket scores and reportedly hasn’t been fielding full teams in all grades. And they’ve brought in the “Illawarriors” who seem even worse. SOuthern Districts had some good years when they picked off all that Parramatta and the Vikings had to offer, but have since returned to lousy form.

I could get really boring about this.

JC JC 8:25 pm 12 May 07

Haven’t the Vikings been playing as an ACT rep side in the QLD comp for a number of years. They started when NSW kicked the Burra’s out of their comp. So hardly a new team and makes sense if they play in the national comp.

VicePope VicePope 7:56 pm 10 May 07

Xman is dead right. I loved the seats that were pretty well on the sideline. Smell the liniment, hear the terms of affection used on rivals. See Duke smash up an opposing prop in a brawl after a lineout and then help him get to his feet and trot over to the next breakdown with him. Be dismayed when visiting ref asked visiting team captain if (a) his mob had kicked from inside or outside the quarter and (b) the ball had bounced anyway and (c) it had been handled by a Viking first anyway and (d) the touchie was therefore totally wrong, as was everyone else who saw what happened. And I loved the time the ref came over to remonstrate with the mocking crowd and try to defend some indefensibly stupid decision. Ahhh, happy days.

Seriously, though, Canberra Stadium is a better option if they’re going to get more than, say, 5,000 and Viking Park if they’re going to get fewer. Is Seiffert Oval still there in Queanbeyan?

xman xman 4:42 pm 10 May 07

They played a number of Kookaburra games at Manuka back in the day and it worked well. Temporary seating 10 meters from the touchline on the eastern side meant you were very close to the action.

Heaps of room behind those seats for the snotters to go and a have a kick as well. Fond memories.

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 3:40 pm 10 May 07

Who are the Vikings?

Steve_Pedestrian Steve_Pedestrian 1:18 pm 10 May 07

Allegedly they are playing at Manuka! Why would you play there when 1) It’s too far to see the action on an Oval ground (I.E Subiaco for Force games) 2) Canberra Stadium isn’t doing that much except Raiders games at that time of year.

I heard the Vikings group would only fund it if the team was known as the Vikings so they got their wish. So they could very well hope that all home games are played at Erindale. The coaching staff are going to be Matt O’Connor and co from the Brumbies if Australia A commitments don’t get in the way too much. Perhaps that is delaying the official announcement as the Rep season is about to Kick off with most of the Brumbies Coaching staff involved with that?

Or maybe Brumby Jack will coach them?

postmanpat postmanpat 11:28 am 10 May 07

I hope it is down at Erindale – great family friendly atmosphere down there.

tortfeaser tortfeaser 10:13 am 10 May 07

Yeah, I’m keen for answers too. What is the schedule? Who’s in the side? How much beer can I drink before half time?

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