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Why Not Red Bull Air Race for Canberra ?

By duckylucky 9 November 2009 33

Some of you may have read that Victorian Opposition Leader, Ted Baillieu, is talking about bidding for the Red Bull Air race to be held in Geelong once the contract for Perth runs out.

Why Geelong when Canberra would be a far better venue???

Just picture it – the planes take off from the airport and head for Lake Burley Griffin… once under Kings Avenue bridge they take a sharp right at Commonwealth Park …they fly up Anzac Ave, over the war Memorial and left at Mt Ainslie (buzzing them hard-at-work Satanists)… then a beeline straight to Black Mountain heading over the rich yuppies in O’Connor listening to their folk music…. left at Black Mountain, down the peninsular and left at the lake…. over Australian Museum, Under Commonwealth Bridge and through the Captain Cook Jet…. and one more lap…

Coinciding the race around Floriade would be the ideal time, and with any luck, those planes may take a few of those nasty magpies plaguing the lake bike paths…

Does anyone have any ideas for an alternate race route?

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Why Not Red Bull Air Race for Canberra ?
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westyonline 10:33 pm 15 Nov 09

If we cant have a Bird Man Rally,what chance have we got with the RB Air Race.
God Canberra is so shit these days,Remember when it used to be fun to live here…
Im off to get a soy latte,and look at art on the GDE..(that was a good use of tax payers money!)

Mr Evil 6:04 pm 11 Nov 09

How big is the body of water behind Googong Dam?

Chop71 10:52 pm 09 Nov 09

do eeet, it would be awesome.

same old fuddy duddys in here saying no to everything rather than giving something a try.

…..if you build it they will come

Ernie 10:27 pm 09 Nov 09

tate_alec – great mock ups! Would love to see a race one day and Geelong isn’t too far away.
duckylucky – I like your race route.

BenMac 9:10 pm 09 Nov 09

Phil m said:
The airport would also not be suitable for use as a takeoff/landing strip

Why not? In Perth they use Langley Park as the airport.

Blingerific 9:01 pm 09 Nov 09

The planes wouldn’t be destroying peoples mail boxes and cars at 3am?

Well they are piston engined aircraft, and they’re nothing but trouble!

Um, TIC… ;-P

duckylucky 8:31 pm 09 Nov 09

thanks for the comments….

I did have some thoughts about including the Bunda Street Canyon and fly under that Canberra Centre crossing, but my imagination was running too hot…

bd84 8:21 pm 09 Nov 09

dr phil said :

this is the city that banned fireworks…mmmmmm

The planes wouldn’t be destroying peoples mail boxes and cars at 3am?

Though agreed that the NIMBY’s would shoot the idea down before the person who first had the idea to stage it here had time to finish his or her thought.

moneypenny2612 7:33 pm 09 Nov 09

Coincidentally I saw one of these red bull races in Budapest last year. Never seen it before.

The Danube river is not very wide where they held it (outside the Parliament). Guessing around half a kilometre tops. Probably less. The course was long rather than wide.

I think LBG’s bridges might be too low. I could be wrong. The chain bridge in Budapest has a clearance of around 10m – the pilots navigated under that.

Blingerific 5:34 pm 09 Nov 09

Once upon a time we used to have Floriade, Taste and Sky Fire on at the same time, go to Floriade, look at all the pretty flowers, try a few wines/cheeses/meats/preserves at Taste stalls spread through Floriade, stock up on goodies, secure a bit of grass and party into the evening for fireworks with Sky Fire. Then stagger home full of goodness and smelling of fireworks. Or booze. But all that fun on one night? The horror! So they moved Taste to another time, it died, it died, meanwhile Sky Fire in another slot still tries, it tries.

Red Bull air race in Canberra would be great, but at the same time as Floriade? Herr Stanhope would have conniptions of the populous being over-stimulated…

As for the thoughts of under the bridges well no, even the aerobatic aircraft flown by incredibly skilled pilots like Matt Hall would have trouble a) fitting and ii) getting permission to try and fit under the bridges.

Now, the beer is on its way brewing, time to make me a pie!

AngryHenry 4:42 pm 09 Nov 09

dr phil said :

this is the city that banned fireworks…mmmmmm

Yeah many years after the rest of the country.

And there’s still plenty of porn on tap, so we’re still famous for something.

Get over it.

dr phil 4:32 pm 09 Nov 09

this is the city that banned fireworks…mmmmmm

spinact 3:30 pm 09 Nov 09

grunge_hippy said :

the bridges are far too low. a nice idea, but LBG is not big enough.

The proposed immigration bridge would be high enough for a plane to fly under.

If there were complaints about a circus tent in the Parliamentary Zone, can you imagine the complaints about some tall inflatable gates?

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