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A Question about Hoons and the Police

By threeze 18 September 2008 46

I had an experience on the roads this morning that made me think of all the recent postings about the Police cracking down on “hoons”.

As I was driving to work I was tail-gated by a new looking silver Holden Commodore on Northbourne. I was sticking to the speed limit (in the middle lane) and this obviously annoyed the guy driving the Commodore as he flung his car into the left lane (without indicating) and powered past me.

Then he pulled into the slip lane to turn onto Wakefield Av. and took the corner quick enough so I could hear his read-end breaking traction. I pulled up a couple of cars behind him at the lights onto Limestone and when they turned green, he took off in the right lane, then switched into the left lane (again, without indicating) before running a red light at the Cowper St. intersection.

I really want to know if I should report this guy (I have the rego etc.), but due to the fact that the Commodore had a plethora of antennas and blue and red lights on the rear parcel shelf (that were not on, nor was his siren) the only action I think that would get taken would be against me at the next RBT or vehicle inspection.

So, what would you do?

What’s Your opinion?

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A Question about Hoons and the Police
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Danners 10:46 pm 24 Sep 08

The a month ago I had a similar experience, it was a silver commodore on London Avenue, it was tailgating me, then when it pulled up next to me, I saw it was infact an unmarked police car because the male and female occupants were in police uniforms. They then took off at the lights doing far more than 60!

And whilst on the subject of tailgating, a few months ago I saw a police van tailgate a 4×4 so close it was about to hit, so it moved up a bit and they booked the poor bugger!

Police need better things to do!

vg 4:37 pm 19 Sep 08

threeze said :

Serendipity, unless the other emergency services use unmarked cars, it was a cop. Thing is, there was no one visibly in front of him, he had been tailgating me, remember, and the corner he sped through has a pedestrian crossing on it.

Ambulance, fire supervisors….

When you show someone on the road a bit of courtesy,

And here’s the big problem – courtesy on the road seems out of fashion. A number of people on this forum participated in a thread recently about whether someone should get the bird for sitting in the right hand lane without reason, and this included a number of responses along the lines of “it’s not illegal and I was doing the speed limit”. The point, though, is that it is still discourteous to other road users. The reality is that most of Canberra sits a few km/h above the speed limit – drive on practically any dual lane road and you’ll see this. If we could practice some simple things like keeping left and indicating, everyone’s driving experience would involve much less hassle.

p1 4:01 pm 19 Sep 08

Hope it was driven by a provisional licence holder…

Devil_n_Disquiz 1:06 pm 19 Sep 08

As mentioned earlier, Police now using a SS Holden Ute as an unmarked. Just as an added bonus, this vehicle can sometimes be seen wearing a P plate.

So cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel.

ant 11:11 am 19 Sep 08

Gerry-Built said :

Best ignore pr1cks like him. You are only responsible for one person in the world… Be friendly to others on the road; won’t take you much longer, and you’ll arrive at your destination a damn sight more calm than he would to his.

Share the road.

What Gerry-built said. Ignore them. Flip your rear-view mirror while they’re there if it helps. These road-duals people get into are daft, the aggression shown by so many people on the road is a problem and you can see it’s not going away anytime soon if the police are doing it too!

When you show someone on the road a bit of courtesy, it’s funny to see the uncomprehension on their faces, followed by dawning surprise, and sometimes even a wave or a thank you. Sometimes.

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