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Why does Canberra pump all the weird into the blogosphere?

By johnboy - 6 October 2006 29

This morning I ask myself; Why are so many of the weirdest bloggers in Australia from Canberra? Here’s a list (in no particular order) of Canberra bloggers who’ve reached national notoriety for all the wrong reasons.

â–  John B1_B5 (A self described unsung hero of Australia) mostly for his behaviour on other people’s sites (to say nothing of his outbursts on adult sex sites) but creepy and odd nonetheless.

â–  Dno infamous for the most stultifyingly dull blog in the world.

â–  Imelda sadly now semi-retired but notorious for her frank confessions of hyper-ejaculation and cage-dancing at Cube (having seen her picture I suspect she was mistaken by staff and patrons for a trannie) while sleeping her way to the top (so she said) of the Commonwealth Public Service. Also famous back in the day for modelling her manky shoe collection in public toilets and photo-blogging about it.

â–  A.E. Brain ageing trans-gender hyper-nerd.

â–  Samuel Gordon Stewart who’s blog would be less remarkable if he was 50 years older, and is currently (as near as I can make out) blogging statements he was hoping to make on talk-back radio.

I can’t think of another city in Australia that’s produced two such examples let alone five. Is it that our special people are articulate enough to get noticed? Or is this the dark hidden underbelly of the bush capital?

UPDATED: Meanwhile over on planet loon I seem to have touched a nerve. Having one’s own quote file thrown back as insults is a little peculiar but par for the course I guess. Oh, and as I’m self-employed I have to say this inquiry into my duty statement is going to be a hoot.

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Why does Canberra pump all the weird into the blogosphere?
Thumper 9:38 am 09 Oct 06

If that is the future then I don’t really want to be a part of it.

I’d rather go to the pub and have a yarn over a few beers.

Absent Diane 9:35 am 09 Oct 06

blogs are a good way of knowing what friends are up to without ever having to socialise with them. its the way of the future.

Jey 8:45 am 09 Oct 06

JB, ‘transgender’ is one word.

Thumper 8:11 am 09 Oct 06

I would start up a blog, except I can’t think of anything boring enough to write.

And I couldn’t be bothered.

What drives people to write about every mundane aspect of their live? Do they think that people actually care? Or want to read it?

Has society just become one giant soap opera with the bloggers the self appointed stars?

It’s got me fucked…

miz 3:15 pm 07 Oct 06

Gawd, I’d assumed SGS was an aging baby boomer! Something to do with the fixation with 2CC I think . . . oops.

emd 3:10 pm 07 Oct 06

There’s plenty of boring blogs out there. You just come across more local ones because it’s a small town and we’re all only three degrees of separation apart. I’m guessing most blogs exist to tell family/friends what’s up so the blogger doesn’t have to make as many phone calls or write individual emails.

teejmahal 11:18 pm 06 Oct 06

( Stupid linky things + noodle fingers

teejmahal 11:16 pm 06 Oct 06

Oh, I’m still kicking around, Bassman. Had a bit of a break after some health stuff, that’s all.

I went through a long saga with my domain host, and have simply shifted temporarily to blogspot for expediency’s sake.

Absent Diane 8:51 pm 06 Oct 06

which reminds me… I must start writing in my blog more.. haven’t done anything for ages. its quite mundane at the moment.. just a few anti-religion rants an idea for a spaceship and a really really bad poem that doesn’t rhyme.. or does it?

el 4:25 pm 06 Oct 06

3:43 PM lunch? Love your work!

Thumper 3:43 pm 06 Oct 06

Um, long lunch.


Thumper 3:40 pm 06 Oct 06

Indeed, extrememely fascinating….

el 2:46 pm 06 Oct 06

Fascinating SGS.


Bassman 2:40 pm 06 Oct 06

By the way, does anyone know what happened to Teejmahal? Not to say that it was a strange blog, but it seems to have disappeared….

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 2:27 pm 06 Oct 06

Thanks for that Johnboy, I’ll take it in good humour and as a complement…oh, and I copy most of my emails to talkback presenters on to my blog these days, the emails are BCC’d to my blog and picked up every half hour.

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