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A closer look at your friend, Mr. Speed Van

By johnboy 11 March 2006 46

Once upon a time our dullard ancestors got quite upset about police being able to make searches without a reason. Then in the name of road safety we started allowing all sorts of inspections at random. It’s got to the point Centrelink is manning roadblocks looking for welfare cheats. (Didn’t hear about that? No seriously, here’s a media release from the Minister boasting about it.)

Here in the ACT we have the dreaded speed camera vans taking us in with their Orwellian gaze. JR has turned the tables on them, for those wondering what it says in the fine print of these instruments of revenue.

Speed van in Canberra

Canberra Speed Van Close Up

Canberra Speed Van Close Up

They seem to feel the public means them ill? Surely only the guilty have anything to fear?

What’s Your opinion?

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46 Responses to
A closer look at your friend, Mr. Speed Van
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Thumper 11:15 pm 29 Jan 08


Fluges, that is gear man!

Pure gold 😉

Fluges 9:04 pm 29 Jan 08

I know a bloke, at the time he was a Minister’s Chief of Staff, who’s rather fiesty wife started beating him up as he was driving along. He ended up having to take refuge in a speed van. He just banged on the door ’till they let him in.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:34 pm 29 Jan 08

I’ve seen the red flash at night time but never received the infringement.

Sands 7:33 pm 29 Jan 08

I like the good old day where you got pulled over and could at least justify why you were going a few kms over the speed limit. There might be a really good reason but who’s going to bother writing a letter when they wont reverse it anyway.

Skidbladnir 3:12 pm 29 Jan 08

Having just been corrected irl also, they do still visibly flash at night time.
But I have never actually had the pleasure of being caught in the ACT by one of the vans, so just assumed that what I had assumed was correct.

Danman 3:08 pm 29 Jan 08

Ditto Hingo’s post.

Mythbusters also debunked a lot of methods of cheating these things. Unless you can go faster than the speed of IR light then you do no thave much chances of beating a fine. Oh and I think the IR is used for the trigger mechanism rather than for the flash. This would save a lot of possible RSI cases for operators in the future one would think. If the pictures were taken in IR then they would produce pictures of an IR nature – which would prove pretty crap for this purpose as there is no real contrast between a car and the road when looking at IR radiation/reflection patterns. This is because they both absorb (or reflect) IR to about the same extent.

Ill sit the fcuk back down now 😛

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