Young Canberrans are tubby marshmallows!

asp 18 August 2007 42

The ABC is reporting that: a new survey has found that more than a quarter of senior primary school students in Canberra are overweight or obese.


Katy Gallagher says these results will help the government to create new strategies to combat our, shall we say “growing” society.

Well, I think enough strategies already exist. The teachers lecture students about what not to eat (though they seem to focus on McDonalds and Coke Cola a little to much). But I think the problem is very much at home. When I was at school, my colleagues seemed to rarely eat a fresh dinner, instead choosing microwave pizza, chips and chicken nuggets in their room or at the local sport club. There’s only so much the government can do. We can’t have a broccoli gestapo now can we?

So, what can we do to prevent the children turning into marshmallows?

If you have kids, what are you feeding them and doing to make sure they eat well?

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42 Responses to Young Canberrans are tubby marshmallows!
thetruth thetruth 2:54 pm 23 Aug 07

Yes but the average public servant doesn’t have worry about running a business (a good slice of them add to my hours, but hey).

The fact is that kids doen’t just go down the park…. it takes a little more involvement. Yes my life is a bit extreme – but my point is still valid…. Stop looking for a solution elsewhere use what you have available and get your tubby little marshmellows into doing something (a policy is not the answer)

sepi sepi 8:24 am 22 Aug 07

Realistic people deal with how people are, and try to come up with workable policies.
eg – provide a park, people might go there.

A policy of ‘parents should do 110 hour weeks’ and get the kids to sport is not going to take society by storm.

thetruth thetruth 1:02 am 22 Aug 07

If the parent takes them down to the park that fine. But I work in small business chalking up 90 hour per week of work, we travel from the deep south of Canberra to the high north for kids sport for about 20 hours per week, I have got two degrees, reno’ed two houses moved from north to queanbeyan and still manage, have 6 kids ranging from 4 to 18 years.

So don’t bleat about hard luck stories – pudgy excuses for pudgy kids by parents that don’t want to work at what they do

sepi sepi 6:48 pm 21 Aug 07

Taking your kids to the park is good for them – it isn’t using the park as a babysitter. \

Organised sport works well for some families – great. But it won’t work for all. It especially won’t work for those where the parents work long hours, those who aren’t well off, those who move a lot, and those in single parent families.

Having a local park where the kids can run around works for everyone. A decent sized backyard is nice too! And the bush reserve areas around Canberra are also good – and free.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 4:05 pm 21 Aug 07

Here’s a revolutionary idea: maybe the parents could get off their OWN fat backsides and do physical activity WITH THEIR KIDS!! That way everyone gets healthier and you build relationship with your kids.

Now, I believe there’s a new dam being built. FORWARD MARCH!!

thetruth thetruth 3:46 pm 21 Aug 07

I don’t know if you have kids … but my experience it is not that easy. But I used structured sport and all the people that make that happen to give my kids the respect for their bodies and the self esteem to become very fit non drinking non smoking teenagers.

Yes it took effort to get them to sport and to watch them week in week out (we had several things on every day). but nothing beats your kid beaming when they do something that they are proud of!

So yes hard impossible no – parents should make an effort and be involve not just push the kids down the park (using a park as a babysitter or a TV as one just means you are not being a parent)

bonfire bonfire 2:41 pm 21 Aug 07

i think parents are to blame for fat kids,.

dont stock soft drinks at home except on special occasions.

limit video game usage.

make the little shites run around the backyard instead of using the tv as a babysitter.

do not drive them to school. make them walk, or buy them a bicycle.

if i was chief minister, every schoolkid would do one hour a day of PE.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:53 pm 20 Aug 07

This current generation or “all about me” don’t give a rats arse.

They will be lining up for disability due to obesity like Homer Simpson.

thetruth thetruth 6:18 pm 20 Aug 07

Or maybe their parents could get off their lard arses and take them down sign up for cricket, football, little athletics, swimming, gymnastics or whatever – let their skills and confidence grow (instead of their guts and arses)…. then little johnny or julie will be so confident and encouraged that every spare moment would be taken up kicking the ball, playing backyard cricket, running, bike riding or whatever. ie break the cycle and be parents rather than self absorbed gits that blame everyone but themselves. Yes hard, but there are heaps of folks that help coaches other parents etc.

asp asp 1:56 pm 20 Aug 07

good idea VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt , maybe the prisoners can help.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:35 pm 20 Aug 07

Blow up your video!

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 10:12 am 20 Aug 07

At least the ACT is doing their part by “encouraging” students to travel further to school 🙂 now if only they’d ride or walk instead of car/bus !!!

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 9:31 am 20 Aug 07

What the hell is wrong with you people? The answer is obvious: put the little lardballs to work BUILDING THE NEW DAM!

atoz atoz 9:13 am 20 Aug 07

Some of them are just big boned.

Ralph Ralph 7:52 am 20 Aug 07

Nanny State 101:

Ban videogames.

Ban junk food advertising during children’s TV.

Bank junk food.

Public subsidies for education programmes, get fit clinics, water ovals etc.

Thumper Thumper 7:44 am 20 Aug 07

dport, ahh, sport, that is…

Thumper Thumper 7:43 am 20 Aug 07

Same as Ferret for me.

if I wasn’t playing organised dport I was down the oval kicking a footy, playing cricket, british bulldog, chasing dogs, etc etc, or wandering around the bush tormenting lizards and snakes..

And, surprisingly maybe, I can onlt ever remeber one fat kid from when I was at school.

pierce pierce 9:02 pm 19 Aug 07

Didn’t Old McDonalds have a farm?

thetruth thetruth 8:48 pm 19 Aug 07

It is not a matter of rehabilitation – the days of ovals in every suburb are I believe gone. Like getting a decent meal on a plane or full sevice petrol stations. That doesn’t mean that parks and open space cannot exist, but oval in the sporting ground sense.

In the near future people will ask why we put perfectly good drinking water on to the ground so that Johnny could kick a sherrin (despite that fact that little johnny is now middle age and reflects back on what they did as a little tacker).

FACT obesity is rising FACT pressures in terms of time and organisaiton are rising. FACT parents are the largest influence on kids activity FACT most parents are now finding it very difficult to get home get meals do work and help little johnny play – therefore little Johnny (or Julie) sits in front of computer until parents come home with pizza or chicken and chips, for lunch he or she ditched the sandwich and piece of fruit provided by the parents and buys a packet of chips and a coke.

Organised sport in this type of environment is the only way to get johnny or Julie off the couch. Growling I bet that you played organised sport as well as the unorganised that you discribe.

The FACT is that what we are doing now is not working and you need to think differently. The water situation into the future just makes the process even more complex

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 8:11 pm 19 Aug 07


Tuggeranong has a bucket load of ovals. Belconnen is losing them rapidly. In Gungahlin, oval is the average shape of a 10 year old whose parents are afraid to let them ride their bike to school…

Ovals are in short supply.

When I was a tacker, my brother and I would kick the league ball, soccer ball, sherrin, and hit golf balls all in disorganised sport due to being away most weekends. More ovals and public spaces are necessary, not less. However, IMHO a few that have already gone beyond the point of redemption should be sold, and the proceeds directed to rehabilitation of the surviving sporting fields

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