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A film, an event, an inconvenient truth

By johnboy - 31 August 2006 23

Greens and lovers of Greens rejoice!

Green MLA Deb Foskey has put out a media release inviting you all to a great Green love in at Greater Union Manuka tomorrow night to listen to the Tasmanian Senator, Christine Milne, agree with each other about how bad the rest of us are, and watch an advance screening of Al Gore’s latest jeremiad, An Inconvenient Truth.

Call 6247 6305 to book a $20 ticket or just go with the flow and rock up to the doors at 6.30pm.

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
A film, an event, an inconvenient truth
johnboy 1:09 pm 01 Sep 06

Eggplant and sweet potato barbecue up quite nicely though

Mr_Shab 1:08 pm 01 Sep 06

I think the way to solve it is to only permit people to eat meat from an animal that they are prepared to kill themselves.

I’d say there’d be a few less people eating bacon if they had to stare Babe in the eye before plunging a knife into its jugular.

More for me that way, too.

Thumper 1:06 pm 01 Sep 06

Well, yes, you can. But there’s not much left to eat afterwards.

Big Al 1:03 pm 01 Sep 06

Who gives a shit Roland – you can’t barbeque a lettuce leaf…

Thumper 12:55 pm 01 Sep 06


I think that is a rather sweeping statement….

barking toad 12:35 pm 01 Sep 06

baked beans and lentil burgers cause global warming though

Roland GRNS 12:20 pm 01 Sep 06

actually, barking toadie, I underatnd that if we all became vegetarians the planet would be in much healthier state: in terms of greenhouse gases, biodiversity, general impact on the planet.

barking toad 11:43 am 01 Sep 06

I blame the tree hugging hippy vegos for
not eating meat. Tuck into a big t-bone you
hippies for Gaia’s sake.

At there’s an post about farting/burping cows contributing 10% of our greenhouse gases and how the state gubbmints are going to stop it

Big Al 9:56 am 01 Sep 06

Its burps actually – ruminants punch way above their weight in the methane producation department – but the majority of gas leaves the beast via it’s mouth – hence my breath freshener comment on another thread…

Thumper 8:49 am 01 Sep 06

Actually Indi, you are not far off the mark there…

Indi 8:41 am 01 Sep 06

I’m of the opinion that it’s all cow’s flatus…

Big Al 3:05 pm 31 Aug 06

Thumper – despite commonly held views, atmospheric ozone depletion (the ‘hole” in the ozone layer) and climate change are to a great extent separate issues – the relationship exists because the major league ozone depleting substances – CFCs have a high CO2 equivalence and the adopted alternative gasses, mainly HFCs have a high CO2 equivalence but don’t burn a hole in the ozone layer.

Basically a ‘hole’ in the ozone layer wont make the world any hotter – you’ll just get sunburned quicker. The good news is that by effectively stopping the use of CFCs and by limiting and reducing use of the other ozone depleters, namely HCFCs and methyl bromide the atmospheric balance of ozone will return – eventually. Climate change on the other hand is a completely different kettle of monkeys….

Thumper 12:56 pm 31 Aug 06

And ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, I suggest, will be built upon the Michael Moore film making use of facts.

Which is, use those facts that support your claim or distort the truth slightly, then make wide and sweeping assumptions upon those claims, and come to a conclusion based solely upon one side of the argument, which is all you ever got from the start due to the lack of balance in the beginning.

Or just make them up.

Thumper 12:53 pm 31 Aug 06

I read an interesting article not long ago claiming that the hole in the ozone layer, purportedly a result of global warming, was getting smaller and that it could possibly disappear by the year 2020 (from memory).

It does warrant the question as to whether or not the hole in the ozone layer, global warming, etc, are naturally occuring events, or are clearly man made, or a result of both.

Personally I think the latter and that global warming will be one of our major problems in years to come and that we really do need to find alternative sources of energy.

However, I also agree with Toad’s rant.

barking toad 12:36 pm 31 Aug 06

“Film of the year”??? Box office figures don’t support that claim.

The enviro-nazis will be out in force for this one and chrissie and deb will claim the event a huge success because all the acolytes will be singing from the same hymn sheet.

The zealots will emerge from the theatre nodding their heads convinced of al’s claims that the sky is falling because of global warming. The same types were convinced the sky was falling 30 odd years ago because of global cooling as we entered the new ice age.

A bit like terry lane from the age, they’ll believe it’s true because it’s what they want to believe.

And, of course, all these tree hugging lefty latte/chardonnay sippers (don’t ya just love gratuitous stereotyping) will leave their cars at Manuka and walk home to help al’s cause and deb and chrissie will smugly pedal away on their recumbent bicycle built for two.

For alternative views to al’s claims you can go to : or

(dunno how to do the linky things but jb might fix that)

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