Wild Bill Stefaniak cries out for the sports clubs.

johnboy 16 June 2005 9

Bill Stefaniak has put out another peculiar media release. This time weeping for the loss to sport of poker machine revenue.

“I am calling on the Treasurer, also the Sports Minister and Minister responsible for Gambling, to ensure any reduction in gaming revenue at the Club level does not impact on sporting organisations in the ACT.

Um, OK, so the best way to fund sports is to skin the cash from credulous people with poor maths skills, allow unrepresentative committees to skim the lion’s share, with a kickback to government and political parties, and drip feed the remaining portion back to a select group of organised and well connected “Sports”?

On this reasoning I look forward to Bill’s defence of compulsory student unionism.

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9 Responses to Wild Bill Stefaniak cries out for the sports clubs.
johnboy johnboy 6:57 pm 17 Jun 05

It would have been more altruistic if they hadn’t, at the same time, allowed the clubs to reduce their charitable contributions while maintaining their political ones.

I’d say Bill’s concern has more to do with his personal relationships with the Southern Cross club and various sporting clubs than the general well being of the Liberal party.

Indi Indi 5:11 pm 17 Jun 05

However, to be fair areaman, I would hazard a guess that the Libs also have some ‘comfortable’ relationships with some bigger clubs in town.

Sporting clubs will find over time that clubs will not be able to continually offer sustained sums of $$ – maybe that clubs are losing revenue $$ as more Canberrans discover more meaningful forms of entertainment other than the bells, whistles, lights of the pokies (heaven forbid!)

areaman areaman 4:31 pm 17 Jun 05

Good point Indi, there is a link between the ACT ALP and the Labor clubs, so it’s interesting to see that the libs are complaining that the clubs are losing to much revenue (which will affect the money that the ALP gets from the Labor clubs). The ALP is actually doing something that will be detrimental to their own financial best interests because it’s for the good of the community, what a shock.

Indi Indi 3:26 pm 17 Jun 05

Don’t forget direct link between the labour club and the labour party – such an amazing relationship clubs have in the ACT with “select groups” looking after each others interests.

There should be more open documentation of how clubs contribute to all community/political organisations in Canberra – the results would open your mind!

bulldog bulldog 3:17 pm 17 Jun 05

This was bound to happen on a federal and/or local level.

They spend so much money telling us gambling, smoking and drinking alcohol is bad for us; but the money outlayed for these campaigns pales in comparison to the revenue raised in taxes and mandatory contributions to ‘community/sporting groups’.

Maybe they shgould look for funding for the sporting groups by cutting funding to Gamblers anon. This will bring back a balance in the revenue and funding.

Looks like it has bitten them in the arse this time. That makes me feel good as a drinker, smoker and occasional gambler.

What will the Gov’t do when we all stop gambling, drinking and smoking? Society will crumble and the fit-for-lifers shall inherit the earth.

OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 8:50 am 17 Jun 05

I’d like to see a full list of the ‘community’ groups supported by Southern Cross Club.

Ralph Ralph 8:44 am 17 Jun 05

Is that link between Catholics and the Southern Cross Club true? Talk about hypocritical. Then again, Catholics are the biggest hypocrites anyway.

(Ralph, collapsed Catholic).

OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 8:28 am 17 Jun 05

It’s not often I am in full agreement with you JohnBoy, but on this topic you have hit the nail on the head.

There’s only one thing worse than the proceeds of these pokie dens going to selected sporting groups and that is when the whole operation is run by a quasi religous organisation – eg Catholics/Southern Cross Club.

Ralph Ralph 7:46 am 17 Jun 05

I wonder if the ACT government stipulates how much of each club’s pokie revenue has to go to community organisation?

In NSW the clubs throw a few pennies into community groups (usually the ones the board members are affiliated with) and spend the rest continuously renovating their pokie havens.

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