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One HD delayed….

By one_hd - 26 March 2009 47

Southern Cross Ten have advised that they will attempt to transmit the new One HD sports channel mid-year. I think this is a huge joke that Canberra (the nations capital) is being classified as regional and thus we have to put up with Southern Cross Broadcasting and missing out on the new ONE sport channel on HD and SD. Southern Cross advised that they do not yet have the infrustructure to broadcast HD when Ten has been broadcasting TenHD for almost a year. They have also shown no interest in trying to broadcast this channel in Standard Definition.

So no Formula 1, golf and other sports. 

What a joke for anyone in the regional towns across Australia, we deserve the same sort of service….

Tell Southern Cross Broadcasting what you really think: +61 2 6242 2400 

What’s Your opinion?

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47 Responses to
One HD delayed….
Tanktrax 9:20 pm 26 Mar 09

The Government should grow some…. and tell these FTA networks “Use it or loose it!”.

F430 8:53 pm 26 Mar 09

Absolute bull***t if you ask me!!!! what’d I buy a full HD lcd for? I really wanted to watch F1 LIVE for a change as they have been doing in Melbourne for the past year but nooooo Canberra is classified as “regional” please!!!! don’t insult our integrity it’s all about the revenue (or lack of) why Canberra misses out YET AGAIN!!!! where are the pollies when we need them….

Reprobate 5:26 pm 26 Mar 09

aaaaaaaargh don’t get me started on Southern Cross Ten and their fcuking around with One/TenHD. As watching motorsport is my only vice (ahem) it is sooo frustrating that they won’t (not can’t) retransmit the One feed on their HD channel instead of a stupid loop of pretty pictures of country towns which arn’t able to watch the same programs as the Big Smoke (wasn’t that what Aggregation in 1989 was supposed to bring us?). Bloody Maquarie bank owned wnakers. I seriously know of at least 8 motoring related businesses which would love to advertise on ONE but SCTen are missing out on it all.

SCTen could easily transmit One on their virtually unused HD channel and insert the dull loop into ad spaces like they used to do with some programs last year – even if they didn;t get ad revenue now at least they are building interest and an audience in preparation for the switch-on. But no, they won’t. ONE could have a streaming TV channel, where all with Net access could watch it and advertisers get extra viewers -but no.

And a promise of midyear of Canberra? I’ll believe it when I see it – not likely given SCTen’s track record.

Ryan 5:11 pm 26 Mar 09

SC are full of it. They managed to broadcast two seperate ‘channels’ a year or two ago when they had the ‘regular’ Ten on Channel 5 and ‘MyTalk’ on 55 (although the latter was a news/weather thing that was mainly text and rarely updated, with a promo loop running in the corner). They have also shown in the past that they can broadcast HD programs on Channel 50 when that program was available in HD (House, NCIS etc). Unfortunately since the start of 2009 Channel 50 has been that damn nature loop.

There have been several mentions across various sites that the delay in giving Regional Viewers ‘One’ is due to their inability to insert local advertising into the channel – something which they manage to do on the regular Channel Ten feed that we get on Channel 5.

Grrrr 4:35 pm 26 Mar 09

Freeview is a backwards step, not the forwards one the ads suggest. They want to break the EPG functionality, in return for the commercial networks giving you an extra channel. Apart from that, it’s nothing new.

Except Ch 9 has no plans nor intention to start another channel, and Ch 10 .. well, where do we start? Are they even meeting their quota of HD shows? Shows that were on HD a couple of months ago aren’t even on anymore .. it’s just Demo Reel any time I’ve looked. Then Ch 7 is part of the group suing iiNet for referring allegations of criminal activity to the police, instead of acting as judge, jury and executioner and doing whatever they’re told do.

I’d like to see the govt switch off analogue end of this year, and govt mandate 3 TV channels per network – main channel HD, main channel SD (exact same content as HD), and extra HD. HD STBs will be about $80 by then for a basic unit, so price isn’t a great barrier to entry. Let ABC and the SBS open as many more channels as they can afford (which won’t be many.) Offer at least one local community TV station license per transmission area, just like radio has done for decades. EG, a national opportunity for some Channel 31’s. (Anyone remember Optus’ community TV for Melbourne and maybe Sydney when their pay network started in 1994ish? It seemed like a great idea.)

caf 4:10 pm 26 Mar 09
mediaman 3:53 pm 26 Mar 09

Hopeless. All these ads on TV about freeview, and we get nothing. What a joke.

fnaah 3:52 pm 26 Mar 09

Sepi, I’d reckon Channel 10’s definition of “regional” would have something to do with the amount of revenue generated by the local advertising market, which would thus dictate the amount of resources they pour into the local broadcast infrastructure.

… still sucks though.

fnaah 3:49 pm 26 Mar 09

Bugger, I was actually looking forward to that. :/

Skidbladnir 3:49 pm 26 Mar 09

Calwell does (for medical purposes, apparently).

sepi 3:45 pm 26 Mar 09

Someone needs to come up with an official definition of ‘regional’. They just pick and choose as it suits them. And we seem to lose out either way.

We are regional when it comes to services like this, and yet we don’t qualify for the grants to attract GPs that regional areas get.

Growling Ferret 3:41 pm 26 Mar 09

Its a disgrace.

They should at least show it in SD, or One HD should be shown of Fox – actually, can anyone confirm if One HD is carried in the Foxtel HD package?

Kizzle 3:34 pm 26 Mar 09

It’s a bummer 🙁

Mr Evil 3:14 pm 26 Mar 09

What do you expect from the network which brings us excellent television like, Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance……etc.

Swaggie 3:10 pm 26 Mar 09

Southern Cross – the same channel that shown semi porn ads for phone chat lines during the NYE fireworks – great for the kids to watch 🙁

I gave up on the commercial channels long ago, they treat the public with contempt, only cater for the brain dead dumbed down segment of the population and then genuinely wonder why their audiences fall lower and lower….

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