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Canberra A League Team?

By FredJ 20 June 2008 32

Do people reckon anyone would support an A league soccer team in Canberra? I’m from England and, despite what your press would have you believe, rugby and cricket are just minority side-issue sports over there and they bore me rigid…

[Ed (Kramer) – Everyone please me kind to FredJ, he must be suffering from heatstroke.]

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32 Responses to
Canberra A League Team?
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astrojax 12:27 pm 25 Jun 08

euro 2012 is slated to be co-hosted by poland and ukraine – though current speculation is things aren’t going to plan and scotland will be asked to step in…

greeneyed 1:38 am 25 Jun 08

justbands said :

> I also suspect that the Raiders will end up with a crowd average higher than the Brumbies in 2008

I doubt it…& I mean no disrespect to the Raiders. I reckon the Brumbies will have a decent year & with crowds around 14000 this year, I can’t see them going down from there. The Raiders may pick up, but not to up over 15000 averages.

Yes, I guess the Brumbies crowd average won’t go down any further… as they are not playing any more games! The Raiders have already outdone Brumbies matches held on the same weekend! Raiders winning… I reckon it is all upside!

Overheard 5:20 pm 24 Jun 08

Hup Holland Hup…. ah, strant!! Tot volgende keer…

Actually, listening to the end of the Spain vs Italy match on the radio while watching the scrolling comments on and wasn’t as bad as I imagined.

I reckon it’s a race in three now. You’d have to be pretty optimistic to rate Turkey a chance now. When they’re talking about a reserve goalkeeper possibly coming off the bench to play in the field, you know things are getting pretty dire.

As a neutral, I guess I’d like to see Ruski Guus get his boyskis over the line. Can you imagine the scenes in Russia if they did, especially since they’re due to host Euro 2012, if I remember rightly.

I’m slightly immune to interstaters overlooking the Raiders in the media as I’m typically watching Sky News or Fox Sports when in Sydney or Brisbane (or elsewhere), and they seem to be fairly balanced in their coverage.

astrojax 1:59 pm 24 Jun 08

forza italia, d’oh!

rekkun the winner will come from the spain vs guus, err russia, game. too hard to pick that one, neither result will surprise and rekkun it may go to the spot. again. at this rate, i’ll have no nails soon…

i rekkun the overall crowd and community backing of both league and union will see one or both codes go under in due season (as our learned PM mutters too often). fusbol will supercede both and afl is far too institutionalised, and growing, to be likely to succumb. i may be wrong – it has happened – and will be maybe a decade off yet, but the disaster of the national rugby comp, things not looking great for them…

justbands 1:13 pm 24 Jun 08

> I also suspect that the Raiders will end up with a crowd average higher than the Brumbies in 2008

I doubt it…& I mean no disrespect to the Raiders. I reckon the Brumbies will have a decent year & with crowds around 14000 this year, I can’t see them going down from there. The Raiders may pick up, but not to up over 15000 averages.

greeneyed 12:55 pm 24 Jun 08

Soccer failed previously in Canberra and would fail again. I also suspect that the Raiders will end up with a crowd average higher than the Brumbies in 2008… in a few years time, the Brumbies will move to Melbourne as the core support (without bandwagoners) isn’t large enough for union.

Swaggie 12:51 pm 21 Jun 08

It will happen, with the A Largue being such a success, corporates are wanting a slice of the action (even in non Corporate Canberra) and now FFA have got rid of the ethnicicity that plagued the game over here it’s full steam ahead. Welcome to Canberra Fred 🙂

Overheard 12:08 pm 21 Jun 08

astrojax, I thought it, you said it.

I’ve given up trying to counter the ‘soccer is boring’ garbage. I couldn’t even be bothered trotting out here the reasons why I agree with you.

Suffice to say that some of the most thrilling games I’ve seen are 0-0 draws. One ECL match involving Celtic a couple of years ago springs to mind; edge of your seat stuff. And in round robin stages of tournaments, there can be much more drama in achieving a 0-0 draw then a high-scoring, one-sided wipeout.

Agh! I said I wasn’t going there.

I don’t say one code’s better or other than t’other (generates a totally cyclical argument — actually, just to take a ‘cyclical’ tangent, I got totally hooked on le ‘Tour de France’ last year!). Avec le football, vive le difference. (Ou ‘la difference’ — je ne sais pas.)

astrojax 8:17 am 21 Jun 08

Soccer is really really boring.

well, morgan, there’s your problem. if you think soccer is boring then you’re hardly likely to come to an a-league game anyway and this thread is prob’ly not one you should comment on. association football is an enthralling sport when played well – as it can be, and is, in the a-league and the while there are many games that end 0-0, this in itself is no reason to adjudge them ‘boring’. the 2000 european champions league final ended 0-0 after 90 mins and after a further 30 mins and was one of the most enthralling pieces of entertainment i’ve ever witnessed.

many people who say they like cricket ’cause 20twenty turns them on wouldn’t be arsed sitting through even one day of a test, but that doesn’t diminish a test’s capacity to enthrall, either.

it is the continuing presence of ‘potential’ that captivates in fusbol, and makes the stakes that much higher – a slight error can be of enormous significance, massive, so the margins are very fine. that’s the point bd84 of running around for 90 mins. a game for the mind with a bent to tragedy and theatre, the stuff of life. s’good.

Overheard 1:33 am 21 Jun 08

Primal said :

Newcastle v Central Coast
Canberra Stadium
Saturday 12th July, 1pm

It’s only a friendly (if such a thing is possible between these two!), but a good turn out at this game wouldn’t hurt the movement…

Thanks for the heads-up, Primal. Might be Coast-ing with the kiddies (school hols) but if not, will be there.

shiny flu 9:21 pm 20 Jun 08

Buy an HD recorder (or use you ‘puter) and tune into SBS and/or get Pay-tv. Simply watch at a more reasonable hour. There’s a huge gap between what the A-league provides and what you’re no doubt used to.

bd84 8:21 pm 20 Jun 08

Morgan said :

The Raiders are by far not the lowest crowd numbers in the NRL, I reckon the average around 12,000 for a game at Bruce.

Canberrans are very poor supporters of sport. The Brumbys will be in Melbourne within five years, the AFL has cut back the number of games we get from three to two. Launceston has more AFL games than us and we have three times the population. Canberra will get a team in the A League right after Bundanoon does.

Soccer is really really boring. The only reason anyone plays it here is their mum wouldn’t let them play tackle till they went to High School. Thats why theres so many junior teams but hardly any seniors.

12,000 for games with high profile clubs maybe, I’ve seen some creative counting of crouds when I’ve been to them, they claim 12,000 when you look around the ground is hardly 1/4 full which would put it about 8,000 at most.

Canberrans are only supporters of teams that win, that’s why nobody has supported the Raiders in more than 10 years, Brumbies are dropping off, and we lost the old soccer team the Cosmos and the NBL Cannons. As for the AFL, it’s the teams that cut the matches back not the AFL, people jumped behind the kangaroos when they played here then the QLD government offered them more $$. Launceston gets more people to games as they are AFL heartland, it’s the main football code and they love St Kilda and Hawthorn, though they’re also bankrolled by the govt.

Totally agree with the boring soccer comment though, while more skill than stop and start throwy what’s the point of running around for 90mins and not scoring?!

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