Glen Porritt a free man

johnboy 7 August 2008 101

The ABC reports that Chief Justice Higgins has determined that Glen Porritt should serve no more prison time.

22 months is to be the custodial portion of a five year prison sentence for unlawful homicide:

    “The 24-year-old was found guilty of unlawful homicide earlier this year after admitting killing Nanette Porritt in her Chapman home in December 2005.

    Ms Porritt died after being stabbed and cut 57 times with a kitchen knife.”

There will be a good behaviour order.

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101 Responses to Glen Porritt a free man
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Granny Granny 9:49 am 07 Nov 08

Intent is a transient thing, and also situational.

I fantasised for weeks about killing the person who abused my child. It was like a recording that played over in my head again and again.

Who knows why somebody does or doesn’t take it that one step further?

In my case, he was male. I was physically weaker. He was also quite a good fighter. So I guess it would have had to be really calculated and really premeditated, and I am a creature of passion not revenge. My fury burns hot not cold. So when I am angry I can be terrifying even to grown men, like the kitten that chases the German Shepherd, but I doubt that I could have done him any real harm.

So that would have meant something covert and sneaky like poison or drugs which didn’t align with my fantasy, which was basically bashing him over the head with a big plank of 2 by 4. Who knows why that came to mind? He was so not likely to stand there and wait for me to hit him!


I don’t know to what extent having responsibility to the children influenced me or that I have been brought up to be a good girl and do the right thing. I am a bit of a black sheep anyway, and I often leap before I look.

But it was a very dark time in a very dark place:

Broken hearts
On the table
What’s on the menu tonight?
I want to scream
But I’m not able
You must be looking
For a fight

Silver spoons
In the kitchen
A wine so red
A moon so white
Satin sheets
In the bedroom
I won’t be sleeping there

So just keep doing what you please
I’m going to bring you to your knees

Paper dolls in the closet
Plastic laughter on the sky
Rusty tears in the attic
Stockings hanging out to dry
Fallen angels in the graveyard
Daisy chains to sacrifice
Bullets bleeding on the laundry
Phantoms burning on the ice

So just keep doing what you please
I’m going to bring you to your knees

Bandits smoking in a brothel
Russian roulette with a gun
Politicians in a pocket
Outlaws living on the run
Vampires swimming in the sewer
Wizards waiting on a sign
Devils dancing on the sofa
Heroes running out of time

So just keep doing what you please
I’m going to bring you to your knees

You’re on the menu tonight
You bet I’m looking for a fight
The priest will be the sacrifice
I’ll leave you burning on the ice

So just keep doing what you please
I’m going to bring you
I’m going to break you
I’m going to take you
To your knees

And that’s a promise ….

mdme workalot mdme workalot 8:32 am 07 Nov 08

It’s quite interesting to compare Porritt’s sentence of 22 months to the sentences handed down to those two streetracers in Sydney yesterday (nine years and eight years, with non-parole periods of six years and 5 years). They were found guilty of manslaughter.

While I absolutely abhor what the 2 NSW blokes did, I strongly doubt that they fully realised the possible consequences of their actions and no mens rea existed (hence the manslaughter charge). And while I think the sentences handed down to them were certainly adequate, it does make me think that Porritt got off a little too lightly.

I know, I know, different states and different judges but it certainly makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Thumper Thumper 8:21 am 07 Nov 08

for arguments sake how would you prove yourself to be functional in society and never likely to possess an intent to kill? i’d argue you’d find it quite difficult; as would anyone

Well, there is one glaring difference here in that Porritt killed someone whereas granny hasn’t.

And I have no doubt that Granny, and even you tom tom, could supply glowing character references, volunteer services, evidence of community work and clean police records which I suspect would be a pretty good argument as to functionality in society.

I’d reckon that makes a fair difference.

Granny Granny 2:01 am 07 Nov 08

But then nobody’s claiming that it’s ‘proven’ that I have no intent to kill and can function in society.

tom-tom tom-tom 11:47 pm 06 Nov 08

thats why the burden of proof rests on the prosecution granny……..

for arguments sake how would you prove yourself to be functional in society and never likely to possess an intent to kill? i’d argue you’d find it quite difficult; as would anyone.

Granny Granny 11:33 pm 06 Nov 08

Sorry, no. That is simply not provable.

roflmao roflmao 11:25 pm 06 Nov 08

he isn’t he is on a good behaviour bond and probly has to see a psych, but its been proven he has no intent to kill anyone again and that he can function in soiety.

Thumper Thumper 10:30 pm 06 Nov 08

Good question sepi, very valid…

sepi sepi 9:56 pm 06 Nov 08

but should such a person be living free?

roflmao roflmao 9:42 pm 06 Nov 08

“After one or two good cuts it would be a great plan to start your defence and just keep going” (Special G)

i have thought about that but your still looking at it from a rational point of view, it is possible that because he had a mental disorder he lost control. everyone has said and thought lots of things they don’t mean it doesn’t mean they actually do it. i still believe thatit is possible for someone to kill and not have intent.

