A stinky problem creating anger in Canberra’s suburbs

Tim Gavel 17 September 2021 43
Bag of dog poo on step

Is there anything more inconsiderate and disgusting than dog owners leaving bags of their canine’s poo on the ground for others to pick up? Photo: Tim Gavel.

There’s plenty to be frustrated about during the COVID-19 lockdown in Canberra. A scan of social media tells you as much.

Vaccinations, home schooling, business closures, not being able to see family and friends across the border, no organised sport, no golf, people not wearing masks, people getting too close – it’s all getting too much for many people.

Some have taken it a step further by reporting kids playing on trampolines without masks during the lockdown.

Sport has provided something of an escape, with the Olympics and Paralympics to watch on television.

But Canberrans have had plenty of time to take to social media to voice concerns about the Raiders failure to make the finals, and the Wallabies have had plenty of attention as they continue to come a distant second to the All Blacks.

But in Canberra suburbia, there is an issue creating significant angst which has the potential to trump much of the above.

It would appear little at the moment creates as much anger as the sight of small bags of dog poo left on the footpath, at the entrance to mountains, or on grassed areas along footpaths.

They are easily identifiable, usually green, blue or black in colour.

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If nothing else, it’s an eyesore. But it’s also incredibly inconsiderate and disgusting. It’s almost as if there is an expectation of a government-run collection service throughout the city and reserves, in a similar manner to the collection of green and yellow lidded rubbish bins.

This morning I came across a man confronting anybody with a dog along his street demanding to know if they were responsible for leaving a green bag full of dog poo on his front lawn.

Mount Ainslie’s walking tracks are humming with people and their dogs, which is to be expected as it’s a great way to exercise during lockdown. Most people are conscious of others and leave no trace they have been there, while some others feel it’s OK to drop their bag of dog poo rather than carry it back and place it in the general waste bin.

Judging by social media, this behaviour is not confined to the inner north and it appears to have become a growing problem across Canberra with greater pet ownership during COVID-19.

It’s not confined to Canberra, either.

On the NSW South Coast during the summer influx of visitors with their four-legged companions, it has become a constant source of anger.

Many locals blame visitors, although it appears there is little reduction in the problem when holidaymakers head home.

I’ll admit this is not one of the most significant issues in the world – not by a long stretch – but it simply adds another layer to the angst being experienced by many people during the COVID-19 lockdown in Canberra.

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43 Responses to A stinky problem creating anger in Canberra’s suburbs
Dorfrom Dorfrom 3:34 pm 14 Sep 21

Unbelievable people trying to use whataboutism with herbivore poop/droppings. Not even close to the same thing.

suegue suegue 2:38 pm 14 Sep 21

I am a regular dog walker and can’t understand why anyone would put their dog’s ? into a bag and then leave it to ‘cook’ in the sun ? If you are NOT going to take it with you, just leave it to decompose naturally. I always bag my dog’s ? even though they are very small, as I would not like anyone to step in it. I leave the bag in an obvious spot to collect on my return trip. Where I walk is a very popular ‘off lead’ area but there are no bins for disposal of dog bags

Brianna Brianna 7:15 pm 12 Sep 21

I hate it when people let their dogs crap on my front yard. I saw a crap out there the other day that may have come from a St Bernard!

Courtney Preo Courtney Preo 4:58 pm 12 Sep 21

There's a special place in hell for people who don't clean up their dog's poo 🤬😅

Acton Acton 10:37 am 12 Sep 21

What about inconsiderate polluting humans dropping their face masks on walking trails, ovals and along the lake. I don’t want to see your discarded snotty face mask on my walks or have to pick it up.

Kat Rothwell Kat Rothwell 12:47 pm 11 Sep 21

Sums up Canberra.

I noticed one outside ours this morning, tempted to hurl it at the next dog walker that comes by whether it was their little floof ball’s 💩 or not.

    Jaye Pee Jaye Pee 1:31 pm 11 Sep 21

    Kat Rothwell well that seems like a rational response

    Kat Rothwell Kat Rothwell 2:07 pm 11 Sep 21

    Jaye Pee I thought it was quite restrained. Hurling it sans bag might be slightly less rational.

    Geoff Llewis Geoff Llewis 6:47 pm 11 Sep 21

    Kat Rothwell really? seems a little too juvenile but I suppose its what you do

    Kat Rothwell Kat Rothwell 6:49 pm 11 Sep 21

    Geoff Llewis feel better now?

    Geoff Llewis Geoff Llewis 7:08 pm 11 Sep 21

    Kat Rothwell pleased you do have a little rant anytime sweetie after all footwear design is such an important life saving career LOL and maybe when you grow up you can learnt to do something helpful

Karen Evans Karen Evans 9:47 am 11 Sep 21

Tony we aren't the only ones to notice this!

