A quick trip down the GDE

johnboy 16 May 2007 33

So this morning I drove and NTP operated the camera and here’s a look at the newly completed sections of the Gungahlin Drive Extension from the Barton Highway to Belconnen Way.

[Music: Don’t Delay by Utility]

Interesting they’ve got special roo fences along there which are designed to let animals get away from the road while deterring them from getting in. Also there is a very impressive cycle path which has not been neglected while cutting the design of the road down to single lane each way.

UPDATED: GDE goes international! The video got two youtube honours!

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33 Responses to A quick trip down the GDE
Ralph Ralph 12:38 pm 19 May 07

Cool video.

Once the whole thing is finished I don’t think it’ll save any time going to and from civic etc during peak hours Mon-Fri.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 11:26 am 17 May 07

I went through at ten to 8 this morning, and it was superb. The trip from Gungahlin to Barton was completed inside 20 minutes – its never happened before…

Al Al 12:07 pm 16 May 07

So SBN, community comment can make a difference it would seem.
And it’s interesting that RA does a better job of promoting GDE issues than Roads ACT seems to be able to manage…
Jase I didn’t believe you about Victoria allowing u-turns at lights, but it is indeed true acording to the Vic road rules. Stoopid bloody mexicans.

swissbignose swissbignose 10:52 am 16 May 07

Interestingly enough, traffic arrangements today had the exit from the GDE go into its own lane (for about 30 metres), with the traffic from Caswell Drive prevented from turning into the outside lane (the one otherwise to be used by GDE exiters).

Should be a better flow. I’ll have to try it again tomorrow.

jase! jase! 10:48 am 16 May 07

Al, the u-turn at traffic lights with/without signs is one of the best cases why the Australian Road rules (1999) is a farce, its legal without a sign permitting it in victoria and illegal in tassie and NSW, looking for the ACT ruling at the moment

iceu iceu 9:22 am 16 May 07

I’m not game to take it in peak hour, but it sure is handy getting from Gungahlin to ANU for sports practice on Sunday arvos. Only takes five minutes off the trip but requires much less thinking than the back way through Lyneham, O’Connor etc.

Al Al 9:03 am 16 May 07

U-turn at traffic lights is illegal unless signed as OK. Do people not understand this most basic of traffic laws…?

RandomGit RandomGit 5:59 am 16 May 07

While I’m sure it makes perfect fiscal sense for a city this size, this ‘one lane now, the other lane later’ approach really shits me.

andy andy 11:04 pm 15 May 07

actually, it now appears broken from my internode connection

futto futto 10:39 pm 15 May 07

Single lane! hahahahahah! nice future proofing there, dubasses.

Sammy Sammy 9:54 pm 15 May 07

I feel ill as a result of both the camera work, and the girl singing. Someone put her out of her misery.

Aeek Aeek 9:36 pm 15 May 07

Instead of Caswell, take Bindubi and turn right onto Belco. Bonus, you miss the construction fun.

Aeek Aeek 9:05 pm 15 May 07

Driving from Gungahlin last night I wasn’t sure if it was Baron Highway ahead. I couldn’t read the sign before committing because there was a huge exit sign blocking my view. Brilliant!

Pandy Pandy 7:02 pm 15 May 07

Save-the-Ridge? Sweet justice to those rat bags!

jase! jase! 6:50 pm 15 May 07

Al when the next phase opens the GDE will be great on weekends at least, I live north side, most of my mates live at wonden, will make life much easier. Andy, the uturn at the calvary lights is exactly what I have been doing after coming up caswell and wanting to head home

swissbignose swissbignose 6:43 pm 15 May 07

Ironically, there appears to be a solution available, but for some reason it is blocked off to traffic. There appears to be two turning lanes going into Belconnen Way from the GDE. The one that is blocked off would appear to allow a car to have exclusive use of the lane for 30 metres before it merges with the third lane of Belconnen Way. That’d be enough.

andy andy 6:05 pm 15 May 07

roccon, why would you bother goin into calvary ? Just do a full U-Turn at the lights where you turn into calvary anyway..

b2 b2 5:38 pm 15 May 07

johnboy, that cycle path looks great – and it is – but it wasn’t flattened when they did the road… not that I don’t enjoy riding up hills…

Al Al 5:20 pm 15 May 07

Jase, that’s not much more than it always takes to turn right from Phillip into Majura every morning between 8 and 9, (if you are silly enough to not go around the rat runs…).
Not meaning to downplay the hopelessness of the GDE situation in any way though.

jase! jase! 4:19 pm 15 May 07

growling ferret.

last friday because of that give way sign it took about 15 minutes from getting to the back of the queue at belco way to get on to it. there has to be a better way for the 2 roads to intersect or we have to wait until september when the next phase opens

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