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Late fees for parking fines not justfied

By 21 August 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Late fees for parking fines not justfied

It is interesting that we are attacking the banks and now the telcos over late payment fees when our own local government can be included.
I deservedly incurred a parking fine of $91 and forgot to pay it on time. For my troubles I am hit by an administrative charge of $34. This is over 33% [...]

Quick to condemn Palmer after the fact but not during the rant

By 20 August 2014

I found Clive Palmer’s outburst on Q&A on Monday night pretty awful and something we shouldn’t see from a Member of Parliament.
I do however wonder why Tony Jones or Penny Wong didn’t step in to disagree?
I find it a very ‘Australian’ thing to do. To stand by and smile while someone spews vile statements that [...]

Tony McAbbott – Meddler In Chief

By 20 August 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE
Tony McAbbott – Meddler In Chief

I can’t think for the life of me why our PM would want to suggest that the world as we know it will cease to be if the Scots get independence. But then, perhaps the world as he knows it may just end.
Perhaps the flag may need to be revisited with the withdrawal of the [...]

Payroll Tax changes, or is it a new Recuitment Agency Tax?

By 18 August 2014

On Thursday evening the ACT Legislative Assembly passed the ACT Payroll Tax Reform Bill. This Bill prevents “genuine employers” from being exempt from payroll tax if they pick up contract work through a recruitment agency. Unfortunately, yet again, the ACT Government has done a poor job in formulating policy.
This new policy has the following effect [...]

The opaque Omnibus Draft Territory Plan Variation

By 15 August 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

You might have missed it. There’s a slew of changes coming under an ‘omnibus’ draft variation to the Territory Plan.
So what? I hear you say. It’s just looking at rezoning four public housing sites:

Stuart Flats, Griffith
Gowrie Court, Narrabundah
Red Hill Flats, Red Hill
Strathgordon Court, Lyons.

And there’s some unspecified vacant land in Narrabundah, Fyshwick, Symonston and Jerrabomberra [...]

North Canberra Community Council August meeting

By 15 August 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

[ 20 August 2014; 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. ] The August meeting of the North Canberra Community Council will consider Dickson intersection improvements, an ‘omnibus’ Territory Plan Variation that will affect several sites including the former Downer School and the Cape Street Centre, and a proposal to build a car park on the wooded area adjacent to the Dickson swimming pool.

All interested north Canberra [...]

Want to be Canberra’s first scientist of the year?

By 14 August 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Want to be Canberra's first scientist of the year?

I was thrilled to announce the “ACT Scientist of the Year” award today when I officially opened the Canberra contingent of National Science Week.  This is the first award of its kind in the ACT and it will recognise the amazing work of Canberra’s scientists.  The “ACT Scientist of the Year” will be awarded annually [...]

Canberra – Democracy Denied

By 14 August 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE
Canberra – Democracy Denied

Democracy is certainly not perfect, and the ACT is no exception.
In 2016 the ACT Legislative Assembly will increase its members from 17 to 25; there is some merit to this proposition. For its population, the ACT currently has the lowest level of democratic representation in Australia (both at the federal and territory levels). An increase [...]

Power Corrupts Absolutely

By 13 August 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE
Power Corrupts Absolutely

Did anyone notice the oceans of salivation over Eddie Obeid’s, Joe Tripodi’s and Ian MacDonald’s discomfort when sprung by the NSW ICAC? All those Labor haters thought the wrath of God had finally arrived on those scumbags.
I need to say that I love Labor desperately. The Party has been good to me and [...]

Free speech? Free-ish maybe…

By 12 August 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE
Free speech? Free-ish maybe...

A very long time ago when I was starting out in radio one of the old hands told me sadly that even though we had access to a moderately powerful transmitter, there were many important things that needed be said but could never be heard on the home receiver because “they” wouldn’t allow it.
Whether that [...]

