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Why Not Red Bull Air Race for Canberra ?

By duckylucky - 9 November 2009 33

Some of you may have read that Victorian Opposition Leader, Ted Baillieu, is talking about bidding for the Red Bull Air race to be held in Geelong once the contract for Perth runs out.

Why Geelong when Canberra would be a far better venue???

Just picture it – the planes take off from the airport and head for Lake Burley Griffin… once under Kings Avenue bridge they take a sharp right at Commonwealth Park …they fly up Anzac Ave, over the war Memorial and left at Mt Ainslie (buzzing them hard-at-work Satanists)… then a beeline straight to Black Mountain heading over the rich yuppies in O’Connor listening to their folk music…. left at Black Mountain, down the peninsular and left at the lake…. over Australian Museum, Under Commonwealth Bridge and through the Captain Cook Jet…. and one more lap…

Coinciding the race around Floriade would be the ideal time, and with any luck, those planes may take a few of those nasty magpies plaguing the lake bike paths…

Does anyone have any ideas for an alternate race route?

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Why Not Red Bull Air Race for Canberra ?
Horrid 12:48 pm 09 Nov 09

why ‘over’ the museum OP? Why not through the orange loop?

Funky1 12:42 pm 09 Nov 09

Why not wait for the New, Improved Cotter Dam if it must be run over a large volume of water.
That way us rate payers can get a little more back from the extra dollars we will have to pay to foot the bill for it.

Skidbladnir 11:49 am 09 Nov 09

While I don’t know the height of the chain bridge they flew under in Hungary (when they only had ~1m of clearance above and below their “safe-flight area”) or the depth of the river Danube at that point, the fact that the Commonwealth Ave Bridge is only ~6-7m above water level, and that the lake is only a few meters deep might be a bit too much risk of death in case something goes catastrophically wrong.

(And besides, spectacular events leading to fatalities at Lake Burley Griffin helped bring down Kate Carnell, I imagine Stanhope & ACTGov might be a little bit wary of letting history repeat itself)

BenMac 10:21 am 09 Nov 09

There was one event in Monument Valley in the US in 2007 that wasn’t over water, but currently all the races are. There is no way they would fly under any of the bridges, they’re just too low. I think LBG would be big enough, as long as you used the entire lake, scrivener dam to kingston forshore.

grunge_hippy 9:42 am 09 Nov 09

the bridges are far too low. a nice idea, but LBG is not big enough.

PBO 9:39 am 09 Nov 09

A fantastic idea that will never happen.

We cannot even have a Birdman rally let alone an air race. Someone will end up saying that we have had too many aircrashes in Canberra (Air disaster memorial, Mig crash in Woden…).

Holden Caulfield 9:37 am 09 Nov 09

I’d say the lake would be too small, as already noted. If the size of the lake was suitable, the nimbys would see that it never happened anyway.

Move on, nothing to see here…

tate_alec 9:33 am 09 Nov 09

Here are some mock ups of what it may look like.
I made these up after seeing the air race in Perth last year and I would love to see it in the nations capital, but I don’t think that it would every happen.
Hope this links work.

Bosworth 9:25 am 09 Nov 09

I understand that the gates for air racing must be on large open calm waters. So, your route is impossible. Also, the lake might be too small to create an appropriate course.

Coach 9:25 am 09 Nov 09

The lake has so many vantage points on either side, and the 2 bridges for them to fly under, it would be the logical choice.

These races would bring their own crowds, so having it in its own time slot would spread out the tourist benefits for the city.

Lots of international exposure for Canberra as well.

nexus6 9:20 am 09 Nov 09

driving over commonwealth ave bridge on sat and the news was talking about a race in Geslong? and i thought what a great place to have it over the lake here. i dont know if it is a big enough area but id love to see it happen.

Thumper 9:04 am 09 Nov 09

Why Geelong when Canberra would be a far better venue???

Comrade Stanhope would never allow such an event as it would all but ensure the extinction of polar bears.

Ozi 8:53 am 09 Nov 09

I would have thought the Carillion island would make for a spectacular “gate” …. maybe with those inflatable pillars on either side of the bridge to the island? And they could set the water fountain to start and stop randomly, increasing the level of difficulty.

Spectra 8:39 am 09 Nov 09

All the races in that series that I’ve seen have been flown exclusively over bodies of water, which leads me to think it’s probably a requirement for them (I’d guess for safety reasons if nothing else). That kind of restricts any course in Canberra to LBG. Not saying you couldn’t do it there – after all, it’s relatively close to the airport, but I’d also think it’d probably have to be over the Western end on account of the bridges.

Having said that, I’d love it to come here 🙂

indigoid 8:39 am 09 Nov 09

Can you imagine the NIMBY outrage over a bunch of radials? The Canberra V8 400 was bad enough… and that was only a bunch of bog-slow boganmobiles.

It might actually be worse than the clowns the other night who had made up “I don’t want to grow up in a microwave” (ie. near a new telecomms tower) signs for their uncomprehending kids to carry for the TV cameras

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