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2006 National Bus Roadeo

By KandyA - 25 October 2006 26

from a whole of ACT Govt post – I cant believe Riotact missed this event, I want Wayne on my bus!

Congratulations to ACTION Bus Driver Wayne Farley…

The 2006 National Bus Rodeo Winner!!!

The 2006 National Bus Roadeo was hosted by ACTION on Sunday at the Transport Industries Skills Centre. The Roadeo is a competition of driving skill and accuracy. Bus operators came from across Australia and New Zealand to compete. Bus roadeos have been conducted in the USA and Canada for many years, with Australia’s first national bus rodeo commencing in 1991. This is the second time ACTION has hosted the event, previously hosting it in 1997.

The course included obstacles which drivers must avoid and steel plates on the pavement which must be touched by the bus wheels. Competitors were given two attempts at the course, with penalty points being accrued if obstacles are touched or if any of the steel plates are not touched.

Wayne competed against 17 other entrants from around Australia and New Zealand to take the winning prize. Well done, Wayne!!!!!

UPDATED: Bighead has sent in a picture from the Busman’s Ball which followed the Roadeo and featured ACTION’s new ticket inspector (HAW HAW HAW)

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26 Responses to
2006 National Bus Roadeo
Thumper 9:20 am 26 Oct 06

Yeah, I always used to wonder how daleks got to fall out of windows or off the ramparts of ancient castles.

KandyA 9:08 am 26 Oct 06

does the dalek require deployment of a disability access ramp or is it one of the unfeasable new floating daleks (that I find incredulous) I mean really, how is the Doctor to bring his superior intellect to bear now? gone are the days when brains prevailed over brawn – ” oh no – DALEKS! – quick – go up stairs, thatll fix ’em”
I also want the dalek

Thumper 7:44 am 26 Oct 06

I want a dalek too!

nyssa76 11:46 pm 25 Oct 06

I want the Dalek!!!!

bighead 7:34 pm 25 Oct 06

not that i know of, I shouldve only wished, sorry bout the crap quality froim the phone, Ill have to take my camera with me again 😀

Mr Evil 4:44 pm 25 Oct 06

Did a naked chick pop out of the Dalek?

bighead 4:11 pm 25 Oct 06

yeah they finished the event off at a main hotel conference room that night, Ill try to email the pic to johnboy of the new NO NONESENSE ticket inspector 😀

Just for a note, the giant ice sculpture of an ACTION but was quite impressive, it did look expensive though.

KandyA 3:57 pm 25 Oct 06

I would hope so,
they should also have to try to catch smarmy little toe-rags by their baggy jeans by closing the back doors before they escape

James-T-Kirk 1:29 pm 25 Oct 06

Do they get extra points for using Government resources to drive union members to rallies for free, at the tax payers expense? WIthout contributing a single cent to the hire of the service.

FBT that one…

Mr Evil 10:00 am 25 Oct 06

Every day is a rodeo at Canberra Cabs: how long can people stay on the bucking buck that is their new voice recognition system before being thrown off?

S4anta 9:29 am 25 Oct 06

Was there bonus points for running over STR members?

Thumper 7:54 am 25 Oct 06

I’m shocked and stunned that I missed it.


and stunned…

Very stunned…

jacross 10:55 pm 24 Oct 06

I think the RiotAct missed this event for a very good reason.

Vic Bitterman 8:05 pm 24 Oct 06

Now all we need do is await that sad pathetic character samuel gordon stewart to dis this in some way cos the driver drove a green bus, or his socks were lopsided

johnboy 6:28 pm 24 Oct 06

good to know we’re getting value for money from our handsomely paid bus drivers.

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