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Woodstock rises from the dead?

By toriness - 2 October 2008 61

Saw this sign outside Akuna Club today (which is on Akuna St in Civic amazingly).

It is a brand spanking new sign so WTF with the misspelling of ‘They’re’ in the ‘They’re Back’ and the overzealous use of apostrophes (yes I am pedantic about such things – and I know I’m not the only one who finds incorrect spelling and use of grammar annoying!) – but thought people might like to know that their beloved Woodstock is baaaaaaack.

What’s Your opinion?

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61 Responses to
Woodstock rises from the dead?
Thumper 2:56 pm 02 Oct 08

I just cannot believe it.

Someone thought of the sign, someone then designed the sign, someone approved the sign, someone then printed the sign, someone delivered the sign, and someone signed off that they received it!

And no-one noticed the mistakes?

tylersmayhem 2:51 pm 02 Oct 08

Let’s hope that neither the Woodstockers or the sign writers go and get any tattoo’s done that involve text eh?!

Aurelius 2:48 pm 02 Oct 08

A few years ago, I was in Goulburn, and saw a panelvan with a professional paint job that must have set him back thousands. But the entire left side was emblazoned with “Artic Fox”.
If you’re gunna pay for it, you should expect it to be spelt right.

Fiona 2:46 pm 02 Oct 08

*sigh* I don’t want to have to deal with such things today.

It’s not even like the sign is PRETTY and so can get away with having a few little errors…

Skidbladnir 2:42 pm 02 Oct 08

The proofreader in me is already refusing its patronage.

Thumper 2:37 pm 02 Oct 08


Jesus Christ. Someone go and burn it now!

Thumper 2:36 pm 02 Oct 08

Pizza’s ??????


Roland GRNS 2:34 pm 02 Oct 08

And it’s not as if the rules of the apostrophe are complicated or inconsistent. I think there’s only two uses.

firstly to signal a missing letter, for a shortened word etc.

Secondly as a possessive signifier… bearing in mind possessive pronouns (such as its, theirs and hers) don’t need the signifier.

OK, that’s the only slightly complicated bit. When it’s its or when there’s a theirs.

fnaah 2:28 pm 02 Oct 08

Because the customer is always right, and because signwriters love a good joke as much as anyone else.

astrojax 2:28 pm 02 Oct 08

pizza’s and sizzling steak’s what are here? and what is on their back? why should i look there? and how many cities are there [their? they’re? damn…]

are signwriters only recruited from extension english classes in 3rd grade, or something? what about the owners who should have a sign off [pun unintended] on the thing?

maybe an election promise from someone will be that riot act is to authroise the grammar of all public signage..?

niftydog 2:21 pm 02 Oct 08

They were gone? :O

I love how they’ve got apostrophes everywhere except for the one place it was appropriate.

Why the heck aren’t sign writers expert apostrophe users?

Cameron 2:20 pm 02 Oct 08

And on second look, that’s not an A frame. Sign then.

Cameron 2:20 pm 02 Oct 08

Christ they’ve made a meal of that A frame… I hope the new people can cook – spelling and grammar certainly aren’t their strong point.

RAGD 2:19 pm 02 Oct 08

I don’t really mind bad spelling, if it’s in a casual post on the internet here and there. But if it’s on a sign that is supposed to attract people to your place and is designed to grab as much attention as it can..

Then yeah.. a quick double take might be in order.

Mr_Shab 2:19 pm 02 Oct 08

I had heard that the sons of the former owners had bought out the rights to the “Woodstock” name; but nothing more.

This kind-of makes sense; there has always been a link between Woodstock and the Akuna Club. I know Roy the foul-tempered alcoholic grill cook worked at both.

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