30 April 2024

Ultra-conservative Family First to enter ACT election fray

| Ian Bushnell
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Lyle Shelton

Family First national director Lyle Shelton. The party is calling for candidates. Photo: lyleshelton.com.au.

The ultra-conservative Family First Party has applied to register as a political party for the ACT Legislative Assembly elections on 19 October and is calling for candidates.

National Director Lyle Shelton, a former leader of the Australian Christian Lobby, said the party would campaign on a platform of religious freedom and parents’ rights.

“We aim to stand candidates who will fight for the freedom of parents to continue to educate their children in their values, not the harmful LGBTQIA+ gender-fluid and radical sexual ideologies being forced upon them by politicians doing the bidding of activists,” he said in a recent media release about the party’s intentions to contest the ACT, Queensland and federal elections.

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The party would also tackle the ACT Government’s abortion policies, with Mr Shelton calling it the most anti-life government in Australia.

“With the Liberals offering no resistance to the Labor-Green government’s abortion-to-birth regime funded by taxpayers, Family First is working to ensure voters can cast an ethical pro-life vote,” Mr Shelton said in another media release earlier in the month attacking the government’s extension of access to free abortion services.

The Family First website says the party will hold an event on 11 May to organise for the election.

“With Calvary Hospital forcibly taken from the Catholic church, religious freedom under threat like never before, drugs legalised, euthanasia planned for children plus much more anti-family policy in the offing, it’s time citizens organised politically,” the website says.

Mr Shelton was managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby from 2013 to 2018 and campaigned against the No case in the 2017 same-sex marriage plebiscite.

He joined the Australian Conservatives and then the Christian Democrats before becoming Family First national director in 2022.

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ACT Electoral Commissioner Damian Cantwell said parties wishing to register for ACT elections must submit a list of at least 100 members who are ACT electors and a copy of the party’s constitution to the Electoral Commissioner.

“Members of the public are entitled to object to an application for party registration if they consider that the party is not eligible to be registered,” he said.

Written objections must be lodged with the Electoral Commissioner by close of business on Wednesday, 8 May 2024.

Any political parties not yet registered for the ACT election have until 30 June 2024 to submit an application to the ACT Electoral Commissioner.

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“My best advice to anyone who wants to raise a happy, mentally healthy child is: Keep him or her as far away from a church as you can”.
Frank Zappa.

Lyle Sheldon, director of the Australian Christian Lobby and his bigoted cohorts have been hanging around the fringes of ACT politics for too long. Mr Sheldon is associated with far-right politics and has strong links to the Canberra Liberals, Advance and the right to life movement. He has been a vociferous opponent of the ACT government including its LGBTI+ rights legislation and the ACT’s safe schools program.

Mr Sheldon and his cohorts remain quiet on the rampant predatory and sexual abuse which occurred in churches around the world over many years. This abuse prompted one of Australia’s biggest royal commission’s into child sexual abuse within the church. The findings implicated Australia’s most senior cardinal who reached one of the highest pinnacles in the Vatican, becoming an adviser to the pope and close confident to prime ministers.

Lyle Sheldon’s hypocritical, hateful and outdated opinions have no place in ACT politics!

Incidental Tourist9:47 pm 01 May 24

Greetings. “Family first” is considered to be ultra conservative these days. Then “family last” would be ultra progressive?

The problem is their restrictive idea of what is a family and how judgemental they are of anyone who differs from that. It’s not family first for all families.

We are rapidly approaching a Sodom and Gomorrah situation in the West so some correction would be a good thing.

Not the happiest of bedfellows, but wouldn’t mind having them there as a protest vote option.

Far left has done some bs, balance kinda requires nutters from the other end of the spectrum.

Funniest part of MSM bias, always banging on about the far right but never is “far left” mentioned. It does exist through sheer symmetry though, and the lies they want us to parrot – well, there’s pushback on the bald faced lies they hold as bigly truths.

If it takes a nutter from the other end of the spectrum to call BS, fine, it’ll have to do.

Of course, they are intentionally framing their political opposition as extremists. More than happy to refer to any conservative politicians as “far right” or “ultra conservative” but never refer to any politicians on the other side as “far left”, even the politicians around the world that are openly socialist or communist which is the very definition of the term: far left.

Help us, Sky Fairy!

Just a heads-up, 3.8 billion of the world’s people follow Abrahamic religions. Most of those live in the global south. That means people with lower incomes than yours, worse health prospects than yours, and different race and culture than yours. So when you mock their beliefs as being inferior to yours, just remember you do so as a wealthy, privileged white man, and perhaps curb your supercilious arrogance.

Help us, Sky Fairy!

