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Work begins on Ashley Drive and Erindale Drive

By Barcham 15 October 2013 27

Canberra has been sorely lacking in road works recently, but never fear, today Shane Rattenbury announced some more!


“The ACT Government is upgrading Ashley Drive and Erindale Drive, including intersection improvements, to make the area safer for motorists, cyclists and other road users and reduce traffic congestion,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“Carrying over 20,000 vehicles a day, these busy roads located in south Canberra provide an important link between Johnson Drive in Richardson and Sternberg Crescent in Wanniassa. They are two of the major access roads for traffic travelling from Tuggeranong suburbs such as Calwell, Gordon and Isabella Plains to Woden and the city.

“Increasing levels of traffic in the area has resulted in significant queuing and delays experienced by drivers at key intersections on Erindale Drive and Ashley Drive during the morning and afternoon peak periods.

“The upgrade aims to address traffic issues at key intersections with a focus on Ashley Drive’s intersections with Erindale Drive, Sternberg Crescent and McBryde Crescent. Once works are complete, motorists are sure to welcome the reduced queues at these intersections which will help reduce travel times.

“Stage one works will include:
— duplication of Erindale Drive between Sternberg Crescent and Ashley Drive
— part-time traffic signals (for the morning peak) on the eastern approach to the Sternberg Crescent and Erindale Drive roundabout
— introduction of left slip turn lanes on Erindale Drive (southbound) at the approaches to both Sternberg Crescent and Ashley Drive
— installation of traffic signals at the Ashley Drive/McBryde Crescent intersection.

“The signalisation of the Ashley Drive/McBryde Crescent intersection will provide a safe crossing for people visiting the Erindale Centre on foot or on bike. It will also aid vehicles entering and exiting the intersection which can prove difficult during peak hours, especially for buses which need more turning time.

The aim is for the stage 1 works to be done by May next year. Of course this will be construction zone speed limits and delays, so be prepared adjust your commutes accordingly.

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Work begins on Ashley Drive and Erindale Drive
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Skelinoz 4:12 pm 20 Aug 14

Erindale Drive already has some of the worst driving standards i have witnessed in the ACT, you do NOT need to head for the right hand lane and sit there because your turning right in 10km time, these roadworks are only going to confuse the entitled and idiotic even more. It was bad enough when they moved the merge lane back up the hill, with some drivers seemingly unable to comprehend that the merge point had indeed moved. Im still in awe of those that cannot read a signpost, Left turn only – Left lane. Middle lane closed. Right Hand lane Right hand turn and straight ahead only. It does not mean you charge down the left lane undertaking the drivers in the right hand lane who can read, and barge your way in at the last possible moment.

goggles13 5:58 am 07 Aug 14

I see stage 1 is now planned to finish in September 2014 and a tender awarded for design of stage 2:

can’t wait to see how drivers navigate the new arrangements on Erindale drive when turning left onto Sternberg or Ashley Drive.

dungfungus 3:06 pm 28 Apr 14

gooterz said :

Isn’t Erindale drive one of the least used out of Isabella Drive, Erindale and Athllon Drive.

If something was done about Athllon drive/Sulwood Drive intersection then Erindale drive wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

The area in question is 300 metres.. What is that going to achieve?

It’s going to extend the gridlock another 300 metres towards Tuggeranong Town Centre.

goggles13 9:54 pm 27 Apr 14

miz said :

Yeah it won’t achieve much until the other stages are completed. I suggest they time full completion of all sections before the next local election if they want it to make any difference whatsoever to voting intentions.

pretty dangerous game of poker the Govt is playing then!

I’m sure my rates will go up to pay for the Light Rail thing and that is one reason not to vote for the current Govt.

miz 9:35 pm 27 Apr 14

Yeah it won’t achieve much until the other stages are completed. I suggest they time full completion of all sections before the next local election if they want it to make any difference whatsoever to voting intentions.

gooterz 6:18 pm 27 Apr 14

We’ll build stage 1 to show we mean business but you have to vote us in at the election to get stage 2 to make the whole thing worth while.

rommeldog56 1:11 pm 27 Apr 14

You have to be kidding, Shane ! Or are u blind ??

While I agree that there will be some improvements in and around Erindale centre itself (and not before time either !), the duplication of Erindale Drive between Sternberg & Ashley will achieve very little – if anything – ’cause it’s still one lane on Ashley drive and still one lane on Erindale/Athlon south to the Tuggeranong Parkway (towards the Hyperdome).

So, Shane, its a bit presumptuous to claim that drivers are “sure to welcome the reduced queues” – ’cause all u are doing is moving the queues further south ! Without a phase 2, phase 1 will probably achieve little I’m afraid. No wait, that was a bit harsh – it does provide the opportunity for more spin from the ACT Government I suppose !

Come on Shane and Katy, commit to phase 2 “immediately”. I gotta get some return for the probable tripling of my Annual Rates and the absurdly high parking fees I pay daily !!!

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