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Winter Warehouse Review – what did people think?

By FC - 2 June 2008 49

For those of you that attended the event –
What did you think of it?
The music/set up/location?

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
Winter Warehouse Review – what did people think?
FC 1:13 pm 02 Jun 08

Thanks fnaah.
I guess it couldn’t really be helped on Cassius’ behalf then.
Kinda sucks tho – as he was one of the main ppl I was keen to see.

FC 1:12 pm 02 Jun 08

I’ve never been to brand depot.
But that hasn’t really got much to do with the Winter warehouse Music festival 🙂

fnaah 1:12 pm 02 Jun 08

Apparently Cassius’ flight was delayed/postponed due to a combination of industrial action by Qantas maintenance engineers and bad weather in Qld.

hingo 1:12 pm 02 Jun 08

Yeah its a good drive. You can get some good Footy supporter gear out there as well. Its still expensive as hell, but its a good range. Why are footy jerseys so damn expensive? Its damn near impossible to find one under $100. Someone is making a lot of cash of that shizzit.

fnaah 1:10 pm 02 Jun 08

All up, I’ve got to say I was a bit disappointed.

The venue wasn’t too bad. The main arena was well suited to the event, but getting from that to anywhere else was an exercise in frustration due to several choke points. This also made it easy for people to be dickheads and try and provoke fights by pretending not to notice they were in the way and getting uppity when asked to move. The light show in the main arena wasn’t bad, although I get the feeling the lighting guy was doing as much as he could with limited resources. Don’t people believe in lasers anymore? There weren’t nearly enough bins, which meant that by the end of the night you were wading through a floor littered with crushed cans and plastic bottles, which is a bit of a hazard around people who have self-induced temporary coordination and balance issues.

The crowd was generally well behaved, apart from the previously mentioned (and inescapable) dickheads who usually show up to this type of event. I’ve seen much worse interstate, but it would have been nice to see a bit more security around to deter this kind of arsehattery before it dominates Canberra’s emerging event scene.

As for the music, my very personalised and subjective opinion is that it wasn’t great. I was glad they managed to squeeze in a short set from A-Skillz, as that was the highlight for me. Potbelliez were OK, albeit frustrating for never actually letting the crowd ride a dropped beat for more than four bars, despite constant sample teasing and contrived build-ups. Utah Saints were godawful – an unrelenting, offensive and physically painful barrage of distorted bass, piercing synth whine and almost hard-style angry beats. They never played the two tracks that most of the crowd had been waiting 10 years to hear. The hybrid set was similar, if toned down from that – they seemed to try and play a similar style to Utah Saints, which is almost diametrically opposite to what they’re best at – melodic breakbeats with rich, symphonic nuance and haunting atmosphere.

It’s a shame the music tended to cater for the shirt-off giant-sunnies angry-stomp-dance crowd, but I guess that’s where events are headed these days. With this in mind, I doubt I’ll be heading to another one.

el 1:08 pm 02 Jun 08

Yeah, I got some decent shoes for $21. Didn’t really see much else out there that warranted a trip out to the airport though.

hingo 1:05 pm 02 Jun 08

Its not too bad. Good for getting shoes and footy jerseys. Its also a good excuse to grab a coffee at Starbucks. Coffee snobs wouldn’t be impressed but fudge ’em, I like Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha.

el 12:52 pm 02 Jun 08

I’ve only been to Brand Depot once.

hingo 12:50 pm 02 Jun 08

FC said :

Ok – Maybe I should have given a little more detail.
But I guess if ppl don’t know what it is then they wouldn’t really have gone and therefore wouldn’t have any feedback about the event.

I did go to Brand Depot on the weekend. I needed clarification. Last time I checked, this was a blog, and blogs contain stories, not chat room one liners.

FC 12:45 pm 02 Jun 08

Yeah what was up with that?
Does anyone know why he didn’t play?

Avy 12:43 pm 02 Jun 08

Except Cassius didn’t play…

FC 12:42 pm 02 Jun 08

Ok – Maybe I should have given a little more detail.
But I guess if ppl don’t know what it is then they wouldn’t really have gone and therefore wouldn’t have any feedback about the event.

Warehouse Winter Music Festival
Held Saturday at the AIS from 1.00pm till 11pm

Some of the line up:
Mixmaster Mike (Beastie Boys)

Cassius (DJ/Live, France)

Utah Saints (‘Something Good’ UK)

Bonde Do Role (Live, Brazil)

Mr Oizo (Ed Banger)

Van She Tech

Ajax (Aus #1 DJ)

TV Rock

The Aston Shuffle (‘For Everyone’)

Jeff Drake

hingo 12:29 pm 02 Jun 08

Winter Warehouse? Is that at Brand Depot?

el 12:17 pm 02 Jun 08

What story?

postmanpat 12:12 pm 02 Jun 08

Gee – do you think this story could be just a little more informative?

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