Oh well, that’s democracy. I’m all for their ability to register and run on any platform they like… even though they have 0% chance of being elected.

They we know they have 0% chance of being elected, but will be campaigning just hard enough to get enough votes to make them eligible for a percentage of election funding. Nice little money earner for them.

They probably know that, but want to raise their perspective on issues that have swung too far “progressive”. It’s timely, given the hysterical reaction of the intolerant “progressives” in the comments here. They hate it when public discourse doesn’t 100% reflect their self-righteous woke views 100% of the time. Good to set the cat among the pigeons.

Yes “megsy”, that’s sure to be their motivation. 🙄

But if so, it’s small-time stuff for grifters. The big grift is setting up an NGO for anything “green”. Rivers of hot money there — you can pump both government and sweet old ladies. I saw that up close and intimately a couple of years ago, when I did some work that involved a “fake it til you make it” Byron Bay-originated “environment” group. You wouldn’t believe (literally, no doubt, due to naiive progressive beliefs that all greens are “good” people) the depths and extent of the scamming, wall-of-bs propaganda and public funds wastage. Yep, if you want to grift, get your snout into green funding.

Yeah religion is the biggest cause of violence in the world.

Yeah, we know how to wrangle Christian nutters tho. Took a few hundred years, but we have the Enlightenment under our belt.

Muslim nutters, well it’s verboten, but they’re same up there for god botherers and we don’t have the cultural immunity to deal with it.

Inb4 “poster is islamophobic”, it’s the same thing of thinking God said so so bulldoze the children etc..
A fraction of any religion will go too far with the koolaid, and as yet we can’t wrangle idiots of the Muslim persuasion.

Thank GOD!!! CLEAN, DECENT CANDIDATES!!!! I am absolutely going to vote FAMILY FIRST!!! I’m tired of the SICK demands of the sexually and mentally ILL!!!! Leave children alone!!! I don’t want sick MEN in my ladies room or anywhere else BELONGING TO WOMEN!!!!

I hope you are seriously thinking about who will get your second preference as they will be “in play” vert quickly.

Yep, last thing we need or want is Christian far right – go to your church and leave the City alone.

differing perspective12:37 pm 01 May 24

Along similar lines to what we have seen in the US, this mob would take the country and many basic human rights back to the dark ages. A dangerous alternative that should not be afforded support

I fully support the right of sect members to cast an “ethical pro-life” vote, even if it is neither.

Then they can go back to complaining that their candidate not being elected means national ruin. It won’t.

You’ve got buckley’s in Canberra mate, and probably the same in the rest of the country. You follow a book written by men for men. Religion has no place in politics, look at the mess it has created in Afghanistan.

Tax the churches!

Capital Retro8:34 am 01 May 24

and the trade unions!

Heywood Smith9:15 am 01 May 24

Not all of them, just the ones who put money before religion, like the Catholic Church.. The Catholic Church is estimated to be worth about 30 Billion USD.

So they know what positive cash flow is. Until current government with forever increasing tax system

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Why are these people obsessed with everybody else’s sexuality yet comfortable with turning a blind eye to the systematic sexual abuse of children in their own organisations?

By the same logic, does every murder that is a member of a union create evidence we should get rid of unions? Theres a difference between correlation and causation.

LGBTI people cause the most sexual abuse of minors.

I’d love to see the evidence for that!

“ LGBTI people cause the most sexual abuse of minors.”
OMG – that’s got to be one of the most homophobic fallacies I’ve seen on here. I’m not even going to challenge you to provide facts as you will not be able to do so.

It is not the same logic. Unions have never had the same systemic cover-up of child abuse. Unions did not punish children who tried to tell of the abuse being inflicted on them. Unions did not move clergy to new unsuspecting parishes when there were too many accusations to be able to keep it secret for much longer.

And prove your claim “LGBTI people cause the most sexual abuse of minors”. Actual facts and statistics please.

unpopular opinion:
1/3 of the child victims of sexual assult are boys, and 90% of the perps are men. Implies most of them are gay or bi.
Children aren’t old enough to consent to sex change surgery, denying someone natural puberty is abuse. Celebs are on record for saying their unborn babies feels like the wrong gender.

You wouldn’t get any stats and no one would be allowed to collect them.

Wow … the homophobia just keeps coming.
Perhaps the reason “You wouldn’t get any stats …” is the reality that you are simply fabricating the assertions of your outlandish position.

Read the room mate, Canberrans don’t want to be bound by the teachings of one sect of one religion. (And by the way, Calvary Hospital is still owned by the Catholic Church. What happened with the hospital take-over was the publicly funded hospital was taken out of the control of the church. There are still two Catholic controlled hospitals in Canberra and thus the religious freedom argument falls flat.)

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