Damian Jenkins Damian Jenkins 8:14 am 11 Sep 21

Lets make it fineable or maybe bio bags?

Kate Sullivan Kate Sullivan 8:06 am 11 Sep 21

OMG so irritating! So many bags throughout inner north. Thanks for putting organic matter in plastic and then just leaving it anyway..

Tessa Bradfield Tessa Bradfield 7:31 am 11 Sep 21

This doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would you pick up after your dog only to drop it on the ground again?

    Alison Brittliff Alison Brittliff 7:16 am 13 Sep 21

    Tessa Bradfield I know! I’m seeing it more and more, one place I saw a little pile of poo bags! Not that hard to carry it till you find a bin or get home to drop it in your own bin

    Christine Lawrey Christine Lawrey 1:41 pm 13 Sep 21

    Tessa Bradfield and in a bag so it wont decompose.

Acton Acton 6:13 am 11 Sep 21

Kangaroos too? Who picks up after them? Nobody complains about all the roo poo. There are many in the suburbs and along nearby bush walking trails. Dog and roo poo may be getting mixed up and dogs and dod walkers unfairly blamed.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 11:02 am 11 Sep 21

    Roo poo doesn’t stink like dog poo and it doesn’t stick to the treaded soles in your cross-trainers. It’s totally sustainable.

    Paul0075 Paul0075 2:18 pm 11 Sep 21

    And roos poo nuggets not logs. Very easy to distinguish between them.

    lafh lafh 12:50 pm 11 Sep 21

    Dog poo is toxic to grass and plants, whereas kangaroo poo can make a good fertilizer.

    Jennifer Andrew Jennifer Andrew 1:27 pm 11 Sep 21

    Kangaroos are herbivores.

    DJA DJA 3:31 pm 11 Sep 21

    If you can’t tell the difference between dog poo and roo poo, then I don’t think anyone can help you!

    Acton Acton 11:19 am 12 Sep 21

    Undoubtably some people cannot tell the difference between dog and roo poo and get alarmed when they see it on ovals where there are both dogs and roos. Also some people, including those from dog averse cultural backgrounds, just dont like dogs anywhere near them and use any excuse to complain about them.

    ExdoubleUU ExdoubleUU 12:27 pm 14 Sep 21

    I think if its in a bag we know its not roo poo!
    After all who would put roo poo in a bag?

Morven Isla Morven Isla 11:54 pm 10 Sep 21

Canberra has so few bins! I always pick up after my dog but end up carrying it around for miles and frequently end up putting it in the bin at home because so often there are no bins anywhere.

Daniel Oyston Daniel Oyston 10:54 pm 10 Sep 21

Ha ha people can’t even keep their dog on a lead while wearing a mask. What do expect?!

Mark Walker Mark Walker 9:57 pm 10 Sep 21

Hang on a minute, I live on the South Coast and I have never seen a doggy pop bag left at my beach out of holiday season....😡😡😡

Suzy O'Brien Suzy O'Brien 9:48 pm 10 Sep 21

Kathy Chick - we are not alone 😆😂

Tyyco Tyyco 8:43 pm 10 Sep 21

I have never seen any left green bags but the people that live in my suburb must love dog sh-t baking in the sun. It’s everywhere along our paths, people are lazy and antisocial. On my walk today I watched a woman pick up after her dog by getting a stick and flicking it at a fence, a School fence. really people.

Stuart Roesler Stuart Roesler 8:37 pm 10 Sep 21

There is a special place in hell for people who take the time to bag it...then just drop it.

Darron Marks Darron Marks 8:20 pm 10 Sep 21

This has been a very big issue at Yerrabi Pond for a number of years. There are only a very small number of bins that people can use to dispose of the waste.

It is only recently that the ACT Government have taken notice of the issue.

Finagen_Freeman Finagen_Freeman 6:24 pm 10 Sep 21

Simple reason. Some parks have bins, some don’t. Some parks have special poo bins, some don’t.

Parks should be treated in a consistent manner.

All parks should have bins. No sh!t.

ExdoubleUU ExdoubleUU 5:50 pm 10 Sep 21

Yeah, this is a growing problem that me and my wife have noticed of late going on walks.
The comments about dropping it and coming back to pick it up later almost never happens.
Some of these owners must not realise that they are seen doing this and the evidence is where there is one, there are usually multiple bags of dog poo left over a period of days or weeks. It is beyond comprehension.
It would be better, if the didn’t bag it at all if they were going to be that inconsiderate.
Where are the rangers that dutifully manage to find people out of their jurisdiction under COVID. They could do this at the same time,

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