New laws for major events

By 12 August 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

The ACT will be better positioned to host major international events with the introduction of a bill later this week by Attorney-General, Simon Corbell.
The Major Events Bill 2014, which will be introduced on Thursday, will establish new legislation for security management and commercial protections for major events.
“This legislation is a critical part of the ACT’s [...]

School Principal’s Budget Autonomy Trial

By 12 August 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Does anyone know when the report into School Principal’s Budget Autonomy Trial will be released? The trial was significantly scaled back after 18 months in July last year which raised a more than a few eyebrows. I for one am curious to know if the principal’s came in on budget? Did they appropriate the money [...]

RiotACT Face Off: Light Rail or Bullet Train

By 11 August 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE
RiotACT Face Off: Light Rail or Bullet Train

Talk of a bullet train between Canberra and Sydney has been bubbling away for some time now. How do these plans compare to light rail and which is more important to Canberra? We asked Damien Haas (Chair of ACT Light Rail) and Tim Bohm (President, Bullet Train for Australia Party) the following question and their [...]

ACTTAB sale a body blow for Canberra’s racing industry

By 11 August 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE
ACTTAB sale a body blow for Canberra's racing industry

The sale of Canberra’s betting agency ACTTAB for $105.5 million and a 50-year exclusive totalisator licence to Tabcorp Holdings (for $1 million a year) has been met with disbelief and anger in some quarters of the racing industry.
Representatives of the thoroughbred, harness and racing codes feel they were excluded from consultations over the sale and [...]

Bill supports inquiries into convictions


Attorney-General Simon Corbell today announced amendments to the Crimes Act 1900 confirming a recent Supreme Court decision that the court can receive submissions in considering a report on an inquiry into convictions.
The amendments also reflect the court’s finding that consideration of a report is a judicial process.
The amendments are framed to commence from the day [...]

Liberty, Cruelty, and Animals

Liberty, Cruelty, and Animals

“There’s a poor animal with blood on its head and tears running down its face. Who did that to it? It’s lying in the dust and its wings are broken. Who broke its wings? Who cut off his hands so that it can’t shake the bars?” Edward Bond, Lear.
We live in a cruel world. Whether [...]

Separation of Church and State

Separation of Church and State

The emergence of the enlightened catch up of the Liberal Party (and hopefully their Coalition Party colleagues, the Nationals) to allow MPs a conscience vote on same sex marriage is very welcome.
When I heard about this about-face, I ruminated on the old question about the separation of Church and State. I think it [...]

Legislative Assembly increases to 25 members from the 2016 election


Canberrans will have a better level of representation after legislation passed yesterday increasing the size of the ACT Legislative Assembly from 17 to 25 MLAs from the 2016 election.
With bipartisan support, the Assembly passed two bills introduced by Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, to increase representation of ACT citizens and improve representative democracy in the territory.
“Following the [...]

Slippery Pete, Fast Eddie and risky business

Slippery Pete, Fast Eddie and risky business

On the day news came through that it had been found Peter Slipper had dishonestly used parliamentary taxi vouchers to travel to wineries, callers started ringing in to the radio program I was presenting.
Some said that in the scheme of things, misusing taxpayer funds to the tune of $954 didn’t seem like that big of [...]

ACT Government releases Community Engagement Strategy on Climate Change


The ACT Government’s Community Engagement Strategy on Climate Change, released today by Minister for the Environment, Simon Corbell, builds on the large amount of work already being done in the territory to tackle the causes and effects of climate change.
“Climate projections for the ACT indicate warmer and drier conditions with more frequent drought and bushfires. [...]

Sex, Politics and Liberty

Sex, Politics and Liberty

Sometimes, late at night, I wake beside the love of my life and sneak quietly out of bed for a secret liaison. I close the hallway doors, rekindle the fire, and pour myself a large glass of… anything alcoholic. I sit in the dim light, with my dog Bruce by my feet, and let my [...]

