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Young Canberrans are tubby marshmallows!

By asp - 18 August 2007 42

The ABC is reporting that: a new survey has found that more than a quarter of senior primary school students in Canberra are overweight or obese.


Katy Gallagher says these results will help the government to create new strategies to combat our, shall we say “growing” society.

Well, I think enough strategies already exist. The teachers lecture students about what not to eat (though they seem to focus on McDonalds and Coke Cola a little to much). But I think the problem is very much at home. When I was at school, my colleagues seemed to rarely eat a fresh dinner, instead choosing microwave pizza, chips and chicken nuggets in their room or at the local sport club. There’s only so much the government can do. We can’t have a broccoli gestapo now can we?

So, what can we do to prevent the children turning into marshmallows?

If you have kids, what are you feeding them and doing to make sure they eat well?

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
Young Canberrans are tubby marshmallows!
futto 9:09 pm 18 Aug 07

Our young fatties have too much self-esteem so they feel no need to lose the pounds.

Nemo 8:53 pm 18 Aug 07

There is also the ‘Have a go’ cricket program which is for younger kids and is more about getting outside and having fun.

Nemo 8:33 pm 18 Aug 07

Kramer, I believe junior cricket only goes for a couple of hours – similer to football.
They play the game over two weeks, alternating batting and bowling.

The Little Athletics season is about to commence soon too.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:20 pm 18 Aug 07

The obesity of an individual lies squarely with what they put in their mouth (food-wise, that is).

Yes, yes, some people have medical problems which means none of it is their fault (but it’s a bloody small proportion).

GnT 8:05 pm 18 Aug 07

“There’s only so much the government can do”


“they seem to focus on McDonalds and Coke Cola a little to much”

Double Agreed. McDonalds and Coke can form part of a healthy, balanced diet. Just not every day. McDonalds has done a lot recently to update their menu with some healthier items and I think they deserve credit for this trend, not continuously bagged out as though they’re the sole cause of childhood obesity.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:01 pm 18 Aug 07

Maybe the chubby little bastards need to stop chowing down on junk food. There’s a hint there for the parents among us.

Kramer 7:57 pm 18 Aug 07

“Cricket season is also soon to be upon us.”

Sorry Thumper, but I’ll be doing everything possible to prevent my kids playing cricket. Who would want to spend an entire day bored out of their brain watching (or worse scoring) kids cricket. They will get as much exercise (if not more) from 80 minutes of rugby, and if it isn’t more entertaining (but how could little kids smashing each other not be), it’s only 80 minutes of my life.

sepi 6:56 pm 18 Aug 07

The cost of the obese kids on our health system will be more than the cost of watering the ovals.

nyssa76 6:04 pm 18 Aug 07

Don’t crowd the curriculum with PC BS and there will be more time for sporting programs within schools – not crammed in whenever there is room.

thetruth 5:48 pm 18 Aug 07

Keeping local ovals open may not be either possible or the long term answer given water supplies / restrictions and costs.

Thumper 5:32 pm 18 Aug 07

Cricket season is also soon to be upon us.

Nemo 3:17 pm 18 Aug 07

Basketball Canberra has programs for kids of all ages and ability levels.

Nemo 3:02 pm 18 Aug 07

The baseball season is starting soon and is great for kids of all ages and fitness levels.

The link below has details of upcoming registration days.

sepi 10:14 am 18 Aug 07

Strategy Two: Retain and fund public programs like Paint and Play in the local parks around Canberra.

sepi 10:13 am 18 Aug 07

Suggested strategy for keeping kids fit and healthy:

Keep local ovals open, and retain green spaces within the suburbs.

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