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2XX fm

colsim 28 October 2005 12

Not news per se (though I do have a new related blog, which is like news) but I’m just curious to know what RA’ers think about 2XX – if you think about it at all?

Do you listen? What do you listen to? If you don’t – why?

I do a show on Monday arvos – just general music and the odd community announcement when I can be bothered – but am thinking about bringing in a little more content. Perhaps news about Canberra (maybe even referring to RA postings – still working the finer points out for now) – and general media/pop culture news/reviews/info as well. Ideas are most welcome.

Anyways, as part of this I’m interested in going a little more cross-media – hence the blog –



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12 Responses to 2XX fm
Samuel Gordon-Stewart 1:06 pm 29 Oct 05

I for one would like to see a more regular news service. Many community stations suffer from listeners changing station at the top of the hour to hear the news. Pardon the partial self-promotion, but take a look at Australian Independent Radio News.

colsim 11:02 am 29 Oct 05

Both good shows – Hit Parade of Yesterday plays the hits of the 20’s and 30’s – at times it kind of feels like appearing in your own Woody Allen movie – but it’s a really nice glimpse into a whole different world – in a comfy, daggy kinda way.

Know your product is also great – I did that one for a couple of years so am honourbound to say so but a great source of all types of Oz music.

For everyone else out there, I’m glad you enjoy the station but I didn’t post looking for a big lovefest, I think it’s just as valuable to know what you think could be better about the station as well (and I know that most of the posters here have the odd opinion about what could be better in most of Canberra 🙂

Slinky the Shocker 7:48 pm 28 Oct 05

“Know your product” is an excellent show. Real, independent Australian music. Sat after 4:30 pm

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 2:44 pm 28 Oct 05

I like the Hit Parade Of Yesterday…but in all honetsy, most of my radio time is taken up by the commercial AM stations.

colsim 2:11 pm 28 Oct 05

Oops, thought I’d mentioned that AD, it’s 98.3fm

IMHO, best times to listen are 7-9am, 12-2pm and 4-6pm – these are the generalist shows, the rest is more specialised – which is great if there’s something you don’t get to hear much – check out the full program grid at

Absent Diane 1:55 pm 28 Oct 05

Strongbad… haha so good to hear it… excuse my ignorance but what is the frequency on 2xx??

Spitfire3 1:03 pm 28 Oct 05

Wait. I got mixed up with another station. Ignore me, it’s friday arvo.

(Note: This doesn’t mean I don’t like 2XX!)

Spitfire3 1:00 pm 28 Oct 05

I like 2XX. At home (North Belco) and work (North Symonston) I get very little or no reception though, so I can’t listen to it very much.

colsim 12:09 pm 28 Oct 05

Yeah, the IP thing is something I’m considering RandomGit which is why I’m floating the idea more than anything at this stage.

Fair points Jay and Maelinar – happy to say it wasn’t me bumping my head but still pretty funny. The Ease on down the road thing can be a bit tricky, we need to tell people that we have the segment even if there’s nothing in the folder but yeah, sounds like a bit of a long way of going about it.

Don’t know if there are any Homestarrunner fans here but Strongbad sums up community/college radio in 5 words in one of his email segments – dead air um dead air. At least we’re doing better than that. 🙂

RandomGit 11:49 am 28 Oct 05

I generally don’t listen to radio that much. Pulling invective from RA sounds a treat though. Muddy IP waters but a treat nonetheless.

Maelinar 11:49 am 28 Oct 05

I have recently become a devoted listener after deciding that JJJ have become too commercial.

I love the music mix, and the rarer stuff that you play, although I don’t know about the later at night foreign language stuff (even though I listen to it anyway, it becomes a bit boring)

Admittedly my experience of radio stations is much as anybody else, on the drive to work and on the drive home, that’s about my limit.

Given my short attention time, I often wish they would just hurry the fuck up with that ‘if you want to be a subscriber’ or ‘there’s no names in the free ride folder’ crap and continue playing music, because as I said, my devotational time is limited.

As an example one time I was listening from the office in Barton, all the way through to picking up my wife in Woden, when the radio gets turned off and I talk to her.

During the entire trip I heard nothing other than the free ride folder was empty.

Barton to Woden is a reasonably long way.

Other than that, keep playing the shit that the main radio stations reject, and I’ll probably keep listening.

That and the guy who’s the complete amateur (apologies if it’s you), he makes me laugh he’s that incompetent with the DJ kit. The other morning he apologised for about 3 minutes because he was out catching some morning sun (smoking?) and was in a rush to sit down and he donged his head on the microphone.

It’s the honest and frank disk jockeying that I like…

Jay Wayward 11:05 am 28 Oct 05

I love it. I’m not a subscriber although i’ve made a committment to myself to become one in the new year.

The only criticism i have is that it’d be nice for them to be able to have the facilities to broadcast live bands in full electric flight.

Unfortunately at the moment they don’t have a studio set up for that kind of thing. This means that my band has to tone it down to an acoustic performance when we play live to air.

Apart from that, it’s one of the most eclectic stations that i’ve heard with playlists ranging from 80’s pop to hardcore punk and thrash metal to Salsa. Last night i heard Kate Bush, followed straight up by The Ramones and then some Kyuss. Not to mention the amount of Canberran bands they support.

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