Political Parties

Political Parties

I read many stories and opinions from people in the general public about the insidiousness of factions within political parties.
Usually they are from people who are not and have never been a member of a political party and thus are commenting from a position of ignorance or gullibility by believing everything they read [...]

Helping local business develop IT skills


Chief Minister Katy Gallagher is inviting Canberra’s business and not-for-profit community to participate in free Digital Business Capacity Building Workshops to accelerate business engagement with the ACT digital economy.
The free workshops are part of the ACT Government’s Digital Canberra initiative, in partnership with Canberra Business Council, and focus on building the Information and Communication Technology [...]

Why I Joined The Australian Sex Party

Why I Joined The Australian Sex Party

To understand modern politics through the Left/Right divide is to misunderstand the great challenges of our generation.
The battlelines of modern Australian politics are certainly not as clear as those of my parent’s generation. They knew it was finally time to force white man to withdraw his gun from the throats of black citizens throughout the [...]

Has Shane Rattenbury thought the medical marijuana question through?

By 22 July 2014

I feel for the families of desperately ill patients interstate who need medical marijuana – but has Shane Rattenbury thought this through? If the ACT becomes the first and only prescribing state/territory, there will be a flood of medical immigrants looking for prescriptions. That might not matter in terms of just prescriptions – but what about the [...]

Education Systems Limited

Education Systems Limited

In John Dewey’s book Democracy and Education he writes, ‘it is illiberal and immoral to train children to work not freely and intelligently but for the sake of the work earned’. I agree with him, and think so too would most Canberrans. To see a teacher teaching well, full of compassion and creativity, is surely [...]

Royal Canberra Hospital implosion leaves enduring legacy

Royal Canberra Hospital implosion leaves enduring legacy

The botched demolition of the Royal Canberra Hospital in 1997 is memorialised by the tragic death of 12-year-old Katie Bender, an innocent bystander who attended the event with her family.
The Bender family was part of an estimated 100,000 people who crammed around the lakeshore to view the hospital implosion, which had been vigorously promoted by [...]

ACT Legislative Assembly – Half Time…

ACT Legislative Assembly - Half Time...

During my time in the Legislative Assembly, I came to know what it was that made a good Opposition. I knew, occasionally, what being held to account was about.
I had three years in Opposition in the colourful days 1998 to 2001. They were heady days and often heady nights. Passions ran high, [...]

ACT Law Court project reaches milestone

By 10 July 2014

The first Public Private Partnership in the ACT has reached a major milestone with an invitation for expressions of interest released for the ACT Law Courts project by Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, and Treasurer, Andrew Barr, today.
It is the first stage in a procurement process that will continue over the coming months.
“As the territory’s first PPP, [...]

Helping vulnerable drivers keep their license

By 10 July 2014

More than 3,000 vulnerable Canberrans have been able to keep their drivers licences since the introduction of Infringement Notice Management Plans last year, Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, announced today.
“Prior to 24 May last year, there were very limited provisions to assist vulnerable people to manage outstanding motor vehicle infringement notices,” Mr Corbell said.
“If a motorist was [...]

Canberra’s Wellbeing Report – Worthless Says Steven Bailey

Canberra's Wellbeing Report - Worthless Says Steven Bailey

I think most Canberrans would agree that poverty is the anathema to any just society – especially ours. I also believe that most Canberrans understand that poverty is a form of social humiliation that leaves people not only hungry or homeless but unwanted and uncared for.
According to a recent OECD report, entitled OECD Regional Wellbeing, [...]

RiotACT Face Off: Does Light Rail measure up for Canberra?

RiotACT Face Off: Does Light Rail measure up for Canberra?

Plans for Light Rail in Canberra have caused heated debate among our Rioters. A recent poll asking Are you in favour of Light Rail for Canberra? resulted in 48% voting No, 38% Yes, 11% Not Right Now and 6% On the Fence.
We asked former Chief Minister, Kate Carnell and Ex MLA, John Hargreaves ‘Do [...]

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