Special G Special G 10:14 am 04 Nov 08

After one or two good cuts it would be a great plan to start your defence and just keep going. Porritt also claimed self defence although exhibited no defensive wounds. He claimed previously he wanted to kill his mother. This one went to judge alone for a good reason.

ROFLMAO – Check your legislation on judicial notice before spouting it and sounding knowledgeable – if you get it wrong you just sound like a knob.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 10:04 am 04 Nov 08

I can’t help but feel sorry for Ms Porrit in all this. I’m not up on the details of the case but she seems to have come out of this looking like she was the devil incarnate. Is there any evidence of her being so evil and worthy of being killed by her poor lad other than the defence mounting such a case (sorry, but even the sisters etc.. ‘could’ be saying this just to help get their brother off a serious charge).

Is there even the smallest chance the Porrit kids are bunch of spoilt brats who didn’t get what they wanted every time and therefore saw their mother as a controlling bitch? I’m not saying this is my view necessarily but this is case is certainly right up there on the ‘strange’ meter.

I recall reading Ms Porrit’s sisters account of all this some time ago where Glenn’s mother told her many times over several years that Glenn terrified her and she even feared for her life.

I doubt we’ll ever know the real situation on all this but I do find 22 months served for stabbing someone that many times a bit on the lenient side.

Thumper Thumper 9:44 am 04 Nov 08

I’d hate to be the poor person that accidentally gives him wrong change at McDonalds one day, or cuts him off in a ‘form one lane’ merge.

johnboy johnboy 9:41 am 04 Nov 08

roflmao said :

sometimes you can’t help stabbing/cutting people 57 times.

And, in my personal opinion, if you can’t manage this I’d like to see you removed from the community.

But that’s just my 2c.

roflmao roflmao 9:38 am 04 Nov 08

are we trying to punish him for the physical act or the intent to kill her? he wasn’t in control therefore he couldn’t be criminally liable for the incident. look it up the criminal capacity. like children can’t be criminaly liable under the age of 8, or between the ages of 8-12 without being proven to have understanding of what they were doing. like this the mentally disabled, and this guy who had problems before he claimed insanity in court, need to be proven that they had criminal intent, understanding and knowlegde of what they were doing.

this guy flipped at his mum and couldn’t control his actions like any rational person, at the time he was irrational and INSAINE so please understand that there is no point for punishing someone who didn’t have intent or CONTROL over their actions.

you can laugh at it and think from a rational persons point of view “woops i slipped, again, again” or you can try put yourself in his shoes would you like to be punished for something you couldn’t help. and yes sometimes you can’t help stabbing/cutting people 57 times.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 8:24 pm 15 Aug 08

Yeah, Vg’s on the ball and it is bloody scary, considering the amount of kids roaming around with knives on the street.

Thumper Thumper 7:59 pm 15 Aug 08

vg is right.

You can bleed out in under a minute if an artery is severed.

vg vg 7:39 pm 15 Aug 08


Most stabbing deaths are the result of 1 or 2 stabs penetrating something essential, like the aorta. One decent stab or slice on/in the jugular or femoral arteries and good night sunshine before you know it. Many stabbing deaths look quite innocuous on a mortuary table. 1 maybe 2 puncture wounds has you scratching your head how someone could possibly die from something like that

You can die from a stab wound in less than 30 secs

imhotep imhotep 6:34 pm 15 Aug 08

AlpineViper said :

“I would argue that 57 cuts/stabs shows a complete brain snap… 2 or 3 I would argue shows deliberate intent (Make sure you got her!), though possibly temp insainity. 57 I would say his cheese slid right off his craker”

A little macabre, but you could also argue it the other way.
Most stabbing deaths are a result of bleeding to death, ie. it can take a long time to die from a stab wound, which is why most people suffer multiple stab wounds.

How much this murder was ‘frenzied attack’ and how much it was something else we shall never know.

moosenator moosenator 6:16 pm 15 Aug 08

peterh said :

Duke said :

Get ready to flame me people, but after reading all the reports it sounded to me like Porritt was a good guy pushed too far by a psychotic mother. Product of his environment is Porritt.

regardless, he could have:

a) moved away from her
b) moved away from her and barred her calls
c) moved away from her, barred her calls and not told her where he was living

this would have solved his problem.
not, and let me make this clear,
d) stab her 57 times.

Many valid points. The Judgment bears this out (it can be found here:

I just read it & regardless of what we think of Justice Terry, I cannot belive that an experienced jurist gave any weight to Porrit’s tripe.

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