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A closer look at your friend, Mr. Speed Van

By johnboy - 11 March 2006 46

Once upon a time our dullard ancestors got quite upset about police being able to make searches without a reason. Then in the name of road safety we started allowing all sorts of inspections at random. It’s got to the point Centrelink is manning roadblocks looking for welfare cheats. (Didn’t hear about that? No seriously, here’s a media release from the Minister boasting about it.)

Here in the ACT we have the dreaded speed camera vans taking us in with their Orwellian gaze. JR has turned the tables on them, for those wondering what it says in the fine print of these instruments of revenue.

Speed van in Canberra

Canberra Speed Van Close Up

Canberra Speed Van Close Up

They seem to feel the public means them ill? Surely only the guilty have anything to fear?

What’s Your opinion?

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46 Responses to
A closer look at your friend, Mr. Speed Van
Ralph 11:41 am 13 Mar 06

I agree. It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to know that sanctioning somebody well after an event is unlikely to change their behaviour. Doesn’t work with dogs, why should it work with people.

bonfire 11:34 am 13 Mar 06

my main obhection to speed camera vans is that if im observed infringing a a law, its the duty of the police to bring it to my attention immediately so that i can alter my infringing behaviour.

a legitimate law enforcement practice.

speed camera vans take pictures, which soem weeks later translate into a fine from the gummint.

you have no real idea when and where you infringed and no opportunity to correct your infringing action.

revenue generation at its finest.

‘speeding’ is low on the totem pole of accident factors, and this bizarre focus on it as a cause of accidents masks police laziness and govt revenue addiction.

strangely enough, the ct had an excellent article on this very topic a few weekends ago.

Ralph 11:28 am 13 Mar 06

I was done 7 km/h over.

Thumper 11:24 am 13 Mar 06


After only having two speeding fines in over 20 years, I happened to drive by a camera late one night a bit over a month ago doing maybe 10-15 klicks over.

I haven’t recieved an infringement notice at this stage.

It’s got me beat given that I’ve heard people complain about being done for being a few klicks over….

Ralph 11:13 am 13 Mar 06

I hear they only set them to 5km/h above the limit. On a 3 or 2 lane road its only taking pictures of the lane closest to the van.

Maelinar 8:58 am 13 Mar 06

So at what point does the machine take the reading vg ?

If the first reading is from the numberplate region of your car, and the second reading from the top of the windscreen, you would have travelled an additional metre+ in the nanosecond it took to take the 2nd reading.

It may not sound like much, but it’ll add something like 20kmph (22.222 reciprocal at 80kmph) to your actual speed.

vg 11:19 pm 12 Mar 06


Its a laser that will tell you the speed going towards and away. Doppler effect, ever heard of it? Only difference between that and the Police ones is they take your picture as well. Nothing dodgy at all

Vic Bitterman 8:59 pm 12 Mar 06

My wife socialises with a young fellow who has a job working these vans. They are contracted out to a private company, of which he works, mostly after hours.

She’s told me several anecdotal stories that he has told her, in regards to which lanes they check, front versus back numberplate, actual speeds that they zap you on and so forth.

It’s dodgy from the ground up.

Kerces 8:50 pm 12 Mar 06

Question: If you’re not allowed to approach the vehicle and it’s under constant surveillance, how did they react to you taking photos of the van JR?

el 7:36 pm 12 Mar 06

Yeh…good point riotgirl 🙂

jr 9:32 am 12 Mar 06

I’d much rather see a fixed red light and speed camera on every traffic light intersection.

They often have the vans on stretches of road that arenot safety concerns… why never is school zones?

riotgirl 8:53 am 12 Mar 06

el, they probably pay for themselves after about a week or two

Swaggie 8:27 am 12 Mar 06

“Do not approach vehicle”…so if you do are you liable to procecution? If so on what charge? Even if you approached the vehicle and peered in through the side window for instance I can’t see any criminal or civil offence there. Dumb sign….

el 4:06 pm 11 Mar 06

A reasonable safeguard, even.

el 4:00 pm 11 Mar 06

I think it was due to vandalism (throwing objects etc) and aggressive drivers aiming their car at the vans intentionally to freak out the operators inside. I remember reading a small news article about it nearly a year ago.

Seems like a reasonable safegaurd to me.

On another note, they’re pretty expensive vans considering their use consists of sitting on the side of the road.

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