Your chance to win tickets to CORINBANK!

johnboy 8 February 2012 17
corinbank photo

Corinbank 2012 is coming up in the first weekend of this March.

To get you all in the mood we’ve got two double passes for this entrancing celebration of art, music, and the mountains to give away.

Let us know in the comments why you’ll appreciate these tickets more than anyone else and we’ll pick the best entries in by COB this Friday 10 February.

UPDATE: And the full set times are up now too!

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17 Responses to Your chance to win tickets to CORINBANK!
johnboy johnboy 5:42 pm 10 Feb 12

Winners as judged by Adam Hadley announced here:

johnboy johnboy 5:06 pm 10 Feb 12

OK guys and girls!

That’s it for entries. We’ll find a judge and get back to you!

cairncairn cairncairn 4:59 pm 10 Feb 12

Hm, not much time to think of a good reason! I haven’t been to Corinbank before and I’d like to check it out with my nerdish boyfriend. Saving madly for a house at the mo, so getting out and about and enjoying the best Canberra has to offer has been pushed to the bottom of the priority list!

ozbybike ozbybike 4:46 pm 10 Feb 12

Because festivals make my world go round!! I want to dance barefoot amongst the trees, and let the music and happy vibes fill my spirit with all the goodness of the universe…

Mishnin79 Mishnin79 3:50 pm 10 Feb 12

Because Johnboy owes me 600 favours for breaking my bed.

jmljen jmljen 3:49 pm 10 Feb 12

Until very recently I was unaware of the legend that is Corinbank. How is this possible? I am not sure.

I have been told by knowledgeable individuals that I would very much enjoy all that is Corinbank. Despite not know a single artist, I believe them. Indie music, green initiatives and slow food – this sounds like my sort of festival.

In line with the green ethos of the festival my other ticket would be given to someone riding all the way from Adelaide – given the timing of their arrival to Canberra one may even infer that they had planned it just for Corinbank, that is if they have a ticket to attend.

I am a lover of food, both eating it and cooking it. And, although banana and chocolate muffins may not fit the true definition of slow food, (read: I am willing to bake muffins for tickets).

Basically, I would love to go. The festival looks amazing and I have been told great things. However, as I have been cycle touring with no income for the last few months I am struggling to justify the financial costs associated with buying tickets. I would appreciate these tickets because they will not only enable me to attend, but they will also without doubt prove right those knowledgeable individuals who informed me about Corinbank.

NancyNobody NancyNobody 3:48 pm 10 Feb 12

A chance encounter.
Buzzing ears and fresh sunburn.
Makes my life complete.

Watson Watson 11:31 am 10 Feb 12

*Let us know in the comments why you’ll appreciate these tickets more than anyone else and we’ll pick the best entries in by COB this Friday 10 February.*

Because when I took my daughter last time, when she was 5, and asked her at the end of the weekend what she had liked best about the festival she replied: “The music. And the love.” That’s my reason for really wanting to go again.

The reason why I deserve to get the tickets for free is that all my available money will go to mortgage repayments this year. And all I’ll have to show for it is a sh!tty little house in Gungahlin!

julzmay julzmay 11:18 am 10 Feb 12

I want to go to Corinbank
I think it will be fun
A place for arts and music
With mountains in the sun

The event sounds spectacular
I wish I could be there
But alas I am a student
With no way to pay the fare.

Deref Deref 8:59 am 10 Feb 12

I would like to go to Corinbank to find out what it is.

Thank you.

far_northact far_northact 8:14 am 10 Feb 12

I was standing at the bus interchange, reading the poster with the entertainment line-up. There wasn’t one name I recognised. Perhaps I should win, so that I gain musical enlightenment!

Ex Warrior Ex Warrior 7:47 am 10 Feb 12

I’d like to show my misses that Sydney is not the only f*cking place in the world!!!

CrocodileGandhi CrocodileGandhi 11:08 pm 09 Feb 12

Growing up in the mean streets of Tuggeranong, life has never been easy. My parents moved to Canberra in 1979. They left their respective small country towns in search of a better life. Unfortunately they decided to build their new life in the arse-end of Canberra. From there, a series of unfortunate events (each more unfortunate than the last) led to the altogether unwanted position of living in a one bedroom shack in the heartland of Fadden Pines.

In between having to deal with the morning joggers and the nightly drunk teenagers, I was forced to trek the arduous journey through Fadden, Gowrie and (shudder) Wanniassa to reach Canberra’s finest schooling establishment, Wanniassa High. One doesn’t truly appreciate their life until they have run a gauntlet of rat-tail filled streets each morning for several years. After leaving that hellish arena and the even less enviable establishment known as Erindale college (FOOTBALL!), I managed to snare a position at the ANU. After three laborious years, scraping by on the money I earned teaching rat-tailed youths that words are more powerful than red bull fuelled fistfights, I entered the workforce as a graduate in the APS. From there I fought my way through a year of morning teas, endless training courses, and SNoG events (past graduates will know what I’m talking about) to make it to where I am today – a mid-level APS employee.

I have not shared my story so that others will feel sorry for me. I have written it to inspire. To show other sad, sorry individuals living in the depths of North Cooma that even they can aspire to meet a Cabinet Minister at a departmental happy hour. It is because I have managed to get to where I am today, against all conceivable odds, that I will most appreciate being given the chance to celebrate my hard work, considerable effort and good fortune over a folksy weekend in the Brindabellas.

bloodnut bloodnut 7:50 pm 09 Feb 12

because I promise to – at exactly to the minute – to re-enact 2009’s stunning roshambo contest …. 4am. In the bar. c’mon guys. c’mon.

AnimosiTy AnimosiTy 7:45 am 09 Feb 12

because we the willing led by the unknowing have been doing so much with so little for so long we are now qualified to do anything with nothing….
ok so not quite my words but I totally agree and love it!
more I guess as prices of everything goes up I find I’m able to get out less n less, as a mum.
thankyou for running this comp, this is the ONLY way I could afford this… don’t suppose you supply spending money!? Joking!! 🙂 thanks

sezzle sezzle 3:02 pm 08 Feb 12

I would love to go to Corinbank, if only once, but it’s always at the time where birthdays are a plenty and so I am broke. Mr. sezzle’s birthday is on the Friday and him being the musical type I’m sure would love the experience.

HenryBG HenryBG 2:29 pm 08 Feb 12

Well, it all started back in 1989. I was working as a legal clerk and David Eastman came to us asking for our help in defending him from some sort of trumped-up murder charges. Of course, he sacked us halfway through the trial, and then refused to pay our fees. As a result, the firm I worked for couldn’t afford to pay me, so I lost my job. I had to move out of the house I had bought earlier that year to rent it out and I moved into a horrible little flat in Queanbeyan by the river. I tried to get a job in the APS, but as all theAPS jobs already had somebody acting in them, and they only ever give jobs to people already acting, I didn’t stand a chance. Meanwhile, the selfish tenants in my house refused to pay rent and it took me months to get them evicted by which time the bank had decided to repossess it, leaving me with nothing but my white Commodore and a few belongings. The very next day, my white Commodore was stolen and torched out on Tharwa Drive somewhere. As the buses in from Queanbeyan are all from the 1920s and therefore carcinogenic and make everybody roadsick, staying in Queanbeyan wasn’t an option and I managed to stay with a friend in Downer. Not long after, the Summernats happened and thick clouds of burnt rubber drifted over my house which made me hysterical and all my hair fell out. So a couple of tickets to CorinBank would really help to get my mind